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Pattern Grid World
AMT & Cannabis
Citation:   Tea Drizzle. "Pattern Grid World: An Experience with AMT & Cannabis (exp113472)". Sep 3, 2019.

62 mg oral AMT (powder / crystals)
    oral Ginger (ground / crushed)
    smoked Cannabis  
At around 11:30am, my friend (J) and I each take 62mgs each of AMT, bombed in a rolling paper. We also consume a small amount of ground ginger, to help alleviate any potential nausea. We had planned to wander around the city centre for a couple of hours as we wait for the effects of the drug to manifest. We are both in high spirits and J is especially excited as this will be his first psychedelic experience. After downing our bombs, we both head off into the the centre of town to kill some time before our trip begins.

The effects first manifest around forty minutes later
The effects first manifest around forty minutes later
as we walk through a park in which a christian rock group are playing. A definite body high becomes apparent, walking feels floaty and comes with great ease yet there is also a distinct amphetamine rush. Both J and I find ourselves feeling stimulated and full of nervous energy. Moving feels far more comfortable than sitting down at this point.

As time moves on, feelings of euphoria start to become apparent and we remark on the similarity of the high so far to MDMA. I encounter an acquaintance and tell her we have both taken AMT, by this point is increasingly apparent we are "on" something. Hoping to kickstart the more psychedelic aspects of the drug, we roll a joint (a seemingly herculean task, owing to the dyspraxia J and I both suffer from as well as decreased motor skills from the effects of the AMT) and smoke it under a tree in a park. This definitely marks the beginning of the psychedelia. A feeling distinct from the MDMA-like empathetic euphoria becomes noticeable and we now realise that this experience is likely to be a lot stronger than we had anticipated. J heads into a newsagents to buy a packet of gum as we are both experiencing not uncomfortable but noticeable jaw clenching. As I wait for him, I notice subtle visual effects starting to take hold. Surroundings begin to warp and pulse and look somehow more real, almost as if in HD.

Around just over two hours from ingestion, we head back to the park and find a spot to sit in. We listen to a selection of chill psychedelic music on my ipod speaker and both talk animatedly about our shared interests as well as sharing seemingly profound observations about the world around us. I briefly see several acquaintances and excitedly beckon them over to see us. This seems like a great idea at the time but quickly becomes slightly awkward as they notice our saucer-like pupils and permanent grins. I feel compelled to apologise to them, offering the explanation that "we're just tripping really hard." They say goodbye and leave after this.

It is at this point that the visual effects of the AMT start to come on majorly. Perspective can be seemingly shifted at will and patterns become apparent in the sky. They seem both tribal and digital, reminding me heavily of the Merriwether Post Pavillion cover art. J decides to explore the closed eye visuals of the trip. Covering his eyes with his hands, he exclaims "woooooah" and puts his hands down, an expression of amazement on his face. I try the same thing and am amazed by what I see. A maze of incredibly intricate patterns unfolds before my eyes. The maze quickly changes to a corridor and then once again to an aerial view of a forest. It is safe to say that J and I are both tripping pretty hard right now. We listen to Flying Lotus's Pattern + Grid World EP and are struck by its suitability for the situation. J remarks that "he must know" and we both agree that yeah, Flying Lotus does know.

It is around this point, however, that the trip starts to take a more sinister turn. A homeless polish man comes over to us asking for money. He looks terrifying, the visual effects of the AMT giving him a gnarled, caveman appearance. Out of a combination of empathy and fear we end up giving him large amounts of loose change. This incident triggers feelings of anxiety in both of us and we come to the conclusion that town is no longer the place to be. We stay tense and silent for the most part of the journey as we walk through the crowded streets. People's faces take on a devillish appearance and the sheer amount of things going on creates something of a sensory overload.
People's faces take on a devillish appearance and the sheer amount of things going on creates something of a sensory overload.
Buildings appear to swing and flow and roads and pavements appear curiously unstable. We decide to head to the common, a large open green space around two miles from the centre of town, as we reason it will be quiet and tranquil there. The combination of the frightening elements of the trip at this point and the sweltering heat have created a somewhat unpleasant, tense atmosphere. I try to take J's mind off of this by talking about unrelated, trivial matters and to an extent, it works.

However, once we arrive at the common, the trip changes completely. The cool, green enviroment is instantly soothing and we both feel an immense sense of wellbeing. All feelings of anxiety have lifted completely and we are both relieved that the trip has been saved. We make a conscious decision to keep off the tarmac paths and instead trek through the undergrowth. This is one of the most beautiful parts of the trip, the woodland resembling a prehistoric rainforest. I feel intensely shamanic and blissful and we wander around for what seems like hours, appreciating the beauty of the natural world. We find a place to sit down and resume listening to music and talking. I pull out a notepad and decide to make some notes on the experience. J remarks that the drug feels "futuristic yet natural" and I am inclined to agree. Throughout the trip, nature has been a reasurring, powerful presense yet there have also been "digital", synthetic aspects to the experience. We decide to call a friend (R) who lives locally and he says he will come and hang out with us.

On our way to our rendervouz point with R, J is amazed by a plastic bag which he perceives to be "frozen smoke." R arrives and decides we should smoke weed. Several joints are rolled and smoked as we chat to R about our experience as well as his day. A great feeling of contentness is felt. Shortly after smoking the weed, I experience some of the most beautiful visuals of the entire trip. Lying down under the canopy of trees, I unfocus my eyes and glimpse a shimmering mosaic of turtles swimming around a pond. For some reason, I find this incredible moving. Gazing over at a group of trees in the distance, I see their branches arrange themselves into nonsensical words and phrases. I am struck by the lucidity of these hallucinations (distortions?) and find that for me, the visual elements of oral AMT way surpass what I have heard about them.

R heads home for dinner, although he says we can come back to his any time we want. J and I sit quietly appreciating the visuals and occasionally share a few words on unexpectedly beautiful nature of the experience. It starts to get cold, so we head back. The weed has made us hungry and so we head to a shop to buy food. We then go back to R's and proceed to watch TV and eat food for a few hours. The faces of the politicans on Question Time look waxy and goblin-like and I am still experiencing some morphing and warping, but otherwise by this point the visuals have almost gone.

Sleep does not come easily but it is not impossible and I fall asleep around 3am. The next day we awake feeling a little tired but otherwise suffering from nothing that could be called a hangover whatsoever.

I've often heard AMT derided by others as not sufficiently "deep" or even psychedelic. I beg to differ and found this trip to be a full-blown psychedelic experience that was both insightful and recreational. 10/10!

Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 113472
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 17
Published: Sep 3, 2019Views: 1,195
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AMT (7) : Various (28), Nature / Outdoors (23), Glowing Experiences (4), Combinations (3), General (1)

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