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Heavenly Hell
Citation:   SoupTime. "Heavenly Hell: An Experience with LSD (exp113377)". Erowid.org. Jul 17, 2019. erowid.org/exp/113377

2 hits sublingual LSD  
    vaporized Nicotine  
    vaporized Caffeine (liquid)
2*125ug tabs

Me and my sober trip sitter friend had planned this trip for quite a while. My mindset was in a good place and I was doing it in my trip sitters room. We ended up doing it one day earlier than planned.

7:00 We wake up, relax, do some pre trip preparations like getting water and some food up to the room. We opened the curtains so I could see the trees and clouds outside easily and got the headphones with the music prepared. I listened to a playlist on spotify called psilocybin for depression, which was made for trips like these. We also drew up the time graph so I could easily see how high I was.

8:00 I ingested the tabs. I put them under my tongue for 15 minutes and then swallowed them with some water. The first effects started to come about 15 minutes after I swallowed the tabs when I started to see faces on stuff that I looked at and everything had a slight hazy purplish contrast. Time was already moving incredibly slowly. Everything just seemed super comical and it was very easy to laugh. Then I looked up at the ceiling and it seemed to be warping a lot. My friend told me to relax and just go with it, so I did.

Some time around 9:00 I had my first real kinda vision. There was a lot of green light, knives and razor blades constantly chopping at my throat. I reached out for my friend and he grabbed my hand and everything seemed to go a bit better. But the knives and razor blades never stopped. When the song I was listening to ended (canít remember which song it was), it felt as if I had needles running through my veins on my jaws
it felt as if I had needles running through my veins on my jaws
, and when I looked down at my arms and legs they were literally withering away in front of me, like I was getting old. It looked like I had some big mark branded in on my left arm but I was never able to see what it was. My friend helped me over to the chair at the window and I looked up at the clouds. They were rapidly morphing, but I could clearly see a dragon holding some kind of symbol in its teeth but I couldn't make out what the sign looked like. I looked down at the table and saw a Rubik's cube. At this point it felt as if my whole life was that Rubik's cube, and I needed to solve it. Every algorithm hurt like knives and needles on my throat, but when I was done, nothing happened. I seemed to see faces inside the cube itself, but I didnít know whoís face it was, or if it even was a face.

10:00 It felt as if I had been through an eternity, if not several eternities. I had more visions, but I do not recall exactly what happened in them, just that there were a lot of knives and needles and razor blades. At one point there were a lot of razor blades chopping down at a tube that I took to be my throat. A voice said ďjust go with itĒ and everything that existed got sucked into a kind of black hole and I woke up. My friend next to me was bubbling and transforming into a lot of things, but I remember clearly holding his hand as he turned into the devil himself. I squeezed his hand to try and get the devil out of him, I squeezed as hard as I could, but in the end I gave up and fell down again. It felt like the whole room was melting, and I saw as plastic started to melt and drops of plastic started to fall off a box in the room. Then I lay down and let everything embrace me again.

11:00 or 12:00, I donít remember exactly, is when the spiders and snakes started to come into play. My skin was crawling with tiny spiders that bit open my skin, crawled out, and made a new skin for me and crawled inside again. At this point according to my friend I was vigorously shaking and looking terrified. I was terrified, but I had no idea I was shaking. I was in this state for about 30 minutes. My friend fell asleep for a bit, and afterwards he was still holding my hand as I was shaking. At one point I asked for a break and paused the music as I needed to go to the toilet. I had an intense fear for a little while that something was in the bathtub, and when I looked in the mirror and I could see inside myself as I melted away.

On the comedown at maybe 13:00 or so we had to go over to my house to take my dogs for a walk. We walked downstairs but it was hard as the very ground was shaking vigorously, like it was breathing heavily. Well outside the shaking and such seemed to calm down. I took my electric scooter and my friend walked and we went slowly towards my house. To start with I had this horror type contrast, and a crippling fear that someone was behind us, but once we walked onto a path that goes through the trees that fear dissapeared. Now I was communicating with the trees along the path. They all had something to say, some were old, some young, some had scars on them and they all had many faces. Some were happy to see me, some wanted me to go away. Some just wanted to leave themselves but they were stuck in a bad area. Some were dead and very quiet, some were unwilling to speak but I could sense what they felt. The trees seemed very interested in me and I was interested in them, but I did not ask them any questions.
The trees seemed very interested in me and I was interested in them, but I did not ask them any questions.
At one point I was inside a root that was close to the path, but when I tried to get out of it, I couldnít. During the whole walk, I felt as if I was some super intelligent being, and my friend was just a mere mortal who had no power whatsoever.

When we arrived home to me, we quickly realized that we didnít have a key to get into the house. I went around the back to see if a door was open, and around the back everything seemed dead and decayed. Flies everywhere and dog shit lying all over the gravel. There was no way in, and I could sense that my dogs were close to me. So we decided that we would walk back, along the same path so I could talk to the trees again. But on the way back the trees werenít as talkative, and I realized that I was kinda having intense visions of knives and needles as I was walking. I was vaping as well on the way and I could see faces in the vapor, but they dissapeared so quickly that I couldnít examine them.

We found a comfortable looking bench and we sat down, and my friend asked me what I felt about eating meat. I said that I didnít know. He then said what about the animals, and I felt every insect, every plant and tree, everything was alive, and I almost started crying and answered I donít know again. Off in the distance, the clouds looked like the clouds from the intro in the Simpsons and this made me feel slightly happier. We continued walking and we came to a playground, and we sat on the swings and I closed my eyes. More knives, needles, spiders and snakes, everywhere, everything. I put on the same playlist with my headphones and we started to walk. It felt as if I was being told to go somewhere. There were signs on the road and in the grass that led me to a specific place, but right before I got to it, my friend told me to follow him and go a different way. I still had knives and needles on my throat as we walked. We came to a small playground and we sat on one of those double spring swings and I closed my eyes, but I couldnít really get into it. I got a glimpse but I felt like I needed a more relaxed area. So I told my friend that I wanted to lie down and he showed me some areas where we could go but I felt as if they were to open, and people would see us. I took him to a bird nest swing that was close by and I lay down with my music next to him and closed my eyes. So many needles, knives, spiders, snakes, spiders turning into razor blades and cutting me open and I couldnít do anything about it. The tree in front of the swing was communicating with me throughout but I didnít understand it, and the clouds were shaping Egyptian type figures.

When I woke up again I felt as if I had been there for about 2 minutes or so, but I had been shaking for almost 30 minutes. After this we went shopping for food cause we were super hungry. We ended up buying a big sausage and 2 energy drinks. We went and sat on a bench close by and started drinking the energy drinks. I had an urge to talk to somebody else that wasnít my friend so we texted another friend and it was relatively pleasant, however the energy drink going down my throat felt like needles so it kinda ruined it.

We continued walking home towards my friends house and everything was slightly brighter now. When we walked in, we went up to his room as to not disturb his family who were downstairs. We watched kung fu panda and I was continuing to have mad CEVs while watching it. It mustíve been about 15:00 at this point and the needles were not going away. After a little while we went downstairs and started playing smash on his Nintendo switch. I got mauled twice in a row, and I felt as if he could predict every single one of my moves which was very strange. After 2 games we watched an episode of family guy, but it just made me feel super uncomfortable, to the point where the cushion I was leaning against felt like needles to my head. We ate some noodles and watched Arrested Development instead which was way better. After probably an hour of watching, my friend started making dinner for me and his family. He was using the sausage we had bought and it made me feel great that we could finally eat it. After dinner I sat down on the sofa again and played on my phone, while still having needles on my head from the pillow.

At maybe 19:00 or somewhere around that I had to go home again, but I was still knee deep in the experience. I scootered and my friend cycled home with me. The ground was still shifting so it was still kinda hard to travel straight. When I got home my friend left to go home and I was alone with my unknowing family. I said hi to my family and then I went downstairs to my room to try and relax, but it did not even slightly work. I went outside for a walk to communicate with the trees again and it was pretty relaxing just to walk around the bushes. When I got back inside there was still no way for me to calm down, so I had to go outside again. This time I took my dog with me and I went over to a big rock in the middle of an open field next to a relatively friendly tree. I sat there next to my dog and closed my eyes but I couldnít relax. Some guys were smoking weed about 20 meters away from me so that didnít help me whatsoever. I walked back home with my dog with a slightly scared feeling.

When I got home at about 23:00 (T+15h) I laid down on my bed and turned on the music and ended up having another 4 rounds of visions with a lot of knives and needles but no spiders this time. There was a tree that tried to help get rid of the knives and needles but it couldnít help me, so in the end I couldnít get rid of them. After those 4 rounds I couldnít stand it anymore so I watched about 4 episodes of Arrested Development and then I fell asleep, even though my pillow felt like needles.

The next morning I felt pretty positive but I couldnít figure out if it was a good or bad trip. Thinking over it now a little later it probably was a bad trip. Shaking, being constantly terrified, needles and knives and spiders and snakes, and no resolution. Iím not entirely sure what I should do now, but I guess I'll find out in due time.

Exp Year: 2019ExpID: 113377
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 16
Published: Jul 17, 2019Views: 765
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LSD (2) : Entities / Beings (37), Bad Trips (6), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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