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Feel Like I Never Want to Go Through That Again
DMT or Changa
by srdh
Citation:   srdh. "Feel Like I Never Want to Go Through That Again: An Experience with DMT or Changa (exp113376)". Jul 10, 2019.

  smoked Changa
DMT - A Bemuser's Guide
DMT Changa

“Don’t give in to astonishment” Terence McKenna

Needless to say my first time smoking DMT I did indeed give in to astonishment.
I did indeed give in to astonishment.
It was the early hours of the festival, camped out by the lower fire, myself, S, a local wizard and the illustrious F. F went first, having done it himself several times, his advice to me was simply “It’s Simpsons’ world.” With that ringing in my ears I toked hard on the pipe, someone holding the lighter close for me.

I found myself releasing my grip on the pipe and falling backwards softy, lying prostrate on the floor. Intricate patterns swirled before my eyes, laced multicoloured fractals, seemingly sewn within one another like hemmed mandala shirts; like all the centres of a flower spinning at once in beautiful kaledoscopey. I pass through this realm and enter a new space, at this point I have entirely forgotten I had smoked DMT or even heard about DMT, forgotten F, forgotten S - the local wizard. Forgotten everything about the regular realm. I seem to be zooming down a tunnel, all around me I can hear chattering and laughing voices commenting on my astonishment and gently mocking, laughing at me at how they have totally caught me off guard. I hear phrases like “Oh he thought he knew what was going on – but he didn’t!” thrown around beside me.

In utter awe I slowly grasp that people live here in this weird, weird space, not just any people but the type McKenna himself described, the actual “Machine Elves”.

The word I reach for is “sprite” maybe, yet it’s pretty much the same sort of thing. These sprites seem to be all around me, good humoured but there is deffo a dark humour at play. I feel like all the jokes are at my expense, that I am there object of fun, the astounded visitor intruding on their home realm.

The sprites themselves are impossible for me to describe, it’s like they appeared kind of in the corners of my eye, like there were more than one deffo, weirdly though in retrospect they reminded me a little bit of F, though that may because he was the last person I spoke to before the trip which gave me a bit of a mental imprint.

All around me are unfamiliar visuals, everything I try to get a purchase on visually is revealed to be something that it isn’t, like a landscape made out of jokes or trickery. Everything is brightly coloured and feel likes it is Lego like flux, changing and rearranging. For some reason when I recall it now I have a vision of a lollypop man sort of standing in a child’s painting of a landscape or something, all around voices laughing and saying snatches like “well if you look at it that way it’s actually like that!”

I get another sense that I have returned to somewhere very, very familiar, some place I have been many, many times, I start to wonder if this is where I always live, but a nagging memory is in my mind, don’t I actually live somewhere else? Sometimes when I am not here in this place? Do I have another name when I am not in this crazy shifting space? With great, great difficulty I recall that I am sometimes know as another name outside of this umbreaus realm.
With great, great difficulty I recall that I am sometimes know as another name outside of this umbreaus realm.
And I live in a different dimension. At this point I recall earlier I smoked something to propel me here and that is why all of this happened.

The trip appears to be ending, though it feels like it’s been going on forever. As I drift towards consciousness the sprites rearrange themselves into a familiar pattern – the first familiar thing I have seen since I have been here – forming themselves into the outlines of “The Simpsons” themselves just like F had said earlier. A neon colourised Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie form there heads and bodies into words, spelling out the name of the show, it’s utterly surreal and hilarious, a kind of final joke on me about what my expectations were like of the trip.

Next thing I know I am back lying on the earth, staring upward into a kaleidoscopic sky, the clouds rearranged into a mandala, it is the most achingly beautiful moment. I am laughing and crying, flat out but wiggling slightly with anticipation, shock and joy all at once. I can’t believe what happened, I feel like I have been beyond the curtain and found it even stranger than one could imagine. The trees beneath the sky are in fractal forms, the faces of F and S seem to be in absolute high definition. On the floor I feel in contentment. Visual slowly return to normal except for the sky breaking out into a rose tinted sunrise. Everything is beautiful and strange. I wonder why the sky is still like it is, is it like that forever now? Is that its true form? I feel like I never, never want to go through that again. I feel like I will never need to do anything again, nothing could beat that, acid, festivals - I’ve hit a peak and am exhausted. DMT is the strangest thing that ever happened to anyone ever.

Exp Year: 2019ExpID: 113376
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 32
Published: Jul 10, 2019Views: 2,066
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Changa (816) : Festival / Lg. Crowd (24), Entities / Beings (37), What Was in That? (26), First Times (2)

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