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I Go 'Hole-in-One' on This One
Tiletamine & Diphenhydramine
Citation:   Asante. "I Go 'Hole-in-One' on This One: An Experience with Tiletamine & Diphenhydramine (exp113522)". Dec 11, 2019.

50 mg oral Diphenhydramine  
  10 - 50 mg rectal Pharms - Tiletamine (liquid)
Tiletamine "Hole-in-Ones"

For the record: There is pure Tiletamine and there are things like Telazol, which has a powerful benzo added to it. What I used was pure, pharmaceutical grade Tiletamine, not a diverted veterinary combination drug.

I've quit dissociatives but I like to share something regarding Tiletamine, since so little good information is available on this substance. Tiletamine is the thiophene analog of O-PCE. It literally is O-TCE. Personally, having tried both, O-TCE feels much cleaner than O-PCE and while its equally long-lasting, if not more so, its less pushy-stimmy. Mg for Mg it it a bit more potent.

O-TCE lays me out. What I enjoyed doing was "Hole-In-Ones" which means preparing a rectal dose and administering it while lying in bed in the dark. This resulted in rapidly, in minutes, sinking into a Hole state, fully wrapped into the dissociative fluff. It was EXTREMELY pleasurable (more so than the MXE plunge I felt) and more-ish.
It was EXTREMELY pleasurable (more so than the MXE plunge I felt) and more-ish.

O-TCE is about 10x as strong as Ketamine as I barely feel how high I really am. This led to a psychological overdose in me - days of outright abuse resulted in a drug psychosis persisting for 2 weeks - which caused me to quit dissociatives for good.

O-TCE is more visual than MXE and the visuals are exceptionally lifelike and vivid. They were among the most beautiful and meaningful visuals I ever had, there was great psychological depth to them. MXE had more abstract stuff, this had a lot of story and complex scenarios, I feel my premedication of 50mg diphenhydramine, against nausea, saliva and other side effects, being an anticholinergic, added to story complexity. Tiletamine and Diphenhydramine seemed made for each other, a perfect fit in terms of side effects reduction and effect enhancement.

I took too much though, much too much, and a drug psychosis resulted.
I took too much though, much too much, and a drug psychosis resulted.
This was solely due to extreme overindulgence. In that week I had 3 two-day parties, it just was too much, and there was a predisposition for psychosis in play. It delivered. I'm sure that had I used it in an in any way sensible manner, the drug psychosis would not have happened. Set and setting were greatly mistreated.

The few reports that are online take a shit on Tiletamine, as it being crap etc. It's not as recreational as ketamine, no doubt, but it's on par with things like O-PCE and 3-MeO-PCE that are doing the rounds now. It has a very extensive track record medically in dozens of animal species.

O-TCE/Tiletamine is not at all shitty if I can get the pure pharmaceutical. Its a decent dissociative, it just has very long lived after effects.

O-TCE is best used as a SINGLE dose without repeat dosing, because as with all arylcyclohexylamines, the duration will stretch from hours to DAYS if one repeats dose. I prefer a single rectal dose taken in silent darkness, in bed, with absolutely no repeat dosing or drug cocktails after. I go "hole-in-one" on this one, one dose in and out, like an LSD trip. In this way, it will last about 6-8 hours total, with 1-2 hours being the thick of it.

As rectal doses (dissolved into 1-2ml water and squirted in the butt with a syringe) I would take doses of 10-30mg. I myself took doses up to 50mg but I believe these to have been psychologically excessive.

I take 1x50mg Diphenhydramine to smoothen out the side effects of the drug.

Exp Year: 2018ExpID: 113522
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 46
Published: Dec 11, 2019Views: 2,115
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