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Vibrant Potential
by Greg
Citation:   Greg. "Vibrant Potential: An Experience with MALT (exp113350)". Jul 17, 2019.

T+ 0:00
25 mg vaporized MALT
  T+ 0:25 25 mg vaporized MALT
It was a Monday night around 11:30 PM and my dad and I decided to vape some MALT. I have never tried DMT and heard MALT was closely related. I am not on any form of medication or prescriptions. My previous experiences with psychedelics are: 4-ho-met,4-aco-met,4-ho-mipt, EPT, and Mushrooms. The night before I had insufflated 10mg of 4-ho-mipt.

T-0:10 – I weighed out 25mg on a scale and put it in my Yocan Magneto vaporizer and sat down on the back deck and breathed in and out heavily to calm myself down cause I had a lot of anxiety due to this being something new.

T+0:00 – I took one long hit and held it in for about 15 seconds and instantly started feeling a change in headspace. It was decently slow coming on, about 2 min in the first signs were geometric patterns overlaying everything.

T+0:05 – I started feeling heavy and it was getting more intense, I then came to the realization that I wasn’t prepared for anything super intense because my dogs kept sniffing my leg and trying to get on my lap while my eyes were closed and it was bugging me a lot. I really just wanted quietness and nothing messing with me.

T+0:10 – CEV were getting very obvious, but weren’t very clear like 4-ho-met or EPT. I decide to get up and go back inside and sit on the couch with a blanket because all of a sudden I feel like I am in the Antarctica and start shivering
all of a sudden I feel like I am in the Antarctica and start shivering
. Everything was sorta shifting as I walked. My dad loads up 25mg and takes a hit but says he has no effects.

T+0:20 – Things didn’t seem like they were going to get anymore intense than they were for me.

T+0:25 – I decide to go ahead and load another 25mg and see if I can get clearer CEV. We went into the garage where it was warmer and After taking a few hits, things instantly went up a level and I started falling backwards as what looked like a million peacock feathers were getting sucked into a black hole in the middle of my vision with my eyes closed.

T+0:30 – It then transformed into this 3D world with a constantly moving landscape. I started seeing bright light appear to my left and right and it was getting clearer. But then my dad came over and started asking me questions and so I opened my eyes. The washer and dryer had like a bubbling effect and seemed to be a different color. Like very tan instead of white. I felt very euphoric and my dad and I decided to watch YouTube videos on DMT trip reports for the rest of the night.

T+1:00 – things seem to be pretty light now with weak CEV and there were only geometric patterns everywhere still.

T+3:00 – the geometric patterns lasted just about the rest of the night which was pretty cool. But it seems to be a thing that happens to me with every psychedelic. They usually stay around until I sleep.

T+4:00 – I go to sleep without any issues.

In the end I think MALT is a winner and I’ll most likely do 60mg or 70mg in the future to see how intense it can get. I have never tried DMT so I can’t say if this was familiar or not, but it was different for sure.

Exp Year: 2019ExpID: 113350
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 20
Published: Jul 17, 2019Views: 1,742
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MALT (855) : Families (41), General (1), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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