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An Attempt at Microdosing
Citation:   gornahoor. "An Attempt at Microdosing: An Experience with Nutmeg (exp113575)". Dec 29, 2019.

2 tsp oral Nutmeg (ground / crushed)
I decided to experiment with nutmeg last week. Though I realized that the effects would last for quite a long time, I was hoping to microdose a tad bit of pre-ground nutmeg to test the waters and see what to expect. I had work the next day, and the only thing I was worried about before scarfing a few spoonfuls down was whether I was going to retain my motor functions and be capable of driving there and back. I figured I'd be fine at work, but the thought of getting behind the wheel while delirious naturally worried me. So, at around 5PM I left to go grocery shopping and bought a glass vial of organic, ground nutmeg. Interestingly enough, both my credit and debit card were mysteriously declined at the self check-out area and I had to find an ATM to withdraw cash from my bank account. I subconsciously blamed the nutmeg for my misfortune; the gods were undoubtedly against my experimentation with magic eggnog dust. As the report progresses, you will realize that even though I took a seemingly small dose, I still had a very strong trip
even though I took a seemingly small dose, I still had a very strong trip

I returned home at around 6PM and procured my newly acquired nutmeg from the plastic bag. Peeling off the protective film under the green cap produced a fragrant, herbal smell, not unlike that of valerian root extract. I craved something nutty prior to my grocery store trip, so I was pleasantly surprised by nutmeg's earthy taste. I deposited two teaspoons into my mouth, chewed it up a bit and sloshed the condensed powder between both cheeks before finally swallowing it. I did not think the taste was awful or nauseating. The powder left behind a very minty aftertaste, and all the water that I drank afterwards tasted very sweet and minty.

Nutmeg is insane. Six hours later I had the craziest hallucinations and visual distortions while sitting in the living room. Had to keep the lights on because I was convinced that if I switched the light off my body would dissolve into the void and I would cease to exist. I literally couldn't feel my body parts if I sat still for two seconds. So much for microdosing. Everything had a vibrant, colorful outline and the walls would spawn hundreds of rainbow fractal spiders whenever I focused on them. There were dark, threatening spires that would emerge from the middle of my palms and then dance around as though electric, black flames. My vision acquired a strobing effect any time I opened my eyes after keeping them closed for too long, and the dim lighting seemed far too bright for me at the time. With every strobing flash that my vision experienced, the OEVs morphed and danced around, becoming progressively different as the strobing effect persisted. I would hear distant puffs and wisps of air; sort of like muffled explosions. I could see little cartoon characters running in a "Sonic-esque" manner that would appear for a second at most and then immediately vanish. I was scared to focus on any one object for too long since that typically resulted in thousands of tiny spider-like cracks appearing all over said object. The ceiling fan in the room was particularly interesting, as it had been traced with thick, black, dashed lines. Everytime I looked up at the ceiling fan, part of it would be dark red, another part dark green, and it would always display those dashed lines around its contours.

I had a difficult time understanding if my delusions were drug-induced or a natural result of inching closer towards sleep. It was very hard to keep myself from falling into a delusional state. Technically, I knew that I was experiencing nutmeg-induced panic and hallucinations, but I needed to remind myself constantly that this is what was happening. It was very easy to zone out and dissolve in Eiriel. Once I snap out of it and realize that the last two minutes or so were spent in delusion, my mental processes start firing away in an attempt to remember and analyze what actions were performed in the time I spent while unconscious, and whether said actions were appropriate or not. An hour after it peaked, I began to talk to myself in very eloquent and outdated English. Previously, I had done this before during a third plateau trip on DXM. This time however, I did not imagine myself as being in the midst of a royal family, I just began to whisper very ornate wordage while laying on the couch, pressing the side of my face against the pillow. Perhaps my brain's defence mechanism is to adopt an English aristocratic identity every time my mental stability is in trouble.

Nutmegging is comparable to the brief moments that one spends in a state of "twilight" immediately before falling asleep, except those "brief moments" are prolonged for two days. Needless to say, I didn't like that. Throughout the entire experience I was thoroughly convinced that I was going to be retarded for the rest of my life.

The next day felt like a dream. I couldn't really accept that I was a human being existing in the real world. It felt as though I was watching events play out on a television screen. The short-term memory loss was the worst part of it for me. Though I didn't feel like I forgot anything, all the memories that came to mind felt extremely distant and foggy, almost like they were someone else's memories that I was trying to remember on their behalf. The only positive feeling was that of driving to work; I felt like my body merged with the car and I was being propelled very smoothly across the road. Everything other than the driving made for quite an unnerving experience.

Though my initial intent was to microdose, I do not think that nutmeg is a substance one could microdose successfully with. Even though most nutmeggers suggest grinding 15g worth of fresh nutmeg in order to reach desired results, I found that two teaspoons (around 5-6g) of pre-ground nutmeg were satisfactory for inducing quality hallucinations and moderate delirium; a lot of it depends on your body and weight, of course. Even if one were to take a dosage lower than what was taken by me, I cannot say that the experience would yield much more than annoying short-term memory loss and brain fog. While this substance invoked very vivid hallucinations, none of it was enjoyable due to the paranoia and sense of impending doom. The cottonmouth is very unpleasant and the amount of water that needs to be drank in order to quench one's thirst is quite hefty.

After a full 24 hours, most of the effects subsided
After a full 24 hours, most of the effects subsided
and brain functions returned to normal for the most part. The next day after that was still fairly confusing and thirsty, however, this was all followed by a lot of quality sleep. Though a little over a week has passed, I still feel as though I might've permanently impaired some brain functions.

I gave the seven dollar nutmeg to my co-worker and he has put it to good use, including it daily in his late-night Mexican cuisine.

Exp Year: 2019ExpID: 113575
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 21
Published: Dec 29, 2019Views: 5,694
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