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Risky Business in General, Care Free for Now
Methamphetamine & Heroin
by generic pen name
Citation:   generic pen name. "Risky Business in General, Care Free for Now: An Experience with Methamphetamine & Heroin (exp113491)". Aug 18, 2020.

  insufflated Heroin (liquid)
    vaporized Methamphetamine (powder / crystals)


I would like to begin by providing a bit of my background in regards to getting down: throughout my adolescence, I experimented with chemicals pretty frequently while almost never abstaining from using cannabis. I really dont remember what true sobriety feels like
I really dont remember what true sobriety feels like
, this idea isnt alarming or anything, but I do dislike the conflict I put myself in because of it. I like being stoned more than I want to see what a clear head is all about. I'm sure I'm not alone.

Anyways, all throughout high school, despite eating shrooms and acid and buying keys of blow off the southsiders, my buddy Puff and I had an agreement. He told me that if he ever found out I was on H or meth he would come beat my ass, and that I was expected to do the same.

Life ended up taking me on a ride full of potentials and choices, and I ended up choosing to see what speed was all about. This chick seemed super chill before I knew she liked to get high, so the shit must not be too bad right?

I ended up leaving my apartment behind because my dope friend had beef with my roommate, landed at my dads pad and didnt stop tweakin out for like 1.5-2 years. Kept a job and shit but I sure was fuxked off. Moved to another state to follow family and stayed clean for over two years.

About 9 months ago, my parents started to go downtown and get some tar (this is very shortly after one kicked methadone using gabapentin ) and naturally I was concerned. They have a house and young kids, enough going for them to worry anyone who knew what was up. Theyve been going hard for a while now, my mom wasnt even into depressants before this year but takin a shot has become a weekly occurrence over here. Now, back to the report. I decided that if they were getting high than I shouldn't feel like I can't, so I did. When I began getting serious with my girl she made it clear that smoking meth was a huge no no, but after a while she agreed to let me score so she could observe what I explained to be "way less of a big deal than people think."

Now, like 6 months later, we get high together often and while I know it isnt exactly cool to (nearly) badfish someone, let alone someone you care about, I only decided to let her have some because of her drug history and proven responsibility. To me, as long as we set rules and follow them, there wont ever be a problem. We score less than a gram each time we go (sometimes each weekend, but mostly every couple weeks or longer) and limit our overnights to one. I feel as though keeping it this "strict" negates most of the need to worry about becoming a full time tweaker again.

But yeah, here we are tonight beginning a weekend that WAS going to be a sober one... a coworker was looking for a ride to Browntown to help with some extreme pain, so I figured we would get a bit too. I knew that I would regret not getting my DOC as well, crystal meth, so I copped some as well. I hit up my buddy who lives on the streets mainly selling spice/legal to the other street folk. Hes cool tho, one of those rare dope heads who still laughs and lives and all that. He walked me around the corner once I arrived in his cut and busted out a nice bit of ice, cut me off a fat 20 sack and had his girlfriend give me 6 $10 bags of H. I wanted two and my homie asked for 5, so I only ended up with one but I was only mildly bummed. Dropped dude at his house and drove home to prepare the feast. Grabbed an oil burner on the way, one of those ones used for quags cuz its quag or nada over here. Unfortunately my girl and I had no scale at the pad we are petsitting at, so I reluctantly pulled the 10 from the freezer and broke it down into similar sized balls. I was pretty certain that 100mg was the most I got, so I wasnt worried about hurting either of us via dosage.

I've yet to experience any drug intravenously so we just loop the heroin when we do it, which is very rarely. Probably every couple months. But ya, took it slow for the both of us, put a bit more than half back in the freezer as we were excited to test out the speed. When I loop black tar, I dont peak for 10 or 20 minutes. (looping is the term I was introduced to that describes the act of snorting tar heroin: cooking it in a spoon as it is -seemingly- only partially soluble in water, then snorting the water. It's not as easy as railing powders but it sure does the job.)

So here we are, having ingested maaaybe 30 mg of tar together. I take a bit more than my girl because she is tiny and I am not, lol. Once I get the liquid into its destination, I know what's up within seconds. Nice fuzzy feeling on my skin combined with warmth and a unique dizziness of the head that is pretty pleasant. As I continue to come up, I am slightly unimpressed but grateful that we chose to dose ourselves slowly.
As I continue to come up, I am slightly unimpressed but grateful that we chose to dose ourselves slowly.
My mind state is very tranquil compared to just a half hour earlier where I was too excited to get high to care about my attitude. I apologized to my girlfriend for being short with her, and since she was enjoying her bump she brushed it off.

Heroin is a pretty decent drug, and I only say decent because the side effects bring its average score down considerably. I mean, the risk of fatal OD and general dependency are strong; HOWEVER, this drug would be perfect if the withdrawals and all that weren't so bad. It's for this reason alone that my H use is almost non existent. Plus, it's more enjoyable when it's kinda new again. I never get used to that vinegar-y smell or the distinct half-burn I feel when it hits my nasal cavity. I enjoy its predictability in regards to come up time and all.

I began doing stuff after I feel the dope for real, though it wasnt intense or anything. Fed the dogs, checked on my plants, all that neat stuff. As I strolled the house I decided to prepare the bong for speed smokin but this proved to be a bit of a task as I was half smacked out.

With most of the brown in the freezer, waiting, I loaded the bubbler I made with a nice bowl of speed and gave her a rip. WOW. The dope was powdery and white ish so I wasnt expecting much out of it but boy did I forget about how wonderful a meth bong is. Immediately after taking a lung filling rip, the hair on my head and neck felt energized and I opened my eyes wide, like "damn!" My girl and I proceeded to smoke/vape/sublimate most of the sack and got pretty loaded. I enjoy this drug because it releases my mind from inhibition and takes my default response away from an emotionally driven place. This is great because it allows my girl and I to be completely honest with each other about any and every thing without fear of an emotional and defensive reception. The sex is great for me, and I think she likes it a bit better when we are loaded as well. I can avoid ejaculating for a while compared to being sober and I love it, I never doubt that my girl got off before I did when we get high.

Tonight we got to bounce ideas off one another and discuss the last week or so's events. I realized a lot after speaking with her and I'm glad. We are able to get a lot done while under the influence and dont argue or anything for a couple days so it's really a no big deal kind of situation.

As of now, 6 or 7 hours since our fun began, we are enjoying the last little bit of our tar combined with a semi salvageable speed high. I know these drugs arent the safest to mix, but we dont ever score or do enough to worry. Although, one time I snorted 60 or 70mg of tar and mildly od'd, though it was just uncomfortable and not at all worrisome. We put the bong up a few hours ago so that we have a pick me up for the morning.

I started this report while I was zoomin, now I'm reluctant to continue typing xD thanks for reading.

Oh yeah, PS, most drugs are mediocre and not worth fuckin with, so if my ranting makes others feel like it's no biggie to do these drugs just remember that. Eventually the luster wears off and it's just a real whatever kind of thing.

Exp Year: 2019ExpID: 113491
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 22 
Published: Aug 18, 2020Views: 2,404
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Methamphetamine (37), Heroin (27) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Relationships (44), Retrospective / Summary (11), Combinations (3)

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