Paying Back a Weed Fiend
by Halfmoon
Citation:   Halfmoon. "Paying Back a Weed Fiend: An Experience with Tobacco (exp113270)". Jun 27, 2019.

  smoked Tobacco


I had always been a weed fiend since I started smoking regularly in the 7th grade (1974) . My parents were major weed dealers in the SF Bay Area at that time. Many weeks I would help steam the kilo bricks that came from Mexico and elsewhere. Cleaning up the mess is what I specialized in. I usually had a daily supply of quality weed.

Weed is seasonal so this was a little bit of a dry spell. This trip occurred when I got home from 10th Grade (1977). I went hunting for roaches (butt of a joint (a cannabis cigarette)). Found a half inch roach and stuffed it into my tube. I had one of the original tubes that were actual spacers in jet fuel lines, to keep them cool. I always hyperventilate before a toke. I was known as leather lungs, I could huff a joint in three tokes with no smoke let out. I could hold my breath about 5 minutes swimming underwater.

So I hyperventilate and put fire to the roach and suck in. Roach is gone and all that precious smoke is in my lungs. And my mind goes "Oh, no! This is not weed." Find out later my step-Dad had rolled up a joint of his Pall Mall Red unfiltered cigarettes, and smoked that down. Swear he left it in the ashtray to get me back for grabbing some of his bud.

So now this smoke is in my lungs and I know it is going to hurt if I let it out quickly. At this point I am feeling dizzy. I sit on the couch and can barely maintain contact with this reality.
I am feeling dizzy. I sit on the couch and can barely maintain contact with this reality.
Let out the smoke...none there...I got it all. I started feeling as if I where being pushed into the couch at a hundred miles an hour as if on a motorcycle.

I started enjoying this. I was thinking why haven't I tried cigarettes before. But Mom hated being addicted. So I never tried. But this was great. Just being pushed in a mad rush into the coach.

Then I thought, what if I flipped this rush around? Then instantly I started soaring into space. Literally, I was out of body. I went by the Moon, then Saturn and then I started exploring. I could fly. I had experienced astral projection and lucid dreaming before, so I just went exploring. Nothing special. Mostly just space. No entities encountered.

When I opened my eyes again only 15 minutes had passed. At first I was thinking "That's why people smoke." But then the nausea came. About 45 minutes of awful headache and dry vomiting.

That settled it. Still a non-smoker after 40 years.

Exp Year: 1977ExpID: 113270
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 15 
Published: Jun 27, 2019Views: 1,430
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