Body High, and Simultaneously the Nausea
Citation:   thestudent. "Body High, and Simultaneously the Nausea: An Experience with Morphine (exp113357)". Jul 18, 2019.

T+ 0:00
25 mg oral Morphine (liquid)
  T+ 0:00   oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine  
  T+ 1:15 25 mg oral Morphine (liquid)
  T+ 2:15 25 mg oral Morphine (liquid)
A Very Powerful Experience

Some background information: I come from a relatively well-situated standard familiar background in Europe. I had the luck to study materials science at a very reputated university in Europe and graduated last year. I am now pursuing my master studies in the same field, always eager to learn about new things. I love the complex interplay between physics, chemistry and engineering aspects in my field.

I've always been interested in trying new substances and to explore their potential. Through the new possibilities which emerged from the rise of the darknet market, I suddenly gained access to one of the most infamous drugs known to humanity: Morphine. I have experiences with alot of different substances, and despite this, morphine and opioids are the ones that attract and scare me at the same time. I am scared because my parents have a rather conservative mindset about drugs, and because I did alot of reading on the internet about long-term effects of opioid abuse and withdrawal.

Nonetheless, I ordered some on the darknet. I ordered 5 capsules, each containing 200mg morphine sulfate pentahydrate with extended release type of acting. After reading alot of other reports, I decided that 25mg would be a good starting dose. I have a good friend which owns a nice place outside his house, where we hang out sometimes during the mild summer evenings. Since it's a private place, we can stay there relatively undisturbed. Somehow I wanted to share my first experience with this drug with someone, so I called him and asked if the place is free that evening. It was summer, temperatures where warm, so perfect for a night outside. He was excited about the idea and said sure, I can head over to him this evening. Since he already drank some alcohol this evening and later did some cocaine, he decided to not try the morphine this time, but to give me some company.

I was in a good mindset at the time, since my studies are going well and new exciting projects lie in the future. Furthermore, it was summer, where my mood is generally better than in the winter times.

So I head to him at 11pm, taking one pill containing 200mg morphine sulfate with me. Since I already informed myself about the formulation beforehand, I knew exactly what to do to break up the time-release. I opened the pills, which contained small white grains. The grains contain the morphine sulfate and binders inside and are covered with a layer of wax, which is the way how the physical (not chemical) time-release is achieved. So I poured the grains in a very small pan, and filled it with about 0.1 liters of water. I boiled the water, which caused the wax layer to melt and give free the morphine sulfate. 1 minute of boiling was enough and resulted in wax droplets swimming on the water surface and the morphine sulfate fully solved in the water since the sulfate form of morphine is quite hydrophilic compared to its base.

The next step was the dosing. Since we did not have alot of equipment, I managed to use an easy trick. My starting dose was 25mg, exactly 1/8 of the whole pills content. My friend had a couple of translucent plastic beakers at the place, so I proceeded as follows. First, I mixed the initial 0.1L of water solution with a little bit more water, maybe 0.5L. I divided the whole volume into two beakers, each containing 100mg, compared side-by-side with the eye. Then I took each of the two beakers and divided it in another two beakers. The same thing again ended in 8 beakers, each containing approximately 25mg morphine sulfate.

Here begins the experience part

T+0.00 (12pm) (FIRST DOSE) I swallowed the first beaker containing 25mg of morphine sulfate. The taste was slightly bitter. I proceeded to talk with my friend about random stuff and listen to some music. I was feeling slightly nervous, I drank a very small glass of white wine, just to take the edge off.

T+0.20: I can feel the first effects very subtly. Stomach feels a little bit weird.

T+0.45: The effects are definitely starting. Unlike a drug like MDMA, for example, which always seem to slap me in the face from one moment to the other, the onset on this drug is very slowly and gradual. I feel like the nervousness before the experience is fading away slowly.

T+1.15: (SECOND DOSE): I took the second dose of 25mg, since the effects of the first one were not so strong yet. I feel slightly relaxed and a little bit more careless than usual. My friend continues to play music. It's interesting to watch him because he seems very twitchy, doing a lot of things like changing music, changing the lights etc. Probably due to the stimulating effect of the cocaine. However, I get more and more relaxed, sitting in my chair quite careless. He wonders why I never asked for a song I want to play on the speakers, I seem so content with the situation. Not my usual personality.
I seem so content with the situation. Not my usual personality.

T+1.45: The first dose got stronger, the second dose starts kicking in. Now I can begin to feel the body high. My muscles get very relaxed and moving around my arms and legs is funny. I am still talking with my friend alot and my thinking is still very coherent, there does not seem to be any impairment. On the contrary, the calmness I can now experience on my mind has a very positive effect on my thinking process. Its really fun to talk to him about different matters such as relationships, music, etc.

T+2.00: For the first time, I start feeling a little bit nauseous. I knew it came from the drug, nonetheless I didn't like it very much. I had to lay down from time to time. The overall effects were still weaker than expected.

T+2.15: (THIRD DOSE): I took the third dose of 25mg. I was definitely feeling it now.

T+2.45: The body high got stronger and stronger, and simultaneously the nausea. I had to lay down on the couch. Laying there was very relaxing. I moved my arms and legs and touched my hair and skin, which were very pleasant sensations. My hands were cold, but I felt warm.

T+3.00: We decided to play some table football. Normally, he plays way better than me. But very surprisingly, I also played quite well. I was very calm when focusing on the game, and it was alot of fun.

T+3.30: I wanted to be home at 4am, so we called a taxi which should take about 15 minutes to reach the place. In the meantime, the nausea got stronger. Before the taxi arrived, I forced myself to vomit. It was the first time that I enjoyed the feeling of vomiting. After it, I felt great, and was prepared to go home. To this point, the experience was weaker as I expected. I could function quite normally, which was astonishing.

T+4.00: I was now at home, and decided to go to sleep. As soon as I was laying in my bed without any distraction, I realized how powerful the high was. It seemed like it came on in this moment, making all the happenings beforehand seem like an intro. I was astounded. I lay there in my bed. I was not sleeping, but I wasn't awake either. I was in a blissful, dreamy-state, and the body high felt like I am sinking deeper and deeper into a peaceful relaxation. I had visions with closed eyes. I saw colorful patterns, and from time to time, I had very visual memories appearing. It was really fun, for about two or three hours I was in that state, and it seems like I learned forgotten things about myself during that experience. I felt very wholesome and in self-love, it was a sexy feeling. Nonetheless, it was not exactly sleeping. I think it is called 'the nod'.

T+7.00: Finally, I could really sleep. I slept for 4 hours and woke up relaxed. The next day was very nice, I did not experience any hangover. I know this feeling now, and its a nice feeling.

I will strictly restrict my consumption of this substance in the future, as I can really see the dangers of this drug now.

Exp Year: 2019ExpID: 113357
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 27
Published: Jul 18, 2019Views: 5,761
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