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Pleasant Trip at the Park
by S
Citation:   S. "Pleasant Trip at the Park: An Experience with 25E-NBOH (exp113497)". Dec 6, 2019.

2 mg sublingual 25E-NBOH (blotter / tab)
Trip starts at 3:30PM when I take a tab of 25E-NBOH on the bus to the Imperial War Museum. This was done without a tolerance (no psychs had been used for the prior month).

0:00: A 2mg tab was injected sublingually.

0:25: Only a slight nausea.
0:25: Only a slight nausea.

0:40: As I get off the bus I notice subtle OEV, mostly breathing and flowing.

0:50 I enter the museum but it feels hot and I'm surrounded by tourists, missiles and huge Nazi eagles with nowhere to sit. I did see a trippy wreck of a car bomb from Baghdad which had heavy flowing and breathing on all its surfaces. After a quick look around I head off to the garden/park outside.

1:00: I spent the next hour mostly lying in the grass outside enjoying the CEVs which seemed like flowing holograms with intricate detail like the ones you find on bank notes, the OEVs were good at some parts but overall mild. I also spent some time in the beautiful Tibetan peace garden where I found some very pretty Red Admiral butterflies, it also had a huge metal slab with all sorts of far eastern symbols embossed onto it, I get some of the best OEVs while looking at this.

2:00 Visuals are beginning to slow, I'm now very hungry so I head off to find some food.

2:15 Start sweating heavily as soon as I enter a Japanese restaurant.

2:20 Finish sobering up while eating the food in a park.

2:30+ I did have some slight visuals after I had sobered up but they were just flowing/breathing, sweating continues for a bit. At some point later in the day I noticed that my legs felt very cramped and tingly (possibly vasoconstriction).

Exp Year: 2019ExpID: 113497
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 20
Published: Dec 6, 2019Views: 2,226
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25E-NBOH (890) : Public Space (Museum, Park, etc) (53), General (1)

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