Acid Walls and Underwater Look
by Zach
Citation:   Zach. "Acid Walls and Underwater Look: An Experience with Crack (exp113544)". Mar 20, 2021.

  repeated smoked Crack (freebase)
    oral Pharms - Aripiprazole (daily)


I take abilify maintena and usually take fluoextine but wasnt this day.

The setting was my roomates room. It must have been around 11pm when we started to smoke. We took cocaine and put it on foil. My friend liked to spread it out thin but I always made mine thick.

Several hits that I took made me feel a enveloping sensation like I would feel sitting on a chair that had full body back massage. Except, it was through my body.

1am - I got the second gram but I had it all too myself, my roomate wanted to sleep. So I went to my room and began to listen to music and write. During writing I would take a couple hits, very strong, thickly laid hits. And sounds and that 'chair massage' through the body feeling again. However the last foil I made real thick.

Then what happened made me think I might have a problem, or that I was overdosing. I took a big hit and everything all of a sudden kinda wobbled around like the text on the computer screen. Like I was under water. I thought I couldn't hallucinate on coke. Then I decided to take a break and continue to write. In the back of my mind I was thinking "Maybe I need help, maybe I go to hard." The last foil was almost finished and I took the last hit. The walls in the room had an acid pattern like a mandala tapestry except like each pattern was faint yet visible. Red and yellows and even some blues.

After that I was out and frankly I'm done. The consequences for me are going to be pretty severe. I know I'll crave it and go through acute withdrawal syndrome. I stopped at 3am. So now the clock is ticking.

I've got a lot going for me and I would rather give this up than lose that. I am curious if anybody has ever fallen over too.

Exp Year: 2019ExpID: 113544
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: 27 
Published: Mar 20, 2021Views: 342
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