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Actually Cheap as Dirt
Ergoloid mesylates (Hydergine)
by HAL1945ver1
Citation:   HAL1945ver1. "Actually Cheap as Dirt: An Experience with Ergoloid mesylates (Hydergine) (exp113687)". Nov 1, 2019.

10 mg oral Ergoloid mesylates (daily)


40 years ago I had a series of TIA events, the last producing a loss of my entire left side. I was treated by my arguably brilliant GP with hydergine, starting with 1 mg twice a day, that dose becoming in steps 5 mg twice a day. It had been his intention to raise the level to 10 mg twice a day, but he unfortunately died and my next physician chose not to increase the dosage. I had great insurance, so acquisition of genuine Hydergine remained possible, even through the drastic price increases through the years.

The last time I had a 90 day supply of 10 mg a day the cited cost for my insurance was a little bit over 5,000 US dollars! While I only paid $568 off of that, it was still a huge expense. Then I met a compounding pharmacist at a party who stated "the stuff is cheap as dirt and you're paying that much?" He's providing a 90 day supply of 10 mg Ergoloid mesylates a day in divided doses, 5 mg capsules, for $260.

Exp Year: 2019ExpID: 113687
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 74 
Published: Nov 1, 2019Views: 754
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Ergoloid mesylates (163) : Not Applicable (38), Medical Use (47)

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