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Things Got Very, Very Intense
by Jayb
Citation:   Jayb. "Things Got Very, Very Intense: An Experience with MDMA (exp113282)". Erowid.org. Jun 24, 2019. erowid.org/exp/113282

0.3 tablets oral MDMA
  0.3 tablets oral MDMA
  0.3 tablets oral MDMA
Masturbation on MDMA

Iím writing about my experience for informative purposes.

I lived with a Asian guy who I found on Craigslist looking for a room to rent out. We mostly kept to ourselves and we seemed to get along well when we did talk. About 4 months in, he went on a vacation with his girlfriend to visit his father and left me to hold down the house and watch over his cat. About a week in to his absence I saw the cat clawing at a pack of cigs on the under table area of the coffee table. I smoke so I went to check it out because I didnít know he did.

What I found inside was 5 ecstasy tablets (pink snapchats) in a tiny baggie. I immediately felt anxious to take them. Iíve used ecstasy as a teenager and loved it every time. I didnít immediately take one however, I put them back because they werenít mine. Fast forward another week. And I simply couldnít resist. I took one of the pills.

I waited about an hour after taking one out of the baggie and decided to take about a third of it to be safe as I hadnít done X in 6 years and had heard suppliers are putting fake chemicals to mimic the effects of X in the pills.

30 minutes in. Thinking Iíd only feel buzzed, I was fully rolling. I was alone and had never rolled alone before but I honestly didnít mind. My mind was wondering about how my loved ones were doing. Old friends... I decided to browse Facebook and read their most recent posts to negate a slight loneliness feeling. Then it happened.

A girl I knew once and had on Facebook who also happened to be a stripper had posted a video of herself practicing pole dancing. It was the most erotic thing Iíd ever seen. I immediately felt a shocking feeling of excitement down south. The second my hand wrapped around my penis it was electric. The best feeling Iíd ever felt. I didnít want to perv out on a old friend so I hopped onto porn hub. Nothing in the world could have prepared me for how incredibly great it felt to touch myself while watching solo women perform stripteases and masturbate. Their bodies were just so perfect! Everything about each of the models performing. Their bodies, legs, ass, slim waist lines, blond or brunette hair. Their voices and moaned. It was electrifying and beautiful and I've never felt so appreciative of these beautiful models. I've watched porn before, but not like this!
I've watched porn before, but not like this!

I kept pleasing myself for an hour while peaking. As the peak started to fade I realized I could still take another 1/3rd to keep this going so I did just that. I went downstairs and realized I could enhance the pleasure with some kind of lubricant. I immediately spotted a substance Iíd never thought to use before and it seemed perfect. So I grabbed the large bottle of vegetable oil and filled a large glass of water for drinking. This is where things got very, VERY intense.

I started searching for the most beautiful solo video of a blond woman I could find and stumbled into a bunch of videos specifically with the goal of producing the most erotic solo videos. I started one up and put about a spoonful of the oil in my palm and poured that slowly onto my southern region. Every single stroke felt orgasmic. Seemingly the most beautiful blonde in the planet pleasing herself and it almost felt as though she and I were both on the same level of pleasure. The feeling was so intensely pleasing and orgasmic I couldnít help but to moan. I never have moaned during sex or masturbation prior to this. I moaned in ecstasy and excitement and it just felt absolutely incredible.

Once the second peak started to lapse. I popped in the final 1/3rd of the ecstasy by crushing it and mixing it with a tiny bit of water in my mouth and swallowing. My stomach was likely empty but I didnít mind at the time. I had a rather large meal an hour before initial ingesting. Within mere minutes the peak roll was back in full effect. I rapidly scrolled through various different solo videos and scrolled to parts where they would spread their legs. I would find the moment right before they open their legs and then start the video while stroking myself at a good pace. It was so amazing and beautiful and I never wanted it to end. Multiple times Iíd allow myself to reach the point of climax then stop to ensure I could make this feeling last as long as possible. It was better than sex. I didnít even want sex.
It was better than sex. I didnít even want sex.
I only could admire the perfect bodies these women had and thatís what felt right. I moaned sometimes loudly, I opened my legs as wide as I could and stroke while enjoying the women on my screen. It was pure ecstasy.

The finish was so insanely intense I simply cannot describe it with any words. I finally after 5 hours or so allowed myself to finish and I lost all track of reality. It was so incredibly powerful my legs shook. My eyes rolled to the back of my head and I uncontrollably moaned louder than I ever have. It lasted around 20 or 30 seconds which is far longer than any orgasm I've ever had has lasted. It was so vastly powerful and intense I thought the top of my penis might explode and had a very brief moment of fear that was actually happening. But it didnít.

After I came I sat there in silence with a large smile. My eyes rolling in and out of the back of my head and still lightly stroking as it still felt great. I continued watching various women masturbate and dance and strip on porn hub admiringly for hours while lightly stroking.

Iíve never felt anything like this and hope to do it with my girlfriend one day. But Iíd settle for masturbation as well!

Exp Year: 2018ExpID: 113282
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jun 24, 2019Views: 2,430
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MDMA (3) : Alone (16), Sex Discussion (14), Glowing Experiences (4)

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