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Soft Electricity
by 2cDelicious
Citation:   2cDelicious. "Soft Electricity: An Experience with 2C-D (exp113485)". Erowid.org. Sep 5, 2019. erowid.org/exp/113485

T+ 1:00
5 - 10 mg oral 2C-D
  T+ 1:00 45 - 55 mg oral 2C-D


Some context about me before going into the actual report is that I’m a young male, with experience with many psychedelics (including 2CB) and a number of stimulants. I’m experimental and enjoy surreal or intense experiences
I’m experimental and enjoy surreal or intense experiences
, albeit with limits of course.

I recently got my hands on 2CD, and decided to go for a test run to see what it’s all about, and know where and if I would want to take it in the future.

T 00:00 - I take a dose of about 8mg, intended as a test to see if I have any physical reactions or anything else to worry about.

T 00:30 – I was expecting some kind of mild “smart drug” feeling, or a slight change in colors, but notice nothing different from being sober. I feel fine physically.

T 01:00 – I still feel nothing different, and completely sober. I decide to take it up a notch; I have experience with 2CB and other more intense psychedelics, so I took a large step (and kind of a risk; I can’t really excuse my own behavior because in hindsight it was a little reckless and I can’t recommend this sudden dosage upping). I dosed around 50 mg more, by dissolving the powder in a glass of water. The taste was horrible and I flushed it down with another glass of water.

T 01:30 – At this point I am definitely starting to feel something, which is sadly coming hand in hand with strong nausea. The nausea feels like a milder version of the stomach discomfort I get from 2CB (Which I find hellish in large doses), and even though it is very noticeable, I don’t end up having to vomit. The nausea comes and goes in waves for about 40 minutes before slowly subsiding. My whole body suddenly starts to feel extremely cold, like I’m freezing (even though it was a hot summer evening) , and I get some mild shakes (although they were less severe then the shakes I get at the start of a 2CB trip) .

T 02:00 – During the whole come up I noticed two things; mentally, I felt very “out of it”, only loosely focusing, and even sedated. There were some moments of anxiety but nothing I couldn’t sit through with some distraction. Physically, I started experiencing this incredibly soft, warm electric feeling all throughout my body. The cold I felt earlier had been replaced by incredible warmth and comfort.
The cold I felt earlier had been replaced by incredible warmth and comfort.
It felt like pleasurable pins and needles, and at times it felt strange , as if I had to move, but if I just laid down and focused on it, it would become extremely euphoric at moments.

At this point, I still feel slightly out of touch with everything and nothing I do seems to be “it”, so I decide to masturbate, since my sexual experiences on 2CB have been amazing and this felt similar physically. In my opinion, this felt exactly the same as on 2CB; the increased physical pleasure, and the rush were great. The mental aspect was very different though, since on 2CB I could watch porn but on this substance porn just felt too surreal and unintentionally comedic, even though I wasn’t seeing any visuals.

That brings me to one of the most noticeable effects I experienced; Human faces looked very, very goofy. It wasn’t like there were visuals morphing them, and when inspecting a face I couldn’t find what exactly was wrong, but even people I would find looking like 10/10 perfection while sober looked... slightly ugly. I started looking at pictures of models and laughed and laughed at their faces; this brought me in a great mood and finally changed the whole vibe of my trip to a more positive note.

T 02:30 – I’m peaking like crazy, and even though I can think more or less “normally”, and there’s hardly any visuals besides some mild morphing of walls and shapes, I feel completely immersed in a psychedelic blanket. The feeling was very strong and almost overwhelming, ranging from euphoric to confused; the confusion usually leading to laughter which made me feel euphoric again.

A very strong aspect of this substance seems to be loosing focus, and being very easily distracted. I spent almost 40 minutes to “get water”, because I would abandon my mission halfway through every time and forget what I was doing. Finding objects in my room was also very hard, like spotting a glass of water on a crowded table. When I finally drank some water I was relieved to find my stomach had settled completely and I could drink what I want without any nausea.

I don’t know exactly how long this peak lasted, since I spent the whole time in my room either laying in bed or dancing around, while listening to techno music. Music didn’t have that deep, or gorgeous interstellar sound like it can have on LSD, or that complete immersion and flow it can have on 2CB, but it was incredibly interesting to listen too, and sounds (especially effects like reverb) sounded totally different, like nothing I’ve heard before. It reminded me a little of how music sounds on shrooms, with hints of it sounding goofy or mysterious, and very trippy and psychedelic. (Although music on mushrooms feels much more emotional, music on 2CD felt like a fun piece of art; interesting and satisfying, but not emotional or deep).

Physically, I was both stimulated and relaxed; I could find amazing warmth and comfort in laying down, and there was no “urge” or “push” to move or do anything; but once I started walking or dancing, movement felt effortless and I felt very light and tall. This comparison is very abstract, but I find that 2CB feels like cold electricity, blue and tight, and 2CD like warm electricity, flowing and soft.

Visually, I found myself having the bizarre experience of having moments of looking around like I was stone cold sober, with not even slight color enhancement, but once or twice every 30 minutes everything would suddenly morph and my whole field of vision became filled with flowing, drifting geography. It looked like there were energies surrounding shapes or objects or lights, and they were all connecting together as if my eyes were trying to make the room look more balanced, like a piece of art.
Mentally I had a few challenging moments of restlessness and anxiety, when thinking about myself or my self-image. I felt very insecure, which is something I also experience on 2CB, but this completely turned around and changed into an increase in self love (which is also a process I experience on 2CB).

T 03:20 – 9:00
The peak began to slowly subside from about this point on. I started thinking very deeply, and to my surprise I came to a lot of profound realizations; something I haven’t experienced on 2CB. Thinking felt very natural, and I was able to make myself laugh a lot by just analyzing things and coming up with solutions so easily.
I was able to make myself laugh a lot by just analyzing things and coming up with solutions so easily.
I became incredibly motivated to better my life, and started writing my thoughts down. I still have those thoughts and looking through them now, they were truly helpful and pretty insightful, and I wouldn’t have been able to articulate them that clearly while sober.

While coming down, I experienced a very brief lowering of mood for about 5 minutes, which then turned into a very uplifted, optimistic mood. I was filled with feelings of complete love and empathy for people, and was having conversations online and on my phone that filled me with joy. The feeling wasn’t as strong as on MDMA, but I felt it in the exact same strength as with 2CB. It’s hard to describe because I didn’t feel very excited, or happy about anything in particular. I also wasn’t really in the mood to do a lot, just lay back; but I felt totally uplifted and content.

Just about everything could make me laugh; I literally spent hours just being online and laughing at any joke, image or video. Normally reading comment sections could make me irritated at people, but I was constantly laughing at people’s witty jokes and relatability. This optimistic mood persisted for so long that I actually spent the whole night staying up, and chilling in my room.

Even long after the 2CD had worn off, I was still enjoying myself. I wouldn’t say I was still stimulated, or had insomnia; I didn’t even try to sleep because I just felt so joyful and content. Then somewhere in the morning I took a long nap, and woke up feeling fine, although a little tired and demotivated.

In conclusion I would rate this drug as the same level of intensity and euphoria as 2CB, although a little more soft, mysterious, warm and a lot less visual. It also felt more goofy and even though 2CB makes me laugh, this made me laugh like nothing ever has. The biggest advice I can give to someone that is going to try it is that if you’re feeling out of it, find something funny.

Laughing brought me into an amazing mood every time, and after a laughing fit I would feel optimistic. I am definitely going to try this drug in an outdoor, social or music setting, but probably in a slightly lower dosage. This dose felt a little overwhelming, especially during the come up.
This dose felt a little overwhelming, especially during the come up.
I think anything between 30 and 40 is probably the perfect dose (for me).

Also, despite its lack of visuals, don’t underestimate this drug! It’s insane and impossible to explain or imagine how immersed one can be in a trip without visuals. Don't be too brave like I was, and take it one step at a time.

Exp Year: 2019ExpID: 113485
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 20 
Published: Sep 5, 2019Views: 3,260
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2C-D (103) : Alone (16), Music Discussion (22), Glowing Experiences (4), First Times (2)

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