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Inner Light
by DviNe trAgedy
Citation:   DviNe trAgedy. "Inner Light: An Experience with 2C-I (exp113443)". Oct 14, 2020.

3 bumps oral 2C-I (powder / crystals)


For me, the year of 2012 was a year of multiversal exploration. A friend had been ordering massive amounts of research chemicals for at least a month before we ingested 2C-I so itís safe to say that we were already using a lot more of the mind than the physical brain was meant to forcefully handle. With great appreciation for the potency of some of these chemicals and lack of mg. scales we decided that with 2C-I, we were going to start small. Itís better to under do it than to overdo it.

Shortly before the sun began to set, we orally ingested about a match head sized amount of powder and went for a short stroll. Enough time and daylight had passed to convince us that the dose was too small and to do the same amount once more... and so our journey began. The second dose kicked in with immense strength and speed as if enlightenment were a projectile that could be constructed, loaded and fired with one swift and simple gesture. We found ourselves sitting on the floor across the room from one another in total darkness attempting to process the moments that had led up to that point so we would have an accurate assessment of the drug for future reference and usage when he asked where all the light was coming from. My reply was "you"... "Weíre the light". The luminescence allowed us to see each other clearly, eight feet apart and in a room that was altered to purposefully void any light. The beginning of our journey, little did we know, was still in its infancy.

Roughly six hours had passed during our dark room study before he reminded me that he had to go to work soon. This notion really made me feel for his dilemma, being that he drove a bulldozer and at that point didn't have sight for the physical world that we create the illusion of, only vision for the molecular truth that lays beneath it. The sunrise gave him a level that differed from mine. He was looking towards his next experience whereas I had no idea how my day was going to unfold. I decided that I wasn't going to stay at his house alone so with the understanding of separate departure, we dosed a third time.

This time the dose was the size of both previous doses. It was about to hit the cosmic fan. With the clock approaching seven a.m. and a dose that hadnít yet taken effect, he was off to his dozer and I was off to see my dog at my ex's house three or four blocks away. That didn't last long. Several factors played a role in my short-lived visit. Dead silence, fear of waking people, a wall of mirrors and disapproving thoughts from my dog chalked up about fifteen minutes. Six or eight blocks from there lived the closest thing I've ever had to a brother, so with the need for his quantum mentality and hope that he was awake, I decided it was time to play. By the time I arrived all three doses were working together with the first dose pushing the second and the first and second doses pushing the exponentially larger third like ripples in a pond growing larger with each new wave.

A feeling of great relief washed over me as he greeted me at the door. I explained my mental state as he continued whatever it was that he was doing on the computer. In the midst of my tale, things got loud. I started hearing voices from all over the house. It was notifying him of this and him reassuring me that we were the only ones there that gave him an idea of my mental tuning. My awareness of to whom the voices belonged led me to realize that I was hearing what I refer to as echoes. It was around that time that he attempted to push me further via auditory and visual stimuli. When he realized grotesque visuals didn't budge me due to them being based in flesh and not on my level, he switched to audio. Nine Inch Nails Ė Satellite, a perfect song to go along with the voices and now emerging shadows. Amazingly, I was in a state of total enlightenment and peace during what anyone else would have perceived as chaos, madness and schizophrenia. A couple hours had passed when I called a friend for a ride to my parentís house. It was imperative that I saw my mother to tell her I loved her. My plan was to stay there, come down and give my wide open eye some rest. My eye had other plans! It was going to see much more. I was processing data beyond what words can describe.

On the way see my mother, I found myself frustrated at the inability to describe the magnitude of my awareness to my friend who was driving. At one point he mentioned something about God to which I kindly replied, "I mean no disrespect whatsoever but you have no idea". For a man in his early seventies and who was a devout Catholic he absolutely loved my intelligence and way of explaining the conclusions I had reached through any course of study, so he took no offense. I apologized for not being able to explain the things I knew but assured him that I could see so clearly that it was as if I were "riding shotgun with God". Throughout the thirty-minute trip, all he could be certain of was my serene state and how at peace I was.

The first thing I did when I walked through my parentís door was hug my mother and tell her I loved her. I felt very "Christ like ". With the assumption that this was soon to end, I sat with my parents and watched Jeopardy. My assumption was flawed. I ended up REALY watching Jeopardy. The words in the categories appeared multi layered and not yet condensed to the single images that we see in the finished product of the digital projection process. I was able to see far beneath the surface. The last thing I remember noticing that moved me was while I was sitting on their front porch simply to observe and watch the world go by. That thing was energy itself. I sat and watched electricity flow through the power lines for quite some time and knowing all the while exactly what I was witnessing. I don't remember enough after that to give a detailed account other than the math I had done before falling asleep. 36! Thirty six hours that would help shape my future in ways that to this day are still being discovered.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 113443
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 30 
Published: Oct 14, 2020Views: 326
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2C-I (172) : General (1), Unknown Context (20)

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