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I'm So Glad We Only Took Three Tabs
by Mark
Citation:   Mark. "I'm So Glad We Only Took Three Tabs: An Experience with LSD (exp113578)". Nov 11, 2020.

T+ 0:00
2 hits oral LSD (blotter / tab)
  T+ 1:25   smoked Cannabis  
  T+ 24:00 0.5 hits oral LSD (blotter / tab)
  T+ 0:00 0.5 hits oral LSD (blotter / tab)
ďIím so glad we didnít take threeĒ

Iím going to try to remember the series of events that happened in Ocean City, Maryland after taking two of the strongest tabs of LSD Iíve ever taken. First a little background, we had a condo about 20 minutes from the boardwalk. Iíve been looking forward to tripping on the beach for quite some time. My friend picked up a strip a few days before leaving, the only slight issue was the people we were staying with werenít the most LSD-friendly group to be around while tripping. At the time we didnít know the potency of these particular tabs, for the sake of privacy Iíll use just initials, myself R and M were deciding whether to drop two or three tabs, I had a decent amount of experience with LSD so I was considering three, I believe R and M both taken LSD a few times each before and we decided on two due to the fact we were walking the boardwalk and had to remain somewhat composed. R, M, and I dropped two tabs each around 8:15 pm and started to roll some blunts for our adventure to the boardwalk.

T+00:35- We decided to take a bus to the boardwalk, it ran all night so at the time we thought we would be good to find a bus stop, and get the bus back to the condo. Little did I know that would be next to impossible once the LSD took control. Iím talking to R and M and started to notice the bus being extremely bright, I remember saying ďThereís no way this is kicking in already, do you notice everything is getting decently bright?Ē The bus took about twenty minutes to get to the boardwalk, but it felt a lot longer than that.

T+00:55- We get off the bus and start walking to the boardwalk, everything looks normal but I started to feel almost anxious, it might have just been excitement for the incoming trip but I remember saying something about it. We get to the boardwalk and R wanted to stop and get some water, we walk up to a ice cream stand, the guy working the stand asks if he can help us, and R and M start laughing so I started laughing and the only word that was spoken to the employee was ďwaterĒ in between bouts of laughter. He started laughing, handed R her water and we were on our way. Our next stop was the bathroom at dunkin donuts, we used the bathroom with no problems, but this will come back into play later on as a major issue.

T+01:25- After walking on the boardwalk for a little while, I start to notice more and more effects, everything is extremely bright and vibrant, all the lights look like they are breathing, so we decided to walk along the beach and find a place to smoke one of our blunts, after walking for about ten minutes, we reach the pier where some amusement park rides are starting to shut down. We turn around, walk about a hundred feet and sit near the water. At this point I noticed Iím sweating way more than should be, that combined with the wind coming off of the ocean, made me feel so cold, I remember wishing I brought a long sleeve shirt with me. We started smoking and I remember looking into the water and not be able to distinguish the sky from the ocean. It all seemed 2d almost like a painting. The sound that the ocean would make, was way louder than it should have been, every time a wave crashed, it reminded me of a cymbal on a drumset.

T+01:55- We finish smoking and start talking about when the beach closes. We saw people driving down the beach and started to think it might already be closed. As weíre leaving the beach, walking over the tire tracks left by whoever drove. I remember R saying ďThose tracks look just like railroad tracksĒ and we all broke into laughter. We finally get off the beach after what feels like an hour of walking though the sand. When we make it back to the boardwalk, I donít know who first mentioned it but someone said ďI really need to use the bathroom againĒ we all agreed and set out to find the nearest bathroom.

T+02:20- After checking about ten different places along the boardwalk, no one would let us use a bathroom. Everyone said there was public bathrooms on the boardwalk but all of them were locked for some reason. We ended up going back the next day and all the bathrooms were open until midnight, I still donít understand why they were locked so early. This was a major issue for the next two hours. Now the LSD is coming on strong, tracers everywhere, every time I turned my head, it felt like reality had to catchup. I had a hard time reading signs, everything was blurring together. The trip started getting intense at this point.

T+02:45- The bathroom hunt continues, we ended up walking to the very end of the boardwalk where thereís just about nothing, no stores, just darkness and the random hotels littered along. We turn around and start walking the other direction. Now we are talking out loud about how weíre feeling, ďHoly shit! I canít even read, all the lights have shining halos around them!Ē I recall noting quite loudly, drawing the stares of the semi sober bystanders around us. I canít even imagine what we looked like, the three of us aimlessly walking, laughing as our pupils as big as our eyes, clearly not trying to hide the fact that we were fucked up, In between bouts of laughter we reminded ourselves we need to find a bathroom. In the distance we see a building off to the left side, as we get closer we realize itís a bathroom! We sprint to the doors but to our dismay theyíre locked. The sign said 10am to midnight and it was probably around 10:30-11:00, but regardless it was locked. We set off in search of another, hopefully open bathroom.

T+03:20- Some of these times might be a little off, I just remember laughing about everything and commenting that ďI couldnít feel walking anymore, it was just like my legs were taking me were I need to go.Ē M suggested that we leave the boardwalk and try to find a bathroom in the city. We walked off the boardwalk where it was slightly darker, and the tracers were way more intense than before, every time a car passed us all I saw was the blur of itís headlights. We checked a few more places for a bathroom including a 7/11 to no avail. All the streets looked the same so once we were a block or two from the boardwalk, we just walked around each block a few times hoping to find any kind of bathroom. We stopped people on the street asking if they could point us in the right direction, but everyone suggested that we just find a bush and go there. None of us wanted to take the risk of being caught by the police, considering we had a few blunts and weíre tripping harder than ever. We ended up finding a random vending machine and were all decently dehydrated so we get a water. It sounds pretty easy but it was so complicated, I couldnít understand what to do, the whole machine was bouncing around, R and M had to help me work this basic vending machine. At this point I realized I was tripping way harder than I originally thought. We continued our journey to find the elusive bathroom.

T+03:45?- Now the fact that we absolutely need a bathroom is dawning on us. We decide to head back to the boardwalk after wandering through the blocks of Ocean City for I donít even know how long. We make it back and find another one of the public bathrooms but just like all the other ones, itís locked too. I suggest that we just head back to the condo, but had no idea where to find a bus stop back. After getting almost lost in the city we decided the best course of action, was to just order an uber back. We realized we couldnít head back yet, we needed to stay a little while longer, everyone at the condo was still awake. This whole time, the trip is getting more and more intense, It felt like I would say something important and meaningful, then 2 seconds later completely forget what I said, it was next to impossible to hold a conversation with anyone. It almost felt like I was lost in my thoughts.

T+04:00- I decided to try to call my brother, and tell him what happened, he knew we were dropping the tabs, just not when, he said everyone was going to sleep and it was cool to come back. I hung up and tried to order an uber, but my phone looked like everything was vibrating and I couldnít find the uber app, I gave my phone to R and she helped me order the uber. The uber driver was only about 3 minutes away. The uber arrives and for some reason I made a comment about how ďI drive for uber when Iím not fucked upĒ we all end up laughing and kept laughing, the driver said ďLet me guess you guys dropped LSDĒ we all started laughing hysterically. We said yeah and told her all about our quest for a bathroom and she said something that threw us all way off. She said ďSometimes I donít wear underwear and wear a skirt, so I can just squat and go anywhere.Ē Iím pretty sure she was joking, but on LSD it literally freaked me out and we all got decently quiet. Finally we got out of her car, and made it back to the condo.

T+04:25- We made it back to the house and everyone was asleep except for R and M brother. After a few min of talking, we go out on the balcony and smoke another blunt. R and M brother B came outside with us and asked us what we were on. Decently nervous at this point, we told him, he started laughing and said he was going to bring down some shrooms but changed his mind at the last second. He stayed outside and smoked with us, but since we were tripping and he was only drunk, needless to say it was decently hard to carry a conversation, especially after smoking a blunt or two. I kept getting lost in my thoughts, I would thing of something, say it, and wonder if I was just thinking or if I was talking. We decided to go inside and put on a movie. We picked Planet Earth two and watched the first episode. It felt absolutely crazy, the way all the animals acted, and communicated, the cutthroat world they live in, and us humans are watching living and dying, while messing with the chemistry of our brains. It was mind blowing to me, so mind blowing I was getting decently nervous, just thinking about how we could die at anytime, just like those animals on Planet Earth, at this point I didnít talk too much, I was preoccupied trying to keep my thoughts in order.

T+05:25- B went to sleep and Iím so exhausted, I only slept for maybe two hours the night before, and now it was catching up to me. Every time I closed my eyes I would see a Kaleidoscope of colors, bending and flexing in and out. R and M put on a sci-fi series on Netflix and the last thing I remember from that night, is turning my head and listening to that Netflix series. I must have passed out very soon after that.

T+09:30- I wake up to nursery rhymes on YouTube, my brother asks me how Iím feeling and I just responded with ďI donít knowĒ I took note of everyone in the living room, looked at the ground and itís still wavy, I was still tripping decently hard. I walked across the condo and took a shower, trying to sober up a little bit. While I was in the shower the water felt amazing, almost like I can feel every bead of water, I was just having a hard time breathing due to how hot it was in there, I got dressed and went back out into the living room. I asked R and M if they wanted to smoke, they agreed and we go out onto the balcony. We roll a blunt and I started to tell them how Iím still tripping. They both didnít sleep at all and are still tripping too. I remember looking down from the balcony and all the grass looking just like water, flowing back and forth. As we finished the blunt, I started getting lost in my thoughts again. I tried explaining it the best I could, but kept forgetting what I was saying. We headed back inside and decided to go with everyone else to the beach.

T+10:45- After swimming in the ocean, and hardly talking to anyone. I wanted to head back to the condo. I was getting bit by flies and just not feeling the best, the cool visuals that kept happening started to become more of a nuisance. I just wanted to relax and maybe smoke again. Iím pretty sure R fell asleep on the beach, and M and I walked back to the condo to smoke. We roll another blunt and discuss how weíre still tripping decently hard, at this point my visuals are fading and Iím starting to get hungry. M is still full out tripping probably from the lack of sleep combined with the LSD. Everyone else makes their way back to the condo and we all go out to eat.

After we ate my effects were just about gone, R wasnít really tripping anymore after she woke up from her nap on the beach, but M didnít stop tripping til she went to bed that night. Around 8:00pm we started researching about LSD lasting 24+ hours and Iíve read reports of people tripping 18-36 hours. That freaked me out, I donít know what I would do if I was still tripping 36 hours later. We all went to sleep decently early that night.

We woke up and decided to buy some blunt wraps and head to the beach. When we set up at the beach, R mentioned she had the tabs on her. We were deciding whether to trip again or not, itís been a day since we last tripped and decided that half a tab each would be perfect. R and I dropped half a tab, and another half tab later on but thatís a story for a different time. In a nutshell, we didnít trip nearly as hard, but it was the perfect amount of LSD to make the day better. This all just happened a few days ago and I wanted to write this for two reasons, First I wanted to better relate to the experience and make sense of it, and second I wanted this experience to be documented, as it was one of the best LSD experiences of my life.

Exp Year: 2019ExpID: 113578
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 30
Published: Nov 11, 2020Views: 972
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LSD (2) : Public Space (Museum, Park, etc) (53), General (1)

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