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45mg IV Dosage in Hospital
Citation:   Moses L.. "45mg IV Dosage in Hospital: An Experience with Ketamine (exp113580)". Oct 21, 2020.

45 mg IV Ketamine
      Pharms - Tramadol
I admitted myself to the hospital for severe back pain which at the time I thought was a pulled muscle. When I arrived at the hospital I was admitted and given a dosage of Tramadol to help manage the pain. It didnít work as expected and the pain was still excruciating. The nurses and doctor all thought it was a kidney stone due to the location of the pain and the symptoms I was having.

I also have a liver disorder which makes it extremely difficult for me to process opiates. If I consume opiates they make me extremely sick, so opiates are off the table for pain management for me because when I come off of them the pain is worse than before I took them.

This was also the second admission to the ER in 24 hours for the same pain and they didnít know what to give me. I suggested to the nurse that I can handle cocaine and also I had a prior prescription for Ketamine. The nurse noted that they probably didnít have cocaine on hand at the hospital but they most likely had the Ketamine. So she left and another nurse returned with a syringe with the Ketamine in it.

They agreed on 45mg as the dose and the nurse attached the syringe to the IV and about 2 seconds after the Ketamine hit my arm the walls began to become alive and I remember telling the nurse I think they gave me too much because I was hallucinating extremely hard. The room began to shake and I had an out of body experience where I went to another dimension that could only be described as a place of intense feelings of overwhelmingness, changing colors, shapes and sounds in the background environment. I felt as if I was part of the intense changing environment but I was also exploring through it.

The experience was the most intense psychedelic experience Iíve ever had. And I had recently received IM injections of ketamine for depression therapy about 5 months prior to this experience.

After the intense hallucinations started to dissolve and I began to return to the hospital room, I was filled with an intense rush of what felt like power and energy where I felt that I could run across the world in 10 seconds. All I could do was scream with joy and talk extremely quickly as I had absolutely zero pain present in any part of my body. I felt as if my body wasnít as light as air but I was still ground.

I heard a specific pitch of sound that resulted in me screaming at the same pitch very loudly, it was a very ohm like sound but higher pitched. The doctor and nurses were not pleased with all my joyous screaming (mostly because I kept yelling ďholy shit Iím fucking tripping ballsĒ at the top of my lungs for 45 minutes in the emergency room at 1am).

I was given a CT scan during the come down where I was still hallucinating but able to walk with assistance as I was unable to walk on my own at that point. I ended up sleeping at the hospital for another 4 hours and was discharged with some ibuprofen for any pain that I might have. When I got home the pain went from a 10/10 to a 3/10 and stayed there for the next 24 hours and then slowly dissolved away as I continued to take the ibuprofen, drink apple cider vinegar water with CBD tincture infused into it and smoke cannabis as needed. During the experience the hallucinations lasted about 45 minutes maybe an hour I donít remember exactly. But they were by far the most intense hallucinations that Iíve ever had in 25 years of consuming psychedelics.

Exp Year: 2019ExpID: 113580
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 37
Published: Oct 21, 2020Views: 1,098
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Ketamine (31) : Medical Use (47), Hospital (36)

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