A Convenient and Lovely Lysergamide
Citation:   Inapsine. "A Convenient and Lovely Lysergamide: An Experience with MiPLA (exp113462)". Erowid.org. Aug 23, 2019. erowid.org/exp/113462

T+ 0:00
100 ug sublingual MIPLA (blotter / tab)
  T+ 0:45 100 ug sublingual MIPLA (blotter / tab)
  T+ 3:00 1 smoked Tobacco - Cigarettes  
July 27th, 2019 : 1st trial of MiPLA (200ug), bought from a reputable canadian vendor.

I recently tried MiPLA for the first time. The reviews and anecdotic reports on this molecule were sparse, but all positive; saying it was a lighter, milder type of "acid". Since thereís not a lot of report online about this substance, I figured I should take a few notes and make a trip report
I figured I should take a few notes and make a trip report
to share my experience with fellow psychonauts and curious minds.

Background : Iím a (male) college student in my early twenties and I live in Quebec city, Canada. I have consumed my fair share of all the ďclassicĒ drugs (weed, molly, etc.) and tripped multiple times on LSD, 1P-LSD and AL-LAD on doses ranging from microdoses to 350ug. MiPLA was the next LSD analog on my to-do list, and I had been waiting for an occasion to try it out since a long time.

Setting : At the time of the experience, there was an exhibition on Joan Mirů at the Museum of Fine Arts of my city (called the ďMNBAQĒ). The new wing of this museum, by itself, is an architectural wonder, and the idea of going to this museum while on acid (or any psychedelic, really) was on my mind since this new pavilion opened. A friend of mine had planned to go to the Mirů exhibition on LSD with his girlfriend that weekend, so I figured it would be the perfect occasion for me to both try MiPLA and visit this museum while on ďacidĒ (albeit a much lighter kind) with my friends. Whatís more, the short duration of MiPLA was something pretty appealing because the exhibition isnít very long and my plan was just to visit the museum while ďon the influenceĒ, not to trip balls all day.

12:45 (T+0:00)
The 200ug tab of MiPLA is off-white (a bit like old paper) with no markings. I cut the tab in half and put one half under my tongue. Absolutely tasteless and no numbness. I want to start with 100ug to see what the effects will be like and compare after I take the second half. I plan on taking the second half in thirty minutes, at 13:15. I put my music on, get in the city bus and head to the museum.

13:10 (T+0:25)
I enter the exhibition. Iím a bit annoyed by the noise and the conversations of people around me, so I decide to put my earphones back in my ears. Music sounds better. There seems to be some color enhancement, but itís not that obvious because, well, Iím in a museum, and the pieces of art are meant to be colorful and visually pleasing. I feel a slight mood lift and feel a bit more alert. I focus on the paintings better, I can stare at them for a long time (having my music also helps).

13:30 (T+0:45)
I was too focused on the paintings and my music, I forgot to take my other half at 13:15. I donít think this delay will change anything in the end. I put the second half of the tab under my tongue.

13:50 (T+1:05)
I feel giggly, Iím smiling. I force myself not to laugh, but sometimes I let a little laugh out. I have funny and creative thoughts associations. I imagine stupid stuff when I read the descriptions written on the wall and all I want to do is laugh. For example, while I read things like :

ďThe rich iconography includes inhabitants of the terrestrial world, but also elements from more aerial realmsĒ or,
ďDense, compact figures seem to emerge directly out of the canvas, like elemental beings looming up from the depths of the subconsciousĒ,

I ask myself : What the hell do they mean by ďmore aerial realmsĒ? Clouds? Satellites? UFOs? Apache helicopters? Or I think : maybe all that is written here is only meant to look deep, complex, highbrow and sophisticated, while in reality the makers of the exhibition wrote bullsh*t everywhere on purpose and chuckle themselves thinking about all the ďpeasantsĒ that come to the exhibition. Again, I must contain my laughter.

My flow of thoughts is going a bit faster and Iím having plenty of thoughts like that whenever I read things or look at paintings. But aside from those humorous thoughts, I also have cool insights and philosophical thoughts (albeit not very deep). I realize that none of the paintings have a name, so I think : ďNone of the paintings have a title, therefore Iím free to see what I want in them.Ē Woah. All of the paintings were abstract, but I feel like Iím always able to see plenty of concrete things in them (faces, bodies etc.) and feel them. I appreciate art a lot more in this state.

14:00 (T+1:15)
I have an awesome body high. I feel an inflation in my chest, a tingling in my solar plexus. Every time I take an inspiration I get a pleasurable feeling. I begin to take deep breaths and moan silently in pleasure.

14:10 (T+1:25)
The body high is still there. I always feel like running my tongue over my lips and rubbing my arms or my body. I really enjoy the feeling of my legs lightly brushing each other whenever I take a step, it feels like feathers. I move around on purpose to repeat this brief, pleasant contact. I also move around more because I have more energy and donít feel like standing still at the same place for minutes at a time. Tactile sensations are definitely enhanced. I think the tactile enhancement I feel now is comparable to that of MDMA, I really enjoy it. I have some erotic thoughts. Some people walk in front of me and I notice faint tracers. I wave my hands in the air and pay attention to their movements to confirm if I can really perceive tracers. I confirm, but itís subtle.

14:40 (T+1:55)
I join my two friends Nicolas and Lily (names changed) at the 2nd floor of the museum, where thereís the contemporary art exhibition. They texted me five minutes ago to tell me they were there. Theyíre both on acid (real LSD, not MiPLA). When I get to them, I burst out laughing and tell them that I had been waiting for that since an hour. Iím so happy and giggly. Weíre almost the only ones there, thankfully. My friends want to see the exhibition on this floor. I had already seen it, but it was fun revisiting it while on MiPLA.

I wouldnít say thereís no headspace, but I have to admit that itís really mild. It really reminds me the headspace of AL-LAD, but itís less deep and less introspective.
It really reminds me the headspace of AL-LAD, but itís less deep and less introspective.
As for the visual effects : vision is sharper and slightly brighter, colors are crisper; I notice a bit of breathing and thereís some pattern recognition going on, but I have to pay (close) attention, it doesnít jump me in the face. Letters calmly float if I stare at a text long enough (at least a few seconds), but I can still easily read or type on my phone. I can faintly see faces and bodies in paint splatters or on melted plastic, for example. I donít see any geometry or Aztec-like patterns. I donít think I will get higher than that, I think Iíve reached the plateau.

15:00 (T+2:15)
I was right, I plateaued. At that point, the little headspace I have feels more like a vibe. Itís more than just ďmanageableĒ, itís a ďnew normalĒ, a better normal : my mood and my thought pattern have changed (in a positive way), but it feels natural.

15:30 (T+2:45)
We go back to the Mirů exhibition, because my friends hadnít seen it yet. Now that Iím at my peak, I can compare with how I felt when I first came here. Colors are definitely more crisp. My thought pattern is a lot less distracting than earlier, probably because Iím simply used to it, whereas the last time I was here the effects were slowly escalating.

15:45 (T+3:00)
Iím tired of being inside. I feel like going out for a smoke. I leave the museum and go smoke a cigarette on a bench close to the entrance. The weather is wonderful, itís sunny and the temperature is 30įC (86įF). The cars passing by are shiny and glowing. The bark of the trees looks amazing, popping with greens and yellows. Thereís lots of people outside and everyone seems happy, because itís such a beautiful day. I feel at ease, Iím having a moment. My cigarette is a lot less satisfying than when Iím on molly, however. All I think about is eating ice cream or frozen yogurt.

17h00 (T+4:15)
I yawn. Iím hungry. Iím close to baseline. No visuals. Regular state of mind, apart from a small mood lift and a weak stimulation.

18h00 (T+5:15)
The museum closes, we leave. I feel totally sober. No significant residual stimulation.

Conclusion : If AL-LAD is the little brother of LSD, then I would say that MiPLA is the son of AL-LAD. If LSD is a teacher that is severe and demanding, but that gives memorable and thoughtful lectures, then MiPLA is the young, cool, newly hired lecturer that teaches an easy-A optional class and drinks with students on week-ends. I consider this analog more like a party drug, and I think it has a lot of potential for that purpose. In my opinion, MiPLA belongs to the category of drugs that I can safely take on a whim, just to have fun or spice up my day (or evening); which is NOT the case with the other lysergamides or shrooms. MiPLA isnít dark, unsettling nor deep; itís bubbly, funny, merry and uplifting. Its headspace is welcoming and easily manageable. I can feel like a kid without any ego dissolution. Itís a fail-proof drug. Iím confident MiPLA would pair very well with MDMA; itís a combo that Iím eager to try. As for cannabis, I wonder how synergistic it would beÖ Weed can be surprising. I would proceed with caution with this combo.

Dosage : I would say MiPLA is about 4 times weaker than LSD. 100ug is the threshold. 200ug is a standard dose. Itís fail-proof dose, ideal to party. At 400ug, I would probably have a proper trip, but I could just take a 100ug tab of LSD instead. I wouldnít bother going over 400ug.

Duration : 5 hours, maximum, with no residual side effects. This can be really useful.

Exp Year: 2019ExpID: 113462
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Aug 23, 2019Views: 3,099
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