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Mostly Made Me Feel Energised
MDMA (Ecstasy)
by wex
Citation:   wex. "Mostly Made Me Feel Energised: An Experience with MDMA (Ecstasy) (exp113560)". Dec 6, 2019.

0.75 mg oral MDMA (pill / tablet)
    repeated smoked Tobacco - Cigarettes  
First Time MDMA
First of all description:
Gray pill with QP on one side and a small skull on the other side, I took 3/4 of the pill.

About myself:
Average guy with slight overweight, I suffer from low blood pressure too, I dont really exercise unless you call climbing stairs three floor high few times a day at work an exercise lol.

The preparations:
Before even taking the pill I went for a 2 hours long walk around the city I just arrived in, never been there and the walk was very pleasant, I stayed hydrated and fed for the whole walk, I had some mcd and drank about 1L of water + 500ml cola during that walk then I went to the rave :)

The rave:
Danced for like 30-40 minutes, good vibes, hardstyle, gabber etc was very hyped because as well as first time mdma this night was also first time rave for me :) After those initial 30-40 minutes I decided it's a good time to take the pill, I was in a great mood so figured out if I'm gonna trip now, it will be the best background for it.

I took the pill and then I returned to the dancefloor, after about 20-30 minutes dancing I went outside to lit a cigarette, there I started to feel the initial kick, I felt slightly dizzy but I thought to myself it was just all this dancing in a basement full of people and smokescreens...

The experience itself:

After the cig I went back downstairs to dance more and had intervals of like 30-40 minutes of dancing and smoking cigs, I had the jaw clenchings here and there but overall I tried to control it to some extent. My body felt very relaxed, I dont remember ever dancing like this, all my muscles were loose, mostly I felt it in my neck and under the shoulderpads I've never felt this way before while dancing, mdma let me loose.

I hadn't had any breakingthru moments of high or anything, in my case the drug mostly made me feel energised so much that my body at one point gave up on me, in my mind I felt ready to dance more, I wanted to dance more but my body just didn't want to move, that's when I decided it's time for me to leave.

Overall the mdma kept me dancing for more or less 3-4 hours, I hadn't had feelings for hugging anyone or anything but at one point I faintly remember doing something quite stupid, I was moving my fists to the beat and suddenly I was moving it like I was wanking slowly lmao I think that was the only time for me to feel the hugs moment haha.

The day after:

Hadn't had much of a come down, maybe because before I took the pill 4 hours prior to that I had 40 minute nap, hour before I had a mcdonald and cola and I stayed hydrated but remembered to not overhydrate myself so I kept pace with drinking water.
Also after the rave I had to have extra 40 minute walk to the train station + 40 minutes wait time for train itself, I had taken unwillingly a nap on the train that lasted around 20 minutes too. After coming back home I ate and had around 3 hours sleep then from saturday to sunday I slept from 8pm to 8am.

I also smoked a splif during the day after at something like 2pm, it made me feel like the whole mdma high came back but without the jaw clenching or the hugs, I just played some more music from the rave and danced more :)

+Felt good
+much energy
+lost like 4kg in sweat

Exp Year: 2019ExpID: 113560
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 29
Published: Dec 6, 2019Views: 620
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MDMA (3) : Rave / Dance Event (18), First Times (2)

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