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A Walk in the Chelsea Physic Garden
Hash & 2C-B
Citation:   Huxley . "A Walk in the Chelsea Physic Garden: An Experience with Hash & 2C-B (exp113532)". Dec 7, 2019.

T+ 0:00
75 mg oral Cannabis - Hash
  T+ 1:30 25 mg oral 2C-B
The Chelsea Physic Garden is nestled in a warm south facing site between quiet Chelsea streets and the River Thames in central London. The garden itself is a peaceful haven full of little secret corners, shady lawns and lovely old Edwardian greenhouses, all packed with hundreds of exotic and scented plants. I am sure I am not the first person to have experienced its tranquil beauty through a psychedelic magnifying glass and I doubt I will be the last.

I chose a warm sunny July London afternoon (not an oxymoron - Yes we do have such days even in cloudy rainy London). My journey began with a smidgeon (75 mg) of finest Moroccan hashish dissolved in butter and lemonade, followed an hour and half later with 25mg of that fine memorial to the great Sasha Shulgin, 2C-B. I find that this combination and timing allows for an oil smooth transition from the prosaic world of the office and word processor to the magical hyper-chromatic 4-D charmed world that is the psychedelic state.

My arrival at the entrance to the Garden on Swan Walk was timed to perfection. After paying the entrance fee and exchanging smiling pleasantries with the lady at the booth, in I went. I was by this time already beginning to feel those familiar yet profound waves of visual intensification and deep awareness of nature and her beauty that come with good psychedelics.

I began at the Pond Rockery (the oldest in Europe). It is small and on previous visits I have briefly but perfunctorily admired it and then quickly moved on. But one of the great virtues for me of the psychedelic state is the altered state of seeing that it creates. I cease to glance. My eyes no longer dart around impatiently. Instead, each object, each plant, each insect, each gorgeously shaped rock, becomes a thing in itself, full of detail, depth and beauty
each object, each plant, each insect, each gorgeously shaped rock, becomes a thing in itself, full of detail, depth and beauty

I saw so much on that visit. The bees - one in particular I followed around as it visited flower after flower. The glasshouses were an utter revelation. The textures, shapes and colours of their contents seemed so intense and detailed that I felt at times a feeling of awe that such things could be possible. The pelargonium house was a particular delight. A delicate combination of lemony nutmeg scents and brightly coloured star-like flowers. Elsewhere I saw cacti, ferns and fantastic spikey things that seemed to wave and undulate ever so slightly in a non-existent breeze.

Finally after about three hours, I felt the gentle descent back to what philosophers absurdly [call] “veridical” perception. I can only say that there was nothing unveridical about my experience. It was the opposite. I saw far more than I would normally see. More detail. More shape. More colour. More depth. And perhaps most importantly, more attention and interest. The trustees really should consider selling hash lemonade and 2C-B in the Café 😊

This gentle psychedelic journey in one of the world’s finest outdoor art galleries was truly memorable.

Exp Year: 2019ExpID: 113532
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 50
Published: Dec 7, 2019Views: 965
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Cannabis - Hash (93), 2C-B (52) : Glowing Experiences (4), Nature / Outdoors (23), Combinations (3), Public Space (Museum, Park, etc) (53)

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