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Dark Mistress
Citation:   Buzz Lightbeer. "Dark Mistress: An Experience with DOPr (exp113541)". Sep 7, 2019.

T+ 0:00
5 mg oral DOPR (liquid)
  T+ 13:00 40 mg oral 4-AcO-DMT  
Over the last year Iíve really grown to love psychedelics deeply, both taking & collecting them. These last few months Iíve managed to get my hands on quite a few rarities and legendary psychedelics. After not that much contemplating I landed on DOPr being the one to mark the start of my (psychedelic) summer.

My only other experience with a DOx is DOC, a compound that I absolutely love, and I feel like I need average or slightly above average dosages for psychedelics. Since DOC is the only other psychedelic amphetamine I have experience with for now so I'll try to draw some comparisons here and there.

It was the day after a month of finals (so no tolerance) and the weather was absolutely perfect, a pleasant 28įC ~ 82įF with a slight breeze of wind. I asked a friend (who Iíll call S) to participate and we decided to go trip in the forest about an hour away. It would be the first time for him with a DOx chemical.

I have to admit I didnít take much if any notes during the experience, I kind of regret it now for the sake of this report, but Iíll try to guide you through my perception of that Wednesday either way.

7:45am Ė T-2:00: Woke up, took a shower, at a little breakfast, and prepared the doses. These would be 5mg for each of us, a dose I was pretty confident about. I had read about a couple of +++ experiences on this dose, but I didnít expect it to be too intense. From the reports I kind of expected it to be an extremely dreamy (almost hypnotic) and comfortable DOC experience.

9:45am - T+0:00: Met my friend, and we dosed pretty much immediately. I had dissolved it before in vodka, so dosing was easy and fairly accurate, assuming my scale was correct the first time. Our dosages couldíve been off by 0.5mg.

T+0:25 - My head feels a little fuzzy and Iím building up some saliva, typical for phenethylamines for me. On DOC my body would start to feel tense already, but no bodily feeling was noted. Weíre at the entrance of the forest and start walking, we donít really have a plan at all, hopefully go chill in a while.

T+0:45 - Much of the same as beforehand, hasnít increased much in intensity. When I ask S how heís feeling, he tells me he doesnít feel anything at all. Although he also notes that I may be more sensitive to alerts like this. I have the tendency to dream away during the conversations, closing my eyes and focusing on what is happening feels good.

T+1:00 - Still a very slow come up, everything feels a little fuzzier than before though. I do notice a very slight bodily feeling that I would compare to DOC but much less apparent and intense, itís energy coming from my stomach up to my torso. For the rest it feels very physically transparent, no vasoconstriction or uncomfortableness at all. In the meantime conversation has been flowing freely and we we're enjoying this beautiful location and weather.

T+2:00 - 2 hours after dosing, still not much has changed, my vision has become a little blurry and things seem to be breathing. Unlike DOC there is no excess energy, on the contrary, I feel a little lethargic
Unlike DOC there is no excess energy, on the contrary, I feel a little lethargic
, so I propose we sit down and chill for a bit while I put on some music. I got hungry already by this point, and was worried about the small amount of food I brought with me. S still isnít noticing any effects, which I found strange, because he took the same dosage as me. Maybe it was still all about to arrive. I was still barely at a + myself, but we had read about the very slow come ups.

T+3:00 Ė Things are still developing at a snailís pace, and S still isnít feeling anything. His pupils also arenít dilated at all, contrary to mine. We start to get a little worried about it, and I wonder if I somehow fucked up the dosing, but Iím sure I didnít. He took the same amount from the same bottle I dissolved it in. I start to see what people mean with the hypnotic and dreamy vibe of this drug. Itís unlike any other psychedelic I have tried.

T+4:00 Ė We have kind of given up hope that something is still going to happen for S. As for me, things have really started by now. I donít feel energized at all and propose we go sit down again. OEVs are mostly reminiscent of DOC, the classical spirals, and everything looks very crisp. I didnít notice any extreme bright colors, like the ultra-green that I always associate with DOC. When attempting to describe the psychedelia to S, I said to him that I felt enchanted by a dark sorceress. Actually I was mostly searching for an appropriate wording, later Iíd realize that hypnotized would be spot on. Me, being drugged by this dark lady, spent a lot of time with my eyes either closed or half closed. Not that I was tired, but I was constantly deep in thought, which felt very natural and easy. It felt like it was this exact dark lady, constantly pulling more thoughts out of me with an invisible rope, with each pull feeling like a gentle and smooth wave. It was very chill and laid back, not a feeling I associate a lot with being 4-5 hours into a DOx trip, and the complete absence of a bodyload certainly helped with this.

By then, I found it a very interesting state to explore, but it wasnít very intense by any means. I also felt emotionally grounded, up until now I never found myself being extraordinarily euphoric or happy, or laughing very much. I was mostly content about going with the flow of my state and the place I was in. Apart from the visuals it couldnít have been further off from DOC.

T+5:00 Ė We have left our other spot since then, and are on the way home. Sucks for S, but he suspects he feels slightly off baseline, probably more like the effect of 1-2mg. I mostly feel bad for him because he has had to listen to me yapping about life all day.
I believe this is the peak point of the experience, although itís hard to say because the intensity of this drug seems to come in waves, I do know that I never went above a ++.

T+6:00 Ė Up until now Iíve been pretty disappointed in the drug, but mostly because of the intensity. Not at one point did I really feel like I was in for a ride, the psychedelic effects were always present, but there were times that it felt like it had really diminished. Of course, this was not really the case, and mostly because of my surroundings or me being distracted by something.

T+8:00 Ė Weíre almost back at the train station now, we have had a hard time finding the way, which was mostly my fault because I recognized the places we went to and I was always saying, ďwe need to go there, best part of the forest for sure!!Ē Which eventually made it so we made some really stupid circles.

By this time I wasnít really satisfied with what I got from the drug, I told my friend that I had gotten a taste of what DOPr was capable off, but I was only able to get my foot in the door, not enough! Eventually we said our goodbyes and I made my long way home. I remember taking a train, but after a couple of minutes realizing that I had no idea what train I was on, and that I wasnít thinking at all. Luckily, my autopilot was right and I was on my way. This amnesic aspect is something that seems domestic to the drug, but also a consequence of just being so deep in thought. No other real occurrences like this one were noted, but Iím pretty sure this would be much more prevalent on higher dosages. It was also a good reminder that I was still tripping pretty hard and it apart from the visuals it hadnít really slowed down much.

T+10:00 - Going home was easy and hard to recall much about it, all I know is that I was lost deep in thought the whole way through. Due to me not being satisfied just yet, and feeling like I had so much more to get out of it, I spent the whole way back thinking about redosing a couple of milligrams. It was my day, and I really wanted to explore this state to the absolute max, and I was by no means tired. Once I got home I eventually decided not to go for it, I donít have much too work with, and it was much better to just go all out next time.

T+12:00 Ė I had spent the hours before just talking and talking with friends. I should really learn not to do this, I get so lost in conversations and what to say, and time flies by like itís nothing. At one point I felt a major cloud on my head lifting, and being replaced by this much lighter one. I knew effects were starting to diminish now, 12 hours after ingestion. Talking about ingestion, my stomach did hurt by this point, it had been annoying me all day actually but now the cramps were at its worst.

T+13:00 Ė I really wanted to push it up a notch and I weighed out 40mg of 4-AcO-DMT, which would certainly provide me with an emotional and beautiful experience. I made my way to a nearby park with my headphones and some really great ambient albums. I had a hard time finding a good spot because for some reason there were lots of drunk screaming students there, and I discovered it was a meeting place for gay people. Some terribly frightening guy in leather refused to leave me alone so I just made a run for it, I was a little scared to get assaulted.

Eventually I just sat down somewhere, and it came up in about 40 minutes, but it was actually quite hard to differentiate the effects from DOPr initially. It was only until I saw the trees warping and all of the grass standing clearly upright I knew it was taking effect. I had an amazing time lying in the grass and getting lost in the music. My brain felt so healthy and thoughts were going through at hyperspeed, a feeling that I experience every time on higher dosages of psilacetin
thoughts were going through at hyperspeed, a feeling that I experience every time on higher dosages of psilacetin

T+14:00 Ė My stomach cramps got to an almost alarming rate by now and I tried making my way home to my bed. I tried focusing on other things by talking to friends, and thinking about the trip. I sent this to a friend, which describes my whole feeling of the trip very well:

ďShe's very subtle but always persistent, swirling and dreamy in it's ways. Prepare to be wrapped in thought the whole way through, and it's in no way overly euphoric like DOC but it's a devilish mistress always leading me on. I have spent the day deep in thought about everything, it was nice. You will get the whole mischievous woman image, it's a great drug, I'm still wrapped around in it and I feel like I will be for a while, next time I'm going all out for sure.Ē

Other reports made DOPr seem very euphoric, for me it was the contrary. It felt quite dark actually, not in a worrying sense or something, but more the whole vibe the experience gave off. I was content just being and thinking.

T+16:00 Ė This is one for the long haul, it was still very present, and I was getting tired. Sleeping wouldíve been pretty much impossible, and I didnít want to waste my last etizolam on it. I was also not really enjoying myself anymore at this time, my stomach cramps had passed, but I was having a hard time being this tired and finding interesting things to do, I tried a range of things but my interest always disappeared quickly.

T+18:00 Ė Iím glad to be able to say I was able to push past my fatigue, something Iíve especially learnt to do on DOC with great results. I donít feel as bored right now, but I really felt like I needed to be outside. My small room was killing me and I was just sitting on my chair or lying in my bed. I decided to make the leap home (to my parents) by taking an early train. Iíd say I was at a + by now.

T+20:00 Ė It took ages for me to finally leave my room, I think I spent almost an hour searching for my phone. It was still warm outside and it was the very start of a beautiful day.

T+22:00 Ė My whole journey home was very enjoyable, I put on smooth and more danceable albums and that is exactly how I went home, while still being lost in thought.

T+23:00 Ė Finally went to sleep, the effects had almost completely dissipated by now.

T+30:00 Ė Woke up very refreshed, I could still feel the slightest hints, but these disappeared through the day.

Conclusions: I do have to apologize for not taking more notes during the trip. I kind of have a timeline in my head of the trip, but I wish Iíd have had some of my then trippy thoughts to share with you guys. I still donít understand how S didnít trip at all, this certainly contributed to the initial feeling of disappointment, next time Iím bringing back-up drugs with this guy for sure. But when looking back at the whole trip, I had a great time flexing my brains the whole way through in this dreamy state. It was a beautiful day, where I mainly enjoyed being and thinking, and I'm glad I got to try out such a rare and incredibly unique psychedelic. The whole hypnotizing and dreamy vibe is very much present throughout and stays with you the whole time. Physically it felt really harmless and easy and I didn't feel the slightest form of stimulation.

Iím glad I didnít redose any DOPr because I wouldíve just wasted it
Iím glad I didnít redose any DOPr because I wouldíve just wasted it
and prolonged the duration by another 10-15 hours probably without adding much intensity. My interest has been sparked though, I feel like itíll really shine once youíve got no other way than to just buy a ticket for the ride and be in it for at least 20 hours. I wouldnít recommend jumping in higher than 5mg, if itís your first time, seeing as for most people this already seems to be quite intense, and 6mg has been described as Ďtoo muchí before.

As for me, Iíll be back for DOPr, soon.

Exp Year: 2019ExpID: 113541
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 22
Published: Sep 7, 2019Views: 1,849
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DOPR (691) : First Times (2), Various (28)

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