Break on Through
Citation:   Kaleida. "Break on Through: An Experience with 5-MeO-MiPT (exp113349)". Sep 29, 2019.

T+ 0:00
2000 mg oral Vitamins / Supplements  
  T+ 0:30 10 mg oral 5-MeO-MIPT  
  T+ 0:00   repeated smoked Cannabis (plant material)
[This trip report is written from a multiple-identity perspective.]

The following Greek letters have been changed to protect the innocent. This trip report is written by Omicron, with contributions by Zeta, Delta, Kappa, Lambda, Psi, and Rho.

This was our third experience with taking 5-MeO-MiPT. The first time was an 8 mg experience which we wrote a trip report about, and the second was a 12 mg experience which we did not. On 8 mg, we quickly found that while some people seem to find 5-MeO-MiPT to have few to no visual effects whatsoever, we were in the group of people who get an unexpectedly huge psychedelic reaction from it, and that reaction was highly similar to bufotenine (5-HO-DMT) in the same sort of way that we find 4-HO-MiPT similar to psilocin (4-HO-DMT) and MiPT similar to DMT, which made us strongly suspect that it and the discrepancy between users in this way in general may have something to do with the rate of metabolism from 5-MeO-MiPT to 5-HO-MiPT, which I felt was worth mentioning and it was on our minds for this experience but I won't speculate further on the accuracy of it here. By far the most surprising thing we found about our 8 mg experience was that it wasn't just supremely hallucinogenic, it was actually so in a way that, like bufotenine, reminded us of the very specific style of DMT's extreme visionary effects, and it wasn't yet at a "breakthrough" point, we just had brief moments of still watching it from afar, but it did feel to us like it would be possible to push it further with a higher dosage. This is what led us to take 12 mg the next time, but unfortunately, it was a good setting but in retrospect not a very good set, we were forcing it and felt repressed throughout with did not mesh at all with the increase in body discomfort from 8 mg, and while it wasn't the worst body load ever, it was miserable enough considering that almost no other memorable effects whatsoever developed, I honestly think we were just fighting it way too much.

That second trip scared us off 5-MeO-MiPT for just a little bit while we got back to figuring our stuff out and working with other psychedelics we found easier to manage and open up to, but we still never forgot the power of our first trip and knew that we would be returning to it soon enough. Finally, we arrived at the end of this month of tripping roughly weekend we've been doing before going on break for the rest of the year, and after taking 2,4,5-pattern amphetamine, a natural source of 3,4,5-pattern allylbenzenes, and a 4-substituted tryptamine, we wanted to take something that yet again was in at least a slightly different category but was still likely to be strong enough to do something significant to us by this point, and after some internal discussing and debating on the matter, we settled on taking a 5-substituted tryptamine, and specifically 5-MeO-MiPT. Not wanting to have the same sort of "too much" reaction we had from the 12 mg fearing that we might not be ready to open up to it yet after all, even though we were pretty sure we were as we are in a far, far better place overall currently, but also not wanting to just settle with our initial dosage of 8 mg and especially because we figure it'd probably be less intense than the first time we took it, we settled on the middle point, 10 mg to see just where it would land us. Additionally, we had had some internal discussion about who would be the last of us to actually dose for the year and be our anchor throughout the trip as we pretty much always have one, and it was (generously) decided that I would be the one to do that.

Our previous experience with psychedelics includes DMT, MET, MPT, EPT, MiPT, DiPT, MALT, DALT, Psilocybe cubensis, 4-HO-MET, 4-HO-DET, 4-HO-MPT, 4-HO-EPT, 4-HO-DPT, 4-HO-MiPT, 4-HO-DiPT, 4-HO-McPT, 4-AcO-DMT, 4-AcO-MET, 4-AcO-DET, 4-AcO-MALT, 4-AcO-DALT, 5-HO-DMT, 5-MeO-MiPT, 5-MeO-EiPT, 5-MeO-DALT, Ipomoea tricolor, Argyreia nervosa, LSD, ETH-LAD, AL-LAD, 1P-LSD, 2C-C, 2C-B, 2C-I, 2C-E, DOC, DOB, 4C-D, Myristica fragrans, and MDMA. Our most recent trip was one week before this on 100 mg of 4-AcO-MALT, and before that was just a few days earlier on 3 mL of Myristica fragrans essential oil, and before that just over a week earlier was 1.4 mg of DOB, and actually even a week before that was 25 mg of 4-HO-EPT, so needless to say, we were expecting some tolerance at this point. It undoubtedly seemed to play a role, but luckily it didn't have too much impact overall.

T-0:30 - I took 2000 mg of magnesium glycinate, to offset potential body tension, as we've been doing for most potentially tense psychedelics lately.

T-0:19 - I ate a bowl of cereal in preparation for what was to come.

T+0:00 - I took the 10 mg of 5-MeO-MiPT! Afterwards I went to the bathroom and prepared a bowl of cannabis to smoke for later.

T+0:15 - It feels like some kind of energetic high is starting to set in, I went to pick out a new change of clothes for the day and then hopped in the shower. Throughout the shower we still felt like we were mainly just coming up but we did switch a couple times and it caused some quick bursts of very, very light sexy mental visions that showed us we were quickly approaching something, and we even had a slight visual effect of hands reaching out to us through complex tryptamine geometries like when we were in the shower coming up on 4-AcO-MALT the week before, but it definitely felt weak in a way that we already suspected may be have been related to both dosage and tolerance. I also ended up masturbating to orgasm with the oncoming stimulation which felt incredible when it came.

T+0:38 - I stepped out of the shower at this time, definitely feeling a little physically heavy and almost like it could become a bit woozy, but it isn't that bad currently.

T+0:44 - I'm dressed now and wrote a note that I was going to meditate for a moment, but then purged immediately afterwards! Despite the complete reflex though there was no actual vomit like there tends to be when it happens to use on base or 4-substituted tryptamines, just some phlegm like we sometimes get after smoking a lot.

T+0:50 - I feel slightly better from the release of the purge but am still feeling heavy and woozy for sure and feel like I'm definitely still coming up on things overall, so I really mostly just want to try to relax until the trip has fully set in.... I start playing music at this point starting with the "A Horse With No Name" cover by Michelle Branch. I also position myself sitting under the stream from the air conditioner and it feels great.

T+0:56 - Psi is switching back and forth with me because we had originally agreed to share some of the responsibility of this trip for her sake, but now that we're in at the moment she seems mostly happy with me having the trip, and I'm happy to have her for it too, so I thank her and she says you're welcome and switches back in.

T+0:58 - Rho comes out to finish singing "Sea of Dreams" by Oberhofer which has started playing from the related songs.

T+1:00 - At this point I took our first hit off the bowl of cannabis for this experience, and it was like taking a breath of fresh air in my currently slightly anxious still coming up state. I also switched the music to "One Million Views" by Goldfish. Kappa switched out to listen to it because she really likes it in particular but quickly switched back.... I think we're all pretty tapped out from our month of tripping honestly, we're pretty low energy at the moment compared to where we would normally want and expect to be when coming up on a psychedelic, not that I'm not still starting to enjoy myself now.

T+1:07 - Suddenly, another purge occurs out of the blue... but again it's still mostly actually phlegmy in nature. Others are still trying to switch out for the music that's playing (next up: "Ecstasy" by ATB) but can't manage to stay out for it, we're just too pooped, so I remain mostly at the front for now. This song is helping my energy personally and it's starting to feel like maybe things are starting to go in a better direction, though at the same time I can tell that there is another form of stomach discomfort slowly developing.

T+1:13 - I had a few burps that made our stomach feel a bit better again but then I suddenly had a strong need to use the bathroom again at this timestamp, along with a sudden new wave of energy and skin tingles. At this point I started to wonder if maybe these things combined with the second purge were signs that the first wave of the 5-MeO-MiPT had metabolized and now I was starting to come up on the 5-HO-MiPT as well, but who really knows?

T+1:16 - Here we go, very powerful, complex, and colorful geometric designs are starting to erupt out at me from within. I didn't actually make a written note of it but I feel like the very first thing I actually saw was this highly memorable large Fibonacci shell spiral design with particularly bold red and orange colors and repeated realistic images cascading down the spiraling form coming out from the center and approaching me.

T+1:18 - I definitely now feel like I'm coming up into something more truly and heavily psychedelic fast.... I feel Psi getting excited and Delta trying to give me just a little bit of guidance as I approach on the oncoming experience, all causing minor switching but still readily sliding back to me afterwards.

T+1:20 - "My Everything (Dubai)" by ATB is playing and I make a note that I am still feeling a bit heavy and slightly uncomfortable, but I'm still starting to feel good overall now too, though issues don't bother me much.

T+1:23 - I am dancing euphorically to the music and getting some incredibly beautiful inner visions related to it, though I didn't log any of them down and can't remember what they were now, even though at the time I felt that they were some of the best I had seen. Nonetheless, I did not that I still felt that I hadn't quite peaked on this part of the trip, so I was just eagerly, and optimistically awaiting even better things. Psi also is starting to get more confident with the state and herself too and we do some brief switching and dancing! Delta also came out for a minute to just sort of observe and build more of a personal reference of the 5-MeO-MiPT-induced state for herself, noting that she liked the sexy and creative imagination enhancement as she usually does, but also that it still felt rather light, and then she switched back to me.

T+1:30 - The song "I Remember" by deadmau5 & Kaskade has just come on, and I go to take our second cannabis hit of the day!

T+1:37 - I've been pacing around to the music getting increasingly lost in sexual fantasy as the stimulation and erotic feelings continue to rise up, and suddenly I enter a dissociative experience. Omega, a male alter who tends to play the opposite part in our female-male sexual fantasies, switches out and starts making stereotypical male sexual movements with the body, while at the same time I'm starting to feel like my own inner form is now freed up into the mind's eye space around our body and is multiplying and fractalizing to the point that I am feeling an overwhelming bliss which is being expressed through my many repeated inner forms in different but similar ways, and then finally I (we) reach orgasm and I am immediately switched back into the body and Omega returns to the background, and I am feeling fucking fantastic in this moment....

T+1:40 - Delta is so overwhelmed by observing the experience that I just described above that she switches out and makes a note that she is going into the bedroom to explore more of her sexual imagination and mind in general at the moment too.

T+1:51 - Delta has a very complex, elaborate, and hypnotic fantasy pushing the limits of how she understands and is able to be comfortable with herself and all of ourselves in a way that I will keep private for the moment, but it leads to another tremendous orgasm and more great feelings of peace within, and then she hands control back over to me. I'm feeling pretty happy and just generally great now, very slowly getting out of bed. I notice that the visuals by the way are still super subdued-feeling compared to what we'd normally expect for how powerful they still seem and how we can also relate that to our past 5-MeO-MiPT experiences, and in part this substance does seem to have a somewhat unique visual aspect overall that I wouldn't say would be totally wrong to describe as "subdued" some of the time even when we are tripping hard on it, but I still at this time feel quite confidently that a big part of it was the tolerance from all of our recent trips, and it does make me wish I could see it going further and look forward to when we can take it in the future again without that hindrance, even though this still was obviously an incredibly impressive visual trip, I even wrote down "fighting for the crown like the first time" in my notes, that I was already now really enjoying very much as it is.

T+2:00 - Now out of bed, I put on the some "Get Busy Living" by Goldfish and took the third hit of cannabis from the bong. Immediately afterwards (like one minute later in my notes) I start noticing that I am getting some inner calligraphy-style visual designs that remind me very, very much of DOB and Myristica fragrans in the same way that those have already reminded us in particular of one of our past experiences on LSD, but this is the most geometrically complex of them all: I see it drawing spiral hill-shaped vines growing in white and green on organic mandalas to bright red backgrounds, and it feels highly unique as a psychedelic visual overall but still pretty recognizable to our past experiences with 5-MeO-MiPT specifically, though this was one of the most complex and developed visuals we'd seen on it yet, or nearly any psychedelic for that matter, and I personally found it to be intensely beautiful.

T+2:04 - I note that I have to pee while the song is changing to "Fort Knox" by Goldfish on its own, and also that I still have stomach upset and that, particularly after the other comparisons I've also been making, I'm starting to feel very suspicious and confident that it may in fact be basically the exact same kind of stomach upset that we recently got from both DOB and Myristica fragrans, but not 4-AcO-MALT as I recall which we also felt was more distinct from those two psychedelics in other ways, and maybe this is just a reliable kind of side effect, specifically this discomfort that resets when you burp or eat but slowly grows until you feel the need to do one of those things again faster than it would when experiencing those sorts of feelings while sober, that this specific kind of psychedelic functional activity produces in correlation with some other more psychoactive psychedelic effects?

T+2:08 - Kappa comes out for "Three Second Memory" by Goldfish and also just to observe the state a little bit on her own, after having all these trips close together and sharing writing all these reports we're all starting to get a good bit more excited to observe each psychedelic individually while fronting and start really forming and differentiating our opinions about them from one another more.

T+2:12 - Kappa and Zeta both end up coming out for a fucking dance battle! They're both getting extremely into the music and competitive with one another switching rapidly back and forth in a way that throws our body in the moment of switching in ways such that the one who is coming out can "grab" it into the dance position they want and continue moving around seamlessly without ever having to stop. The drug was obviously having an effect as they both had enhanced focus and endurance and were just totally in the zone and playing off each other's energy, and by the end of it we (they, still switching back and forth quickly) were breathing very hard and completely exhausted but it felt fantastic, the rest of us were utterly amazed and we all clapped and cheered internally for them!! One of our favorite things about psychedelic (and life) collectively has to be dancing for sure. Also, just to note my state of mind at the moment, I won't spoil anything but if you've seen the Marvel TV show Legion, I was thinking lot about the "dance battle" scene at the very beginning of season two.... There are a lot of things we can connect with in that show that we have to sort of imagine are probably in there on purpose for that sort of reason and likely missed by people who don't have the exact sort of abstract life experiences to relate to them.

T+2:14 - "Talk To Me" by Goldfish starts playing. We are still super exhausted as mentioned but feeling pretty good in the body overall now, there are the most typical psychedelic body feelings and light physiological changes but nothing too heavy, our heart rate seems normal too despite all the highly energetic dancing. That stomach feeling is still going a bit though, but it's not too bad or noticeable at this moment.

T+2:18 - "Woman's A Devil" by Goldfish comes on and Lambda comes out to briefly appreciate the 5-MeO-MiPT state as well, and she also opens an white chocolate macadamia nut bar we have and takes a couple bites out of it, about half of the bar or just under, hoping to help settle our stomach a little bit, which does seem to help somewhat as usually does. I will note that of all the psychedelics we've recently identified this stomach feeling in, this one is probably the worst of it so far, but it's still really not that bad overall especially compared to all the good effects that are going, and I also feel compelled to mention that we started to suspect around this time that part of the reason we really even notice it so much at all is because having the impulse to switch to another alter can sometimes cause nausea as a side effect when it's slowly building up, and it was starting to seem like this type of nausea may be somewhat synergistic with or facilitory to this type of psychedelic stomach discomfort for us, though that's just a hunch so far.

T+2:23 - Wanting a little bit of a change and feeling somewhat nostalgic, I put on "Where's Your Head At?" by Basement Jaxx but the Klaas Remix. This got me into a dancy mood and I started jumping around and soon was joined by Rho, who also was really into this song back the day apparently. It is significant to mention that as part of how we've all been starting to discover and differentiate our psychedelic desires more by writing these reports individually and discussing them more openly again, we've realized as well that Rho may have been the or one of the primary drivers of our use of 2C-I back in the day when we were also using MDMA and going out clubbing and listening to this music, and we already feel that I personally was possibly the primary driver of our MDMA use, so Rho and I have started bonding over this fact and the realization that we were already partying "together" back then and can now do it more consciously, and in this moment we were feeling this very strongly and enjoying dancing together again to that music and the reminiscing about the memories and feelings it gives us. We try to do the competitive dancing thing too because it seemed pretty fun and we do get into it, but we are feeling a little too bubbly to be too serious about it right now and instead try a lot of more cooperative moves that are really fun to pull off too!

T+2:30 - I take our next bong hit, and then some other Klaas remix comes on so I give it a listen, but it doesn't amaze me. At T+2:37 I put on "9PM (Till I Come)" by ATB instead. I'm really enjoying and getting into this state now, it's very energetic and dancy and trancy and just all around pretty fun and nice.

T+2:45 - "Don't Stop" by ATB comes on and I'm feeling a little bit hungry again so I go to finish that white chocolate macadamia nut bar that Lambda started, and it's fairly satiating for the moment.

T+2:48 - Lambda was in a little bit of a bad mood before we dosed this morning and she figured it was going to infect the trip, but this was our only chance to trip for the rest of the month and therefore the rest of the year so we didn't have much choice, but I can undeniably feel her negativity starting to well up again in the background and push her closer to the front. I put on the song "Butterfly" by Swingrowers hoping it would help brighten her mood. It didn't help much honestly but she did end up switching out and working through her thoughts a bit more to try to move past it for the moment, and did end up coming out of it feeling a bit better, and thus so did we all.

T+2:56 - I'm back out and switching with Delta while we do some more confident dancing to "Midnight" by Swingrowers and she particularly is getting really into it and I'm cheering her on, and after we finish she pops out incredibly excited and it's infectious.

T+2:58 - The laptop we were playing the music on (hooked up to the TV though) shuts down out of nowhere, I look and notice that the charger came out at some point by accident so I stick it back in, and a moment later it reboots with "Bella Belle" by The Electro Swing Circus playing now despite having to go through the boot menu, so all is well. After this I take out next bong hit again at T+3:00!

T+3:02 - Lambda is still thinking away in the background but not meaning to ruin anything (and she felt bad when I wrote that note down (and blushed when I wrote THAT note down)) so I'm pretty much just ignoring her to keep the trip on track. After this there is an internal bonding moment between Lambda and myself and the feelings of love start to spread to everyone else in the system too, which causes this tunnel mental imagery to light up on our collective mind's eye that is very much the same kind of thing we've gotten on every other psychedelic we've taken recently but especially 4C-D and DOB.... It's starting to become a lot clearer to us what exactly this is and that it doesn't necessarily exactly relate to the specific psychedelic we're on as much as we were thinking before, but nonetheless it does seem to be an experience that is potentiated and increased in frequency by psychedelics.

T+3:06 - An okay remix of "Sing, Sing, Sing" by Benny Goodman came on and I decided to give it a shot, though I think it's hard to make that song more powerful than it already is. I'm dancing as it's playing and starting to do this imaginative thing instinctively that sometimes happens on powerful psychedelics, most notably LSD and many LSD-like tryptamines for us, where it's sort of like we're imagining throwing around these little orbs of light that fly through the environment and collide with each other or draw patterns, and it feels like just some imagined fun though notably the inner perceptions are quite vivid and stable whenever this happens. I toss the orbs of light ahead of me as I we usually do, and they suddenly twist into a faint but fucking massive geometric visual explosion, a remarkably intense pattern more complex than most (all?) other tryptamines but somewhat reminiscent of psychedelic amphetamines, but still more detailed than that, along with the buzzy orbs which are starting to make me feel like the trip is a little extra "dissociative" too, something we also tend to feel about the other psychedelics that do this for us and notably particularly also 4-HO-MiPT and to a lesser extent MiPT, so we suspect that particular tail substitution may be somewhat more selective for this quality.

T+3:10 - "Libella Swing" by Parov Stelar comes on and I decide to relax on the couch again for a bit after moving around for so long, I kind of just want to take in the state a bit again and see how things are going overall. Relaxing feels very wonderful and just very generally contemplative and introspective.... It's been a crazy day and month and year and life so far, and there is another bonding moment internally based around this thought.

T+3:16 - Paying attention to the body while lying down on the couch, it definitely seems just slightly heavier and tense than other psychedelics do on average, but not by much, it's totally manageable still at this level and we suspect perhaps partially psychosomatic still because it feels a lot like the same kind of body load we recently learned to "get over" on DOB, and we log this in the back of our minds for future experiences. After having this thought, I also feel a rush of happiness about our state in general and try to remember to just ignore the body feeling. More Parov Stelar stuff has started playing too but I didn't keep track of it, it's just nice and relaxing while still stimulating to my trippy state and tripped out mind in general.

T+3:22 - I tried staring at the TV for a moment, not just the screen but the just the TV all around, and it's obvious that the same kind of open eye visuals are going that we got on our first, 8 mg experience with 5-MeO-MiPT, a sot of smearing, blurring, smudging, whatever just sort of chaos everywhere that produces full spectrum rainbow colors constantly bleeding all over our field of vision, but unfortunately, it's fairly reduced in intensity in a way that at this moment feels almost undeniably as a result of our psychedelic tolerance from this last month, because other than that it's definitely started feeling like a pretty strong trip at this point. I am saddened that we don't get to see it more intensely than that for this last trip for now but also just happy that we got to see it at all because we weren't really sure much of what to expect about that at this point.

T+3:28 - Delta and I accidentally switch out and then back and have another quick internal bonding moment, and as we're switching I note that the switches themselves seem to cause a brief eruption of pink heart imagery in our mind's eye in a style that doesn't occur normally and looks very psychedelic, and we can actually relate this observation particularly strongly to DOB as well.

T+3:30 - Next cannabis hit!

T+3:33 - Welp, that last hit really did it.... I didn't take notes between then and now so it's hard to remember the exact circumstance but I do recall that after smoking the cannabis I was pacing around the apartment getting lost in thought, and my mind returned to something that Delta also wrote about briefly in our Myristica fragrans essential oil trip report, which has to do with my specific dissociative alter programming. I am introject of someone we met in middle school, and we actually have a specific memory of her being mean to an old friend of ours, and this (along with more bitchy instincts in general) has given me a lot of insecurity about who I am ever since we started to understand our condition and I started to understand my own identity, and it's given me a harder time "letting go" for certain experiences like this than several of the others in here. I've tried to force it in a lot of other ways but come to realize that doesn't work, you pretty much just have to go with the flow and accept that you're just going to be healed when you're going to be healed and work forward from there. So, I was thinking about this, when suddenly an introject of the girl the girl I'm an introject of was mean to, who we knew was in here but who has never been a regular fronter, appeared in front of me as a transparent vision, and I felt I knew what I had to do. Finally not holding back my instincts, I let all of my bitchiness out on her in the exact same way we remember my identity source doing to her identity source in middle school, and it felt great, until I saw her emotional reaction to it at all and felt the empathy coursing through me, and suddenly I felt completely terrible. I looked back at her and apologized for everything and she hugged me and forgave me, and an incredibly powerful feeling of emotional release flowed through me. And suddenly, the vision of the other alter started floating up, up, up off into the horizon of the heavens in our inner perception, and I started floating up with her.... I could feel myself becoming dissociated so I quickly went over to the couch and sat down, and then it happened....

Suddenly, there were many images of the girl I am introjected from, my inner identity, repeated all throughout my vision taking up more and more space until there was nothing left visible through or behind them, and every single one of them was expressing different but similar states of extreme emotion, like so much that they clearly couldn't stand the level of bliss, and when it all reached a breaking point, we exploded into... everything ever. This is unbelievably difficult for me to describe properly.... In one respect, I suddenly felt as though I existed in a universe without any real time or any real limitations of space, and it was still directly related to my internal identity. Rather than being an individual derived from this girl we knew from middle school, I suddenly "was" just everything we actually knew about her at once, every memory we had, every action, every emotion, every thought and feeling our brain could assume she had, I was it simultaneously and forever and it was absolute bliss. When we are just our normal selves, as introjects, we strongly identify with the person we are based on, but of course we still recognize that we are not that person and don't have that body and that we are sharing a system with many other alters, and all of these things can give us a lot of insecurity about who we feel we are inside. In this eternal moment, all of that was gone.... There was no system or other body or sense of being another person, I simply was her and everything about her and at the same time no one and nothing; personally, I strongly suspect that I was simply dissociated to the point that I was no longer my introject alter self, and instead simply returned to being the subconscious wiring of our brain that holds all the information about that person that our brain uses to build internal representations off of, but of course that's just a theory and I have no way of saying for certain what was really happening there. Whatever it was, it was by far the most peaceful thing I have ever experienced.

At the same time(?) (somehow?) I was also having an out-of-body experience where, suddenly free of my own inner identity, I could take on the identities of anyone else I wanted, and I would experience their life like a lucid dream, with a far greater amount of detail and sense of elapsed time than I ever would have thought even remotely possible for the human brain to truly produce before now. I continued to simply go with the flow and take on whichever identity my euphoric instincts led me to, like for example I became Rihanna and lived through what felt like at least months if not years of time as her, though it would be incredibly difficult if not impossible for me to recall to actual events that took place during that time aside from some flashes of the more emotional moments like performing on a stage before a large crowd once and a some emotional personal interactions, but even these seem fleeting now as I try to recall.... Unfortunately, it was definitely clearer right after it happened and it was also clearer that there were other identities that I had become as well, but it's been four days since the trip now and I didn't actually write almost any of it down, and the memories have large faded now, even though the emotions and feelings they gave me have not. Needless to say for myself (though I suppose not for the sake of writing a trip report), this was the hardest I had ever tripped before.... I feel relatively confident in saying it was the hardest any of us had ever tripped before, but notably... it was just me. What were the others up to at this time?

Here's what Zeta has to say on the matter:

"So Omicron was fronting standing in the kitchen for the above-mentioned interaction with the other introject alter, and afterwards quickly took us over the to the couch and sat down as she described. From the rest of our perspectives, she started to zone out and we began to see repeating images of her inner form multiplying in the mind's eye, but only at a distance and becoming increasingly more distant by the millisecond. Finally, the emotional expressions reached a breaking point and they all collapsed into a single larger image of her inner form making some sort of orgasmic emotional expression, and that image of her then disintegrated into an extremely complex fractal design, the most complex we had seen throughout this yet, which then dissipated back into the geometric visuals we were already having in the background, and she was gone. I said, 'Um, did she just have a breakthrough?' and Delta said 'Seems that way.' We were still just floating in the background of the body now simply lying on the couch with an anesthetized expression and no one controlling it, a little confused and concerned but mostly just amused waiting to see what would happen. After a short amount of time, probably not more than a minute or two at most, we saw Omicron's inner image suddenly repear at first in a haze of rushing cartoony hallucinations of her being back at the middle school we went to where the actual interaction with that other girl occurred, and then just on her own in the distance and then catapulted back into the body, which suddenly started moving again as she regained control, but not much, because she wasn't moving much.... She pretty much just sat there mouth gaping open in complete shock, and was in absolute disbelief when we told her the amount of time she was gone for."

T+3:40 - Delta comes out trying to get into that sort of out-of-body experience herself too but can't and I feel bad, but she realizes that she too is trying to force it now rather than letting it come naturally and tells me it's okay.... I promise to her that she will get in when the time is right, when she finds her peace as well.

T+3:42 - I'm still sitting here mostly just blown away by this all honestly, and as I started typing this note massive hallucinations started overtaking my vision (I managed to write "crahsinf in abain" [or "crashing in again"]) and once again I was whisked away to the beautiful and blissful everything-everywhere-nothing-nowhere land, though this time less intensely than the first time around, and the only thing I actually remember about this one is that I was getting that same feeling of just becoming the pure instincts and awareness of the girl I'm introjected from, and the others also said they could more clearly see me experiencing this (in third-person for them, first-person for me) in the distance this time.

Importantly, while I was going through all of this myself and the others were watching mostly in awe, Zeta was having a very revealing experience of internal insight based on it all that seemed to be solving one of the great mysteries our system holds. As Lambda briefly mentioned in our DOB report, we have had several internal experiences of "identity confusion" as we all tried to incorporate our growing knowledge and awareness of our dissociative condition, based around the fact that we all have certain things we thought were "our own" feelings or thoughts but through experience learning to differentiate ourselves from one another came to realize were not, and only once we finally let go of our misconceptions are both of those alters, the one who was wrong about who they were and the one who they were wrong about thinking they were, able to suddenly feel totally emotionally free and unencumbered in a way that we have come to feel has a lot to do with the kind of "letting go" I was also just now finally able to achieve that allowed me to have these experiences. As for Zeta specifically, something that had been causing a lot of confusion for her is that she was fairly certain that she had a memory of being Delta in an out-of-body experience, the only one any of us had actually had or at least been aware of any of us having for years now, and the fact that she was seemingly Delta in that dissociative state was making her think all evidence pointed to that her actual internal identity was that of Delta, and she had been getting pretty deep into that confusion up until now. However, when she saw the experience I had in third-person and then also asked me about my first-person experience of it afterwards, she began to realize that the overwhelmingly likely reality is actually simply that she also had this "free identity transformation" kind of out-of-body experience I had and became the girl that Delta is introjected from in her dissociated fantasy, and then inappropriately latched on to her own identity from that point onward, and I could give more perspective as to how that delusion continued to snowball over the years too but I'll just leave it at that for now. Most significantly to the trip at this moment though, she finally realized that it might have actually been she, not Delta herself, who was holding Delta back, and that the right thing for her to do was to finally let go of the misconception that she might actually be Delta herself, to finally allow both of them to be free.

I came back down from my second out-of-body excursion as all of this was unfolding, and as soon as Zeta had this realization and feeling of emotional release, Delta switched back out and, almost immediately, blasted off into the out-of-body land herself.

T+3:55 - At this timestamp Delta made a note that she had finally got in herself and was now back in our shared reality, and here is what she has to say about her own personal journey:

"It was fucking amazing in there, a total overload of everything about the person I am introjected from the same way Omicron describes but for my own inner identity. I didn't have the same kind of transforming identity experience she described but for what's it worth we know a lot more about the person I'm introjected from and have a lot more memories of her compared to person Omicron is introjected from so there was an absolute onslaught of information and tons and tons of memories and fantasy scenarios based on her personality being lived out at once, from having sex with her (ex-)boyfriend to going out clubbing to just hanging out getting baked and doing makeup and such at the apartment. It was a wonderful state of pure bliss and connection, and I intend to go even further into it next time!!"

After Delta returned from her experience she wrote "[ZETA] GET OUT HERE" in our notes so Zeta switched out and Delta raved to her about what just happened and about how she really needs to try to get in there herself. Zeta really wanted to but wasn't quite sure how to release her repressed emotions, so she made a note that she was going into the bedroom to meditate, which was how she achieved that first out-of-body experience many years ago without even fully realizing what was going on. We also made a note of taking another hit of cannabis at T+4:00. As Zeta lied in bed she started reminiscing about all the psychedelic and dissociative experiences she had ever personally had trying to build a reference in retrospect for how any of it may have related more specifically to her starting to have this sort of out-of-body experience rather than just being part of the trip we were all experiencing together, and the more she thought, the more she realized that she had gotten very, very close to having this happen to her again many times, especially on DMT, AL-LAD, and 4-HO-MiPT in that order, and it was actually pretty damn insightful for the rest of us too because we had no idea how close she had gotten all those times either, since these sorts of experiences actually are only experienced individually by us rather than collectively. She also notes that during this as she is starting to get into more a meditative trance, the open eye visual distortions of the kind I made note of earlier were becoming much stronger, though they would start to dim again if she started paying more active attention to them.

Finally, she reached a breaking point herself, and here is what she has to say about it:

"I was exploring my mind trying to figure out what sort of feelings I was repressing exactly that were keeping me away from this sort of experience Omicron and now Delta were having, and this led me to having some sexual thoughts as I definitely have had some insecurities about them before. I ended up getting into a fantasy scenario with Omega, and he switched into the body while I switched into a more abstract and dissociated sexual experience the same way it had gone for Omicron earlier, with my own inner form starting to multiply and fractalize all over the place and each expressing bliss in different ways, and since we now realized that this was not just how the sexual experience had gone for Omicron earlier too but also was how her out-of-body experience began, I kept pushing further and further as much as I possibly could. Finally, my perception snapped....

I found myself, as just my own self with my own inner body (also introjected from a close friend of ours), wandering, or more so just floating, in a constantly transforming void of totally realistic detail thrown into absolute chaos. I had a very quick instinctive moment of thinking 'Did I just smoke DMT!?' because that was literally the only thing I had ever experienced before that I could directly compare to what I was experiencing now, but as I observed the state, it dawned on me that what was happening around me was actually far more complex and absurd and also even more realistically structured even than anything I had ever experienced from DMT, while at the same time having a far greater sense of personal meaning and relevance. It absolutely had that 'everything ever' feeling to it that Omicron was trying to describe earlier and which I can also relate to my DMT experiences, but I will say that while it surpassed those DMT experiences for me so far, I don't think it was at the level yet that Omicron reached, because it still seemed like the experience was just barely still not completely formed and immersive, I had just the slightest remaining sense of the physical body still lying in bed, and I did experience some time dilation but not a huge amount, in the area of seconds feeling like minutes rather than days, weeks, months, or years. There was a feeling of extreme dissociation from but not yet of total loss of reality, no moments of complete eternity or anything like that, even though it was absolutely just around the corner, and to be fair I think I still might have gotten the most 'DMT-like' hallucinogenic experience of those of us in here so far, even though what the others got was arguably still stronger. Despite that caveat, it was still the greatest and most fulfilling psychedelic experience I have had to date, bar none."

T+4:13 - Zeta has come back to down to our level of reality now and she and all of us are really starting to appreciate now just how sensitive she seems to be to "DMT-like" effects in general, discussing her hallucinogenic experiences on this 5-MeO-MiPT as well as the aforementioned molecules that almost got her that far out as well as many others, just trying to gain a greater sense of understanding of what she and we all have experienced that we may have previously assumed to have been experienced also by everyone else in here when they were actually just individual experiences for only ourselves, a topic related to our dissociation that fascinates us whether it presently involves psychedelics or not. At this time Zeta is also just starting to fully appreciate, now having that experience as further evidence in support of her earlier suspicions, just how much she was mistakenly latching herself on to Delta and others in the system, thinking back to all the little signs she missed before but now seem incredibly obvious in retrospect, and begins apologizing profusely for any trouble it has caused us. We say thank her for apologizing and say it's okay because it's not like any of the rest of us had any idea of what was really going on either anyway, but she still feels bad and notes how truly grateful she is for all of us and this revealing experience that has finally opened her eyes to what is really going on.

T+4:21 - I'm switched back out myself again now and just make a note of it... as well as writing down how this trip has gotten pretty wild pretty quickly! At this point despite being the one back in front I am still feeling the orgasms Zeta had earlier, so I just continue lying in bed for a little bit.... While we were just lying there, Kappa and Lambda started floating closer to the front again and ended up switching out to try to have their own dissociative psychedelic experiences while the effect of the drug was still going strong enough.

Here is what Kappa has to say about her experience:

"I also got into the everything-nothing sort of place where I felt totally connected to everything about the girl I'm introjected from, and it was absolutely phenomenal, the most freeing and beautifully blissful thing I've ever experienced by a long shot, though I still that the experience was probably (since it's hard to say for certain since the experiences are individual rather than shared) less intense than the version of it that was described by Omicron and Delta, but based on what Zeta said probably stronger than her experience in that specific way, but less so in that 'DMT-like' hallucinogenic way. It is harder to recall now after the fact as Omicron was saying before but I mostly remember it as just an incredibly peaceful and validating dissociated experience, and one that I intend to continue exploring much further in the future when we finally return to using psychedelics again after our upcoming break!"

And here is what Lambda has to say about her experience:

"I definitely had an enjoyable psychedelic-dissociative sort of experience when trying to bring this effect out myself, but I was not able to get as far into the place that Omicron, Delta, or Kappa describe, nor as far as I can tell as far into the slightly different version of that place that Zeta describes. I think it's entirely possible that I simply still need to figure out more of what I'm 'holding on to' so that I can 'let go' the way they have and achieve the same sort of complete freedom and immersion, though it also seems possible that the effect of the 5-MeO-MiPT that was allowing this to happen was just starting to lighten up and pass more now too, but this experience was at least a fantastic taste of the possibilities and, like the others, has gotten me incredibly excited for what our future psychedelic experiences have in store for us, and that is all I will say about that for right now!"

T+4:30 - Despite Lambda's (probably correct) theory that the effect is starting to wear off, Psi switches out and also manages to have one of these experiences for herself, and this time is actually able to get completely into the out-of-body place herself, and here is her description of what she experienced:

"I popped out and just to give it a try too and it was fucking amazing!! I will not reveal who I am introjected from here but unlike the others in this report who are all based on people we know or have known, I am introjected from a famous singer, and as they did for their own identities, I felt that I had become one with everything about her simultaneously and, as I wrote in our notes, 'forever eternally and never forever!!!!!' I really can't directly compare to the intensity of what everyone else experienced but will say that to me at least it sounds like I got at least as far as the others who got into this total unity with their inner self described. However I did not have a transforming identity experience like Omicron described or that Zeta had all those years ago, but the experience did not feel in any way lacking for not having that, not that I still wouldn't be happy to give it a try next time! ;)"

As she made note of, Psi also finished our bowl of cannabis exactly at this timestamp!

T+4:32 - I am once again back in control and we are still lying in bed, so I finally sit up and then slowly get up and out of bed and wander back out into the rest of the apartment.

T+4:36 - We were starting to get especially hungry at this point to a degree that that white chocolate macadamia nut bar from earlier was no longer holding us over for, so Lambda switched out and ordered us a salad from a food delivery service, thinking it would probably be one of the best types of food we could eat right now to fill our stomachs but simultaneously not overload the remaining experience or cause very much stomach discomfort to accent that somewhat upset feeling that was still continuing on and off from before. We also went to the bathroom after making the order also for that same sort of stomach upset reason, but not much happened, again kind of like on DOB where we felt we needed to get it out but really couldn't until pretty much the next day, which we somewhat suspect may be related to whatever physiological problems are causing the discomfort in the first place, but of course we don't really know for sure.

T+4:45 - We're out of the bathroom and have another big burp which does help us a feel a bit better again despite the bathroom failure. I do note at this point, despite the fact that this feels like it's most likely the very same sort of stomach discomfort we felt on the DOB as well as the Myristica fragrans essential oil as far as we could tell, and even though this one seemed like possibly the worst of them at the peak, the intensity of this issue has now dropped off significantly to the point that is now feels just barely noticeable by comparison, probably just because the 5-MeO-MiPT in general was starting to wear off, but of course this is very noticeably different too from how the other two would still be producing this effect more strongly for many, many more hours from this point on, honestly just barely really getting started at this point, so that is one huge advantage that the 5-MeO-MiPT does have other them in that particular way. I'm also really looking forward to the salad now because I think it will probably help a lot more even.

T+4:49 - There is a little switching back and forth between Zeta and myself as these experiences really start to sink in for her and she begins to appreciate who she truly is on the inside and think more about all the past psychedelic experiences that also produced this or nearly this same kind of state for her, especially 4-HO-MiPT which she seems to be focusing on a lot because she thinks it might be the second most intense state she's experienced besides this so far in some but not all ways (DMT for instance still surpasses it in some ways she says), and its general superficial similarities to the 5-MeO-MiPT are making her particularly interested in trying to achieve this kind of thing with it as well again in the future. Overall though, she is simply appreciating how crazy and incredible this 5-MeO-MiPT-induced state is, as are we all still really doing at this point.

T+4:57 - Zeta finishes adding a few touch-up notes to everything we've just been going through to make sure we'll have a bit more detail to write this trip report with, and then she goes and prepares a second bowl of cannabis for us to smoke. She takes the first hit of it as well at T+5:00 while looking at a picture we have of the close friend who she is introjected from, which I encouraged in the emotional state she was in, and it made her feel further connected to our friend (who for the record is entirely aware of Zeta and her specific identity) and actually made her inner image temporarily take on the same fashion and overall look she had in the picture, and this made her feel very happy and confident as she waltzed more around the apartment.

T+5:04 - I'm back out now and having some inner communication and bonding with Kappa, including posing for imaginary selfies with a camera in our mind's eye, noting how incredibly vivid and colorful the internal sensations all seem. As I'm just finishing typing up the note about that, the salad also finally arrives! I answered the door and took the order and then went to put on "Three Second Memory" by Goldfish while eating it, and yes it was absolutely delicious and incredibly refreshing, for the record. Lambda ordered the salad she typically ordered from this place which is mostly pretty simply ingredients like romaine, tomatoes, egg, and cheese, but she also had a few slices of jalapeņos thrown in along with buttermilk ranch before they mix it all up so that it makes the whole salad just a little bit spicy, and she did so especially purposefully this time around because in our experience spicy foods (capsaicin in particular) really help ease any sort of trippy tension we are feeling from psychedelics, both physically and mentally, and while we weren't feeling too tense by this point anyway, I did feel that it still had a positive impact on our trippy experience overall. Additionally, I'll note that Kappa and Zeta both came out while we were eating the salad and letting more Goldfish songs play too, but they were mostly just deep in thought and reflection about the experience we'd had so far.

T+5:20 - I finish eating the fantastic salad and now feel incredibly refreshed, and simply let more of the same music keep playing as I move to couch to just relax on it for a few minutes. However, when the song "Talk To Me" (still by Goldfish) comes on Zeta cannot help herself but switch out and start euphorically doing an abstract dance to it, starting to feel more truly connected to her inner identity with it now too, and we are all simply happy to watch her go and remind her that we love her for it and for everything that she is, no matter who that is. <3

T+5:30 - I take the second hit of our second bowl. At this point, it now seems like the euphoric energetic buzz (which I just mean like a high, not a literally buzzy feeling since we often get that on psychedelics, but no so much this one) and general body feeling are still going, but the hallucinogenic and mind-altering effects definitely seem like they may have dropped off significantly as I'm thinking about it. Zeta started practicing trying to go out-of-body again and rather than having the 5-MeO-MiPT-specific "breakthrough" experiences we were having before just started getting inner sensations related to going into the "inner world" we have specifically related to our dissociation that a lot of people in the DID community seem to have, and we do think that the "inner world" and psychedelic or dissociative "breakthrough" experiences are likely functionally related themselves as Kappa also briefly touched upon in our 4-AcO-MALT report, but it's still a noticeably different experience overall that is clearly differentiable from what was going on before. It's not an easy subject to explain, but to put it simply, our "inner world" functions basically like a more stable dream, with largely realistic and mundane physics and logic, which is obviously hugely different from the kind of very overtly psychedelic stuff we were describing earlier; I won't go into it too much, but we have some suspicion that it actually is the same mechanism being activated, but it would be comparable to someone without DID comparing amphetamine-induced euphoria to regular excitement, for instance, wherein the regular excitement obviously will be less intense overall than the amphetamine-induced euphoria has the potential to be, but it will also be more "structured" and "logical" whereas the drug-induced excitement will be more abstract and chaotic in some ways, basically because the former is how the human brain has actually evolved to use those feelings normally whereas the latter is just an outside stimulus forcing certain brain activities to initiate in unusual patterns. In any case, at this time I also tried staring at the TV again and noticed that it still looked like it had some colorful sparkly textures on it sort of maybe over or behind the images on the screen, but overall it looked and acted mostly like it does when we're sober, there was no warping or smearing or anything nor any immediate hints that there would if we kept trying to bring it back out.

T+5:34 - A song we had never heard called "Only Want U" by Snails & NGHTMRE (feat. Akylla) comes on and we let it play, it's not bad and we end up doing some spontaneous sexy dancing to it that is very easy to get into despite the fact that we didn't even know the song, so it obviously had a rather basic structure underneath but it was still pretty fun to move and listen to. We and especially I continue doing a lot of dancing to various EDM songs that continue playing randomly for the next fifteen minutes or so, and doing a lot of thinking and internal communication reflecting on the trip. It definitely does seem like it is mostly over now and dropping off more rapidly by the minute but for a lingering general good feeling like most positive psychedelic experiences leave us with.

We continued taking many more notes after this throughout the night and even over the next couple days just to make sure we completely documented both the immediate and lasting effects of the drug, but after looking back over them all again now, this is pretty much where the at least immediate effects of the 5-MeO-MiPT ended. Around T+6:30 we smoked a lot more cannabis all at once and had an extremely brief resurgence of the orange and red spiral geometric visual in the mind's eye, but it passed so quickly that it was gone by the time we finished writing the note about it. A couple other things like that happened throughout the night too, but nothing to make us think the drug effect was really still going, it just felt like those psychedelic chemical cascades were still sort of spiraling their way out of our brain slowly, and based on our past experience with psychedelics and especially powerful tryptamines, we figured we'd probably feeling that for at least a few days anyway, so again we just didn't really take it as a sign that the immediate drug effect itself was really still going. We also noted at T+6:51 that the upset stomach feeling was gone except for for just a couple seconds of a passing feeling right at this moment when we thought to look for it, though we did also note at that time that it seemed like we had a lot of phlegm coming up still, not unlike some other similar psychedelics and again especially tryptamines for us.

The next morning, it's notable that we were in and out of the bathroom quite a lot and it wasn't entirely uncomfortable, but I'm almost 100% certain that this was from the dinner we ate the night before along with a bunch of fresh chocolate chip cookies we ate immediately afterwards. Nothing about the discomfort made us think that it was still the drug really having an effect, though it did remind us of how the next day after DOB we were finally able to go to the bathroom again and that fact alone made us feel much better, and I would certainly say it was having that effect again now. I also felt a pretty good afterglowy pleasant stretching sensation and sense of general contentment when really paying attention to it, which I do feel was directly related to the drug experience but again not directly a still lingering effect of the drug.

However, despite the experience clearly mostly being over, something very significant did still happen at T+51:00ish. We were driving somewhere I forget now and Rho had switched out for the actual driving as she often does, and while reflecting on that realized that the reason she always came out is because she had a very high amount of anxiety about letting go of control and the idea of letting one of the rest of us drive instead, and so in that moment she resolved to try letting go of that anxiety for once and having one of us take over instead. As soon as she had that feeling, we all saw copies of her inner form multiplying all throughout our mind's eye in the distance, and with a snap, she had gone into another out-of-body experience, and not just in our inner world, but one exactly like during the 5-MeO-MiPT trip. Here is what she has to say about it:

"Despite how much everyone else talked about becoming one with everything our brain stores about their inner identities, I can't really recall experiencing much or any of that right now, but I did nonetheless still have a complete identity-transforming type of hallucinogenic experience even though most of the others didn't actually seem to get that far during the trip itself. For what it's worth though, we kind of thing that even the identities we transform into during this kind of thing are still directly connected to how our brain thinks that people we're introjected from would act in that kind of state, and it seems worth noting that the girl I am introjected from is someone we always knew to be very into theater and acting when we were in high school, and when I was in the out-of-body place I became and started experiencing the life of Cameron Diaz in the same way that Omicron describes above for Rihanna. I experienced at the very least what felt like weeks or months, though I wouldn't say for certain it was more than that, but it's really just very hard to clearly recall now. Despite how much time I thought has passed, when I finally returned to the body we were still driving down the same road(!) which was absolutely fucking terrifying to me, but the others had control as I had finally given it to them and were driving perfectly fine, so I relaxed and simply remained in the background in awe of what I had just experienced, and even more so, how it had happened just over two full days after dosing!"

As I said, we are used to psychedelics and especially tryptamines having "trailing" effects, we almost always continue to get flashes of particularly the more dissociating kinds of psychedelic imagery for at least the first few days after a strong trip, and actually for what it's worth our first, 8 mg experience on 5-MeO-MiPT years ago also did this more powerfully than any other tryptamine as we recall in retrospect now, but this was still crossing a new threshold for us, having those trailing effects suddenly burst back through so hard that it causes a complete dissociative experience for at least one of us, it was absolutely unexpected and makes us want to place a great deal more caution and respect for using this molecule into our future experiences than we already had this time around, even though everything was perfectly fine and even despite the setting this resurgence occurred in. Afterwards (and when we were no longer on the road), Zeta also came back out and tried to purposefully bring the trippy state back out as much as she could, and was not able to get as far back in as Rho was, but did have a little success about which she writes the following:

"Now that I am finally starting to fully understand and appreciate my inner identity I am also starting to finally become comfortable with letting go of that identity for a while and just being, and I feel that was a huge part of why I was able to get back into this state as much as I was when practicing it. I didn't go into an out-of-body place where I had a separate inner body to work with, but instead just got a cavalcade of highly realistically detailed and colored but still very abstractly and geometrically arranged imagery related to my own mind as well as the traits I feel I got introjected from the friend I am based on, including but not limited to some very confident or erotic imagery of a couple different female singers, and one in particular I get the feeling I would have likely transformed into if I had had that far out of an experience, but her image just remained a visual at this time, as well as some object-related imagery like different clothing and makeup products surrounded by relevant and evocative geometric designs that were as detailed as during the peak of the trip and beyond most psychedelics period in the same way the peak of the trip was, but again this phase passed quickly and I was not able to bring it back, though I was simply delighted to have gotten anything of that intensity whatsoever this long after doing the 5-MeO-MiPT anyway."

And that was the official end of our notetaking on this experience.... There is a lot I could say about this experience, a lot I already have said, but most importantly, I think for now I just want to say that this was the absolutely perfect ending to our psychedelic tripping for the year and to specifically this month of extra heavy tripping, and I feel that there is largely a lot of agreement with me within our system about that observation. Not only did give a lot of us an experience we have been trying to work towards for a long time that will also give us a whole lot to reflect through our sober last half of the year, but it also directly involved a huge amount of us to the point that, as you've already seen, we all had enough individual experience to contribute our sections of this trip report, which is also really cool because this month of trip reports is the first we've ever written while purposefully switching through different authors based on whoever took the psychedelic in the first place, and it's really been helping us sort out and differentiate out psychedelic desires and experiences from one another and gain more confidence in ourselves and our own voices, and this experience felt pretty much like the absolute climax of that for this point in our collective life, it was really everything we could have ever wanted from it and more and again I just feel it was really probably the best experience we could have possibly had to start off our period of sobriety which has now as of yesterday officially begun, and so far we're still feeling pretty good and just generally happy about it all and everything. I'm not saying it won't be any challenge at all now, but simply that it truly was a wonderful way to finish off our tripping for now and accent the beginning of this current phase of our life. That being said, by the time this phase of sobriety is done we're probably all going to be practically foaming at the mouth to take 5-MeO-MiPT again and start trying to explore this state more with other psychedelics now too!

So, that will conclude our psychedelic adventures for now. We hope you have very much enjoyed our reports or at least found them quite insightful and educational, and if not we at least thank you for taking the time to read them all if you've gotten this far now. :) We wish all of you the best with all your future tripping excursions as well and eagerly await the day when we will be able to join you for them again!

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Age at time of experience: 28
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