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Microdosing the Breakfast of Champions
Anabolic Steroids - Metandienone
Citation:   Asante. "Microdosing the Breakfast of Champions: An Experience with Anabolic Steroids - Metandienone (exp113523)". Sep 5, 2019.

5 mg oral Anabolic Steroids
I did something completely different from what everybody does with AAS (Anabolic androgenic steroids), and for different purposes. My situation was, being a middle-aged greatly obese out-of-shape man. My physical fitness regimen was to swim 2-3x a week for a few hours.

I decided to take microdoses of one of the most brutal bulking steroids, the "original steroid" that caused the big sensation in days past, Dianabol, the "Breakfast of Champions" that got a certain Governor out in the universe :)

A 5mg oral dose of d-bol taken first thing in the morning, kicks up my natural steroid levels to those of an olympic athlete. All day, I derive benefits thereof.

I took this miniscule dose twice a week, first thing in the morning, on the days of my most strenuous exercise and accompanied with proteins and starches. I did this for a month on, then a month off, then a month on again, and so for a year.
I did this for a month on, then a month off, then a month on again, and so for a year.

This wasn't going to turn me into a Governor at all, obviously :) The intent was to create subtle upticks of masculine hormones, resulting in stronger tissues, stronger bones, enhanced anabolism and recovery, a more zesty mindstate and perhaps, oh, a bit firmer muscles.

That was the theory.

In practice it was even better. It did all that, more so than I had anticipated, there was even some actual muscle growth and muscle quality increase that stayed on my bones all the months that I quit this. There was lasting mobility increase, strength increase, I had an awesome time swimming and it just killed the muscle ache after.

All this, mind you, from taking 50mg d-bol (one single athletic tab that roiders take 1-2 a day of) spread out in 10 doses across a whole month.

The effects were striking, unmistakable and others who weren't informed noticed it too. My fat/muscle shifted considerably over that year.

Interestingly, the 5mg doses gave behavioral effects, I felt like a rooster on top of his hen house :) and shutdown did not occur.

I had blood work done explicitly for all steroid-related parameters and my doctor, while uneasy with steroids, saw no changes of concern in the blood values and did note at examinations that I looked stronger and healthier despite my obesity. Being a good doctor he kept warning not to do as the athletes do in terms of dosages, but I wholeheartedly agreed with that.

A dynamic friend of mine went to try the regimen, he primarily noticed the mind and recovery effects. My father (mid-70s) wanted to try too and for him it worked so well that he quickly quit. "It was like second puberty!" he said, there were no bad effects but it affected him so fundamentally that he decided to quit to "age naturally".

Exp Year: 2018ExpID: 113523
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 45
Published: Sep 5, 2019Views: 2,789
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