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Citation:   yardbird. "Interrobang: An Experience with 3-MeO-PCE (exp113457)". Aug 30, 2019.

15 mg insufflated 3-MEO-PCE (powder / crystals)


I've been investigating dissociatives recently and after doing some reading, I thought 3­MeO­PCE looked like a promising candidate. There seems to be some consensus that both 3­MeO­PCE and 3­MeO­PCP are special members of their class, with glowing recommendations from many people in their respective Big & Dandies. What most piqued my interest was the comparisons made between these two and the classical psychedelics, with some people even comparing its mental component to heavyweights like LSD and mescaline. Given that both of the 3­methoxylated variants carry some risk of mania and psychosis, I opted for the PCE version because it seemed less edgy and more forgiving.

The setting was pretty laid back. A few friends over listening to records, some people had taken LSD. I'm a novice with regard to dissociatives, and call me histrionic if you want but "PCP analogue" puts some butterflies in my stomach. I started low and titrated slow.
I started low and titrated slow.
15mg of the matte white powder was split into 3 tiny bumps, and a few flakes were scratched off for a preliminary allergy test. I snorted the allergy test and set a timer for 45 minutes. By the time the timer rang I was definitely feeling something, even though it was probably only a milligram or two. I decided it was probably ok to proceed and I snorted one of the 5 milligram piles. The bump produced a relatively immediate registration, but the full force didn't hit until 45 minutes later and it hit all at once rather than slowly building over that time. I expected this delayed action from my reading about the substance, but it was still a little strange to experience.

I snorted all 15 milligrams over the course of a couple of hours. Each bump would kick in and I'd think "I can probably handle a little more". The content of the experience is very hard to explain. While I was on the drug I kept expressing how I had no idea how to describe it. It was not at all "classically psychedelic" for me. There were very few visual effects, and these were relegated to minor color enhancement and maybe some size distortion but nothing drastic. Textures were a little bit more sensual. Mentally I noticed a shade of ketamine's power to conflate concepts, but this was very minor and infrequent. For instance, at one point I looked at a painting of some flowers and out of nowhere this strongly evoked the image/concept of a subway train. This sort of wire crossing was pretty much the full extent of the mental component. My thought processes were otherwise relatively unaltered. Sometimes my head felt completely empty and no thoughts came. Not in a Zen way either. It was frustrating.

There were times where I felt something very powerful. I would feel absolutely obliterated by the force of the drug, but I had no idea why. Nothing much of note was happening, but there was just this pervasive sense of intensity. At other points I felt completely sober. It was subtle and tricky in this way. Sometimes I felt kind of stoned. Coordination was shot and walking was difficult. Laughter came easily, but I didn't feel particularly social. My body felt heavy but there was also a strong dopaminergic component. I could feel a spike of energy pushing through me, but the body heaviness seemed to counter this in a frustrating way. When I would try to express my state it would always end up sounding completely ridiculous. "I feel like a bullet", "it's kind of like a sea breeze" or perhaps the most confusing "I feel either sweaty, or depressed, but not both and I'm not sure which".
And that was pretty much it. This state persisted for maybe 6 hours. I didn't know what to make of it then and I still don't. At no point did I feel detached from my body or anything else that would constitute "dissociation" as I understand it. It felt more like a stimulant than anything, with the added effect of skipping between totally ineffable mindfuck and near sobriety.
It felt more like a stimulant than anything, with the added effect of skipping between totally ineffable mindfuck and near sobriety.
By the time the experience ended I was happy it did. It did not fit the setting at all, and towards the tail end it got more and more dysphoric. I went to bed pretty sure I wouldn't be making use of the rest of my sample.

The most interesting thing has been the effects today. I woke up feeling very anxious and frustrated for no good reason. I was indecisive about how to spend the day and every decision seemed weightier than normal. I settled on making some food, so we drove to the grocery store to pick up some items. As soon as I started driving the anxiety was replaced by a powerful wellspring of energy. Once I had a task to focus on I felt like a machine. I drove the car like it was a fighter jet. I darted throughout the extremely crowded grocery store, calculating the most efficient path to the items I needed and delegating tasks to Molly when I saw opportunities for optimization. I prepared the meal quickly and precisely. When I sat down after completing my tasks I felt the anxiety return, so I started writing this report. It seems like as long as I'm doing something I feel alright, but when my hands are idle I feel overwhelmed. Accomplishing the tasks isn't particularly pleasurable either ­ I feel slightly anhedonic in fact. I suppose this is some shade of the hypomania I've read about. It doesn't feel anti­depressive like the ketamine afterglow, nor is it particularly creative, but I guess I got some stuff done at least.

If I give this stuff another shot I will probably drop 15mg in one go, orally, and in a more secluded setting. While I didn't particularly enjoy the primary effects, the afterburner has been interesting. I've heard this has a learning curve so I feel remiss to hang it up after one trial. However, if I'm being honest I suspect that maybe this one just isn't for me.

Exp Year: 2017ExpID: 113457
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 26 
Published: Aug 30, 2019Views: 2,584
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