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Not What 2000s Stoner Comedies Would Suggest
by PhillyPhreaky
Citation:   PhillyPhreaky. "Not What 2000s Stoner Comedies Would Suggest: An Experience with LSD (exp113482)". Aug 31, 2019.

T+ 0:00
0.33 hits oral LSD (blotter / tab)
  T+ 1:40 0.67 hits oral LSD (blotter / tab)
  T+ 2:00   smoked Tobacco - Cigarettes  


This was my first time taking LSD though I've smoked weed heavily for the past 6-7 years and very very briefly tried Vicodin and Adderall so I'm familiar with drugs.

Preparation: I lit two candles, turned on the Christmas lights I had strung up and wrote myself 3 notes. They said "Don't worry, (My name) it's just acid, enjoy", a note on my front door saying "(My name) please don't go outside, love you" and a longer note for if I freaked out. Lots of different foods and snacks to eat just in case. Different playlists for different moods. My roommate also gave me this kids toy, a bunch of rainbow ribbons attached to a spinner, and when you spun it it looked like a soap bubble with all these different reflections and shapes. Very glad to have had that.

4:45 PM: Took 1/3 of the tab, and texted my brother to let him know what I was doing just to make me feel safer.

5:40 PM: Began to feel the slightest euphoria. Nothing too strong but I found myself laughing at things harder, smiling a bit more, enjoying the music more, etc.
I found myself laughing at things harder, smiling a bit more, enjoying the music more, etc.

6:00 PM: Feelings hadn't really escalated any so I consider taking the other 2/3 of the tab but decide to give it another 30 minutes as I heard it could take 1-1.5 hours to kick in.

6:25: Even the slight euphoria had seemed to diminish so I figured 1/3 of the tab was too little for a real experience, take the other 2/3s.

6:45: Go outside to smoke a cigarette. I said I wasn't going to leave the building but I was still feeling 100% in control so I figured no harm, I'll head in if I feel it coming on.

7:15: Texting my brother and listening to various music, enjoying spinning the spinner when I notice my screen starting to look kinda funny. Various parts of the screen are ballooning up and deflating. Out of the corner of my eye I see little squiggily lines.

7:45: Talk to my roommate for a while, he had tripped a few times before. Tell him I'm surprised how subdued it is. It's like being high on marijuana kind of, only with minor visuals, plus I can go back and forth between high and sober mind. Realize why it's probably such a good creative drug. You can use the high side of your mind for ideas and inspiration, but you're still there enough to edit without loosing the flow or atmosphere that was inspiring you.

8:00: Decide that I'm fine to go outside as long as I don't wander out of sight of my house. Mostly sit down and watch the clouds as the sun began to set. The clouds brought out the strongest visual effects, I think because they naturally were moving which coupled with the visuals to give some more serious movement and distortion. Probably watched for a good 45 minutes just sitting on concrete steps with people passing. Played with the spinner toy more. This was the most euphoric part of my trip.

9:00: Begin to get more philosophical, have a nice long chat with my brother while listening to music. Going back and rereading the texts I sound very sober minus the themes of what I'm talking about. I had no problems writing the text or with misspelling or dumb ideas like weed an alcohol texts usually give me. I'm also full of energy. Between texts I just think mostly various thoughts. Also realize how crucial music is to moderating my mood. Had a few spots where I began to get paranoid or sad but I'd realize it was because I paused my music or the wrong song came on, and I'd change it and bam, back to happy.

10:30 PM: Realize at some point in the last 30 minutes or so the visuals had almost entirely gone away.

11:00 Decide to venture slightly further from my house. Walk out to the main street (very busy) and love seeing all the people going about their lives. Bum a light off a random person I pass and tell him I love him. I knew then it was corny but it just felt right. I felt open and so full of love I didn't care if it was corny. I see revelations in everything I think.
I see revelations in everything I think.
I crossed the main road two times and afterwards decided it was because I needed to see if I had the courage to cross the roads while on acid. Maybe subliminally it was why I did it.

11:30: Back to my house, began to get bad vibes from all the homeless and drug dealers in the streets. Their lives seem so sad and I feel helpless. One asks me if I know where to get heroin or meth so I go inside.

12:00 AM: Try to put on the Office but keep finding myself sidetracked by just thinking or else just content thinking.

1:00 AM: Finally put on The Office and lie in bed. Feel like I got everything I wanted out of the trip and more, but now it's time to stop thinking. No more words, they had become tiring. My brother went to sleep around 12:45 so I felt slightly alone in the world without anyone to talk to. I can tell it's mostly wearing off. Have slight paranoia that I'll be high forever because I feel sober, but different. Realize there is this voice in the back of my head. It's me, but not quite. It's a better version of me. He doesn't always give me the answers but he knows them. It's almost like my conscious. I wonder how the spinner works to make the beautifully colorful lights. In the back of my head he tells me how. When I google it he's right.

~2:00 AM: Fall asleep sometime around here.

Next day: Wake up after 9 hours of sleep. I feel very content but still exhausted.

Exp Year: 2019ExpID: 113482
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 23 
Published: Aug 31, 2019Views: 2,220
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LSD (2) : Personal Preparation (45), First Times (2), Alone (16)

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