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Ten Milligram Time Tunnel
Cannabis (edibles)
by Lonesome Ghost
Citation:   Lonesome Ghost. "Ten Milligram Time Tunnel: An Experience with Cannabis (edibles) (exp113617)". Oct 8, 2019.

10 mg oral Cannabis - High THC (edible / food)
  50 mg oral Cannabis - High CBD (edible / food)



A little background before I get into it. Iíd consider myself to be a moderate pot smoker.
Iíd consider myself to be a moderate pot smoker.
In the past it was as frequent as about once or twice a week, but now Iíve gotten into a job where it's not really allowed so Iíve reduced to about once every few months. The most recent time I smoked before tonight was a week ago, and the most recent time I ate an edible was about two months ago.

I used to make my own edibles, but Iíve been between houses lately so itís not really an option anymore. When I was able to bake my own, I had no idea what the dose actually was - I typically just made a batch of 70-90 cookies with about half an ounce.

So, with no way to make edibles, I decided to try my first medical grade edibles from a local dispensary. I bought 20 hard candies, each with 10mg of THC in them. Wasnít really sure when I was going to try it out, but I just had a 6-day work week so I figured now was a good a time as any. I looked around online for an idea of what was a good dose, some websites said start off with 5mg, some said 20mg, so with my history I decided to go with just one single 10mg edible.

I couldnít find any reports of people taking just 10mg. Iíll also be gauging how my memory holds up over this experience every hour using the Benchmark Memory Test that you can find online. Most people in a normal state of mind score between an 8 and a 13.

*Note: All of this was written on the night, while I was under the influence. The only edits that have been made are grammatical*

T+ 0:00 (5:15pm)
Benchmark Memory Test: 11
The candy came in a small cube, and tasted vaguely of grape with strong overtones of marijuana. It went down pretty easy, not a bad taste to be sure. I ate this on a mostly empty stomach, I had a protein shake about an hour ago but no solid food in about four hours. Overall, Iím definitely feeling a little jittery, not sure how this is going to affect me as Iíve never done medical grade edibles before. After writing this, Iím going to pop my shoes on and go for a walk with some good tunes which Iím very much looking forward to.

T+ 0:30
Before heading out on my walk, my stomach felt a little upset so I ate some pretzels and peanut butter. I always recommend hard, dry foods to anyone who gets a little nauseous on pot. It's a particularly beautiful evening out, the sun is setting and lighting the forest in beautiful shades of green and golden. As of 30 minutes in I'm not really feeling much. Maybe slightly looser motor coordination, but all in all I feel pretty good. The mosquitoes aren't too bad and the temperature is just perfect. I tread on through the forest.

T+ 1:00
Benchmark Memory Test: 10
The path I walk is an old railroad bed. The canopy forms a tunnel overhead, letting through little light. Right now I feel fairly stoned, similar to smoking a bowl by myself.
Right now I feel fairly stoned, similar to smoking a bowl by myself.
I first noticed the onset about 15 or so minutes ago. The most pronounced effect at the moment is time dilation. This trail seems like an endless tunnel, and the seconds drip by like honey. As far as visual distortion, I feel mostly a moderate light sensitivity. Everything seems to have an odd outline, but other than that nothing noticeable. As far as a body high goes, I feel fairly hungry. Body feels slightly warmer than normal, but feeling good overall. My music is massaging my brain, but I'm being attacked by mosquitoes so I must trek on and return to the cabin from whence I came.

T+ 2:00
Benchmark Memory Test: 13
Not sure how I did so well on the memory test, I think the afterimages in my mind are improving my score. Iíve reached the point where Iím feeling as if Iíve smoked two bowls. Not too high, but certainly not sober. When I returned to my cabin I became extremely hungry and ate what seemed like a tremendous amount of food, I had to force myself to stop. Time continues to slow, as do my thoughts. Iím not thinking much of anything at the moment, I just feel warm - as if my brain is being massaged by long electrical fingers. I ate a 50mg CBD gummy I had on standby in case I was feeling anxious, I wasnít feeling anxious but I wanted to bring my relaxation to the next level. I think Iím going to go meditate for the next hour, really harness this high. All in all, feeling pretty good.

T+ 3:00
Benchmark Memory Test: 13
Thirteen again on the memory test is pretty surprising. Right now Iím sitting at about a three bowl high, and I believe Iíve plateaued. Focusing has become somewhat difficult, forming coherent thoughts as well. Visuals are interesting, with the patterns of the wood walls shifting from plank to plank, sometimes reversing colors. Everything moving behind a sort of static, everything is outlined in a strange reflective black material. All of this I would describe as rather pleasant, I feel as if Iím becoming slightly tired - probably from the CBD. I donít predict myself getting any higher than I am currently, and thatís alright. Itís the perfect level of stoned, still functional with most of the benefits of weed. My only real thought is that I wish this had a slightly heavier body high, I mostly just feel it in my brain and heart. Either way, good times.

T+ 4:00
Benchmark Memory Test: 10
Once again I have become ravenously hungry. I devoured an entire bag of chips and some fish sticks. I can feel the slow but gradual comedown, the pace of time has more or less returned to normal however my mind is still foggy. Iíd rate this high around 1 to 2 bowls, but again, steadily declining. I feel a warmth in my head, and Iíve spent the last hour watching Star Trek with music on, barely understanding whatís happening on the show. I am incredibly full, somewhat tired, but in a good relaxed mood. This was a good way to end the week.

T+ 5:00
Benchmark Memory Test: 11
I spent the past hour doing virtually nothing, it felt as if no time had passed whatsoever. Iíd say by this point Iím down to about a high equal to a single bowl. I am no longer hungry after my extreme feast an hour earlier, but my thirst is quite immense. Iíve drank two liters of water over the past hour and I continue to drink more. Mind still not working quite properly, feeling pretty foggy. Think Iím gonna head to bed after this one.

My final notes on the night would be that 10mg is certainly on the lower end of edible intensity that Iíve experienced. However, it was still very pleasant and I was highly stoned for the better part of the past five hours.
I was highly stoned for the better part of the past five hours.
Also CBD may have improved this experience, I find myself very susceptible to the effects of CBD. All in all, a very good and relaxing night.

-The Next Day-

T+ 17:57
Benchmark Memory Test: 13
After an extremely good night's sleep I feel more or less back to normal. Maybe a little hazy, I do feel a distinct lack of motivation to do anything today, but still pretty good regardless. The only thing of note is that my dreams were incredibly vivid. The dosage might have been a little low for my liking, but I still had a nice time with it. Considering edibles can be very temperamental, and it can become easy to lose your mind at high doses, trying a lower dose is certainly a good idea every now and then.

Remember to have plenty of food and water on standby!

Exp Year: 2019ExpID: 113617
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 21 
Published: Oct 8, 2019Views: 7,298
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Cannabis - High CBD (597), Cannabis - High THC (598) : Alone (16), Combinations (3)

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