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A Trip I Will Never Forget
by Vedu
Citation:   Vedu. "A Trip I Will Never Forget: An Experience with Cannabis (exp113616)". Sep 28, 2019.

5 - 6 hits smoked Cannabis
  4 - 5 hits smoked Cannabis
My First High: A Trip I Will Never Forget

Here's some background before I narrate my first decent high. I live in University dorms. Many indulge in smoking pot and it's hard to get caught as long as the staff doesn't come to know. That being the case, I decided to try weed for the first time. My first time smoking cannabis by taking a few drags from a joint was disappointing, as the effects were minimal and very short lived. I didn't get quite high; what I experienced was shivering, a shaky, slow voice and laughter for half a minute. Later on, I felt disappointed. I wanted to get baked.

That night, I was listening to psychedelic music with a friend and it made me eager to try again. Later in the night, there was an unexpected hostel meeting and room checking of all students because of someone's report of losing a very valuable laptop. That put me off; I thought that there would be no chance for the holy thing to happen- there was too much of a commotion in the hostel, and the usual chilled and relaxed nocturnal vibe was missing.

After some more wild moments of hanging out and listening to music with friends, I decided that then would be the perfect time. After confirming with a friend, I went to Room A after midnight.

Many of my friends were in the room. The joint was being rolled. We started puffing and passing. I took a few drags from the freshly rolled joint. I didn't feel much, again to my disappointment, except a tingly feeling of static on my face.

Someone suggested that we consume some by means of a bong, which was available in Room B, several floors above. Some of us including me went there in pairs, in order to evade attention considering we were the only ones moving about inside the building at these hours.

Entering Room B, to my surprise, I found my roomie, spaced out, with another person. One by one, we started taking hits from an improvised bong. I took multiple hits, thinking that I wouldn't get high unless I consumed the most I could. I started to feel nauseated. I waited for 5-10 minutes. Everything felt wobbly, like waves, subtly swaying and making my body resonate. My vision was ever so slightly warping and I felt giddy, and safety was in being seated. When the nausea was back to being bearable, I took a few more hits from the improvised bong. My memory of what happened thereon is slightly faded.

We returned to Room A and I lied down on the bed in the dim light. It strangely felt like I was in control of a camera. Moving in front of nearby objects felt like a cinematic experience.
It strangely felt like I was in control of a camera. Moving in front of nearby objects felt like a cinematic experience.
I was sure that at that point, I had started feeling the effects. I was the most stoned person in the group. Everything felt like a dream— slow and wavy. Talking complete, coherent sentences was a challenge and my voice and tone of speaking were all over the place. Whenever I would close my eyes, I would visualize various patterns and motifs (CEVs) and slip into a trance. Opening my eyes felt like waking up from a long sleep session. At times, there was a delay between events, comparable to looking at a slideshow. Movement was taxing and laggy, but certain actions, like rubbing my face with my palms, moving my body a certain way and feeling different objects was pleasurable and I would repeatedly do it at times with vigour. My entire body felt like the ticklish feeling I get when I want to pop my knuckles or stretch my body. I was very talkative, often forgetting what I was saying halfway through a sentence. I had the memory of a goldfish. Whenever I would open my eyes, I would feel like the drug was wearing off, only to be sucked back into the trip. At times, I felt pain in my chest and I thought that I was forgetting to breathe, and if I were to fall asleep, I would die. The nausea persisted for long (maybe because the weed was cheap and of poor quality). This new experience made me shiver, like I was having a mini panic attack, throughout the trip. Music felt like a distraction at times. I partly was in control of what I wanted to say, but it ended up sounding weird and funny, making those around me crack up. I felt like hugging people around me. I was kind of there in this state, exploring the effects, watching the people in the room do different activities, and verbally interacting with them, until I fell asleep.

I woke up. It was Dawn. My roomie and I were on the bed with one occupant of the room. I had slept like a baby and was satisfied with my sleep after all those days of interrupted sleep. I stood up, feeling wobbly and calm. The effects had mostly faded. I went back to my room and begun the day. As I type this, I continue to feel an afterglow, a very subtle feeling of being high and disoriented, a fraction of what it was. I guess I'll be back to normal in the next couple of days.

I hope every high is as good as this, or maybe better. I enjoyed the experience and wish to try it again. Good people, good vibes, and a good setting feels like a must. I feel more connected to those who were with me on my trip.

Exp Year: 2019ExpID: 113616
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 18
Published: Sep 28, 2019Views: 762
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Cannabis (1) : General (1), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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