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A Moray Eel, Very Pleasant with Sentience
by bubonic
Citation:   bubonic. "A Moray Eel, Very Pleasant with Sentience: An Experience with 4-HO-MET (exp113691)". Nov 13, 2019.

20 mg oral 4-HO-MET
    oral Pharms - Alprazolam


Previous drug experience: Fairly extensive.

I spent all day in a bad mood having not gotten enough sleep for several nights prior and feeling emotionally and physically exhausted. I had plans to meet my friends Stew and Frank to try out a psilocin analog I wasn't familiar with. I was with my girlfriend, Suzy. We met Stew in Frank's backyard and caught up with him. Soon after, Frank showed up and we went inside. 

Stew brought up potentially tripping. Frank and Suzy were enthusiastic, Stew seemed open to it and I had no intent of doing so given my exhaustion and shitty mood. Stew suggested a chemical unknown to me, advising that it was great. I was distracted by playing with my phone and ordering something online. I completed the order a few minutes after everyone ate the dark grey pellets that Stew had distributed. The time was approximately 4:30pm. It was a fall afternoon.

I felt a distinct peer pressure to join my friends; I was comfortable with that dynamic but felt a sting of conflict about it.
I felt a distinct peer pressure to join my friends; I was comfortable with that dynamic but felt a sting of conflict about it.
Within the span of short moment, I considered my trust in Stew and his earnest enthusiasm for how purely awesome this substance was; I also considered the unique opportunity of sharing a psychedelic experience with Stew, Frank and Suzy; and recognized the significance and contribution I would offer by joining them. So I took the pellet and swallowed it, prepared for what I expected to be 4-6 hours of moderate mushroom visuals with little headspace; as this was what I assumed would happen from a psilocin analog.

We spent the next few minutes talking and laughing easily. I received my first alert from the drug very quickly, seemingly within a few minutes; this is something I commonly experience but usually not this immediately. Within 20 minutes we all felt as if we were tripping on mushrooms, mostly from a visual perspective. A strong sense of everything mushing and morphing together and an increase in vividness of colors. The onset was very sudden, seemingly defying what one would think the traditional digestion time would be for being processed in the stomach. The come-up seemed to be immediate, given that we were experiencing a quality, full-on mushrooms trip within 30 minutes; but we found that this rapid onset of effects was cyclical, like waves splashing up against and into the consciousness, each wave further ratcheting the intensity of the experience. Time dilation and constriction would seem to ebb and flow as well but I would estimate approximately 5-15 minute intervals between waves, varying enough to be unpredictable. The drug itself felt like a slippery eel in my hands in that it seemed to continuously change its personality upon being tentatively defined, perhaps partially as a result of being observed; a quantum effect, as suggested by Frank, later in the night.

After the initial mushroom-type effects had firmly established themselves, the following waves of increased intensity brought on what felt like physiological, parasympathetic nervous system feelings, sensations that I very consistently associate with coming up on psychedelics; an adrenal, tingly restless feeling of anticipation and alert. My hands became sweaty and remained that way for most of the experience. I got up and walked around in the backyard, gazing up at the sky and looking at the ground. At this point, approximately 40 minutes after ingestion, I was experiencing distinctly implied and occasionally plainly visible fractals; the sky and clouds opened up in a faint, geometric way and the grass and clovers on the ground were persian-carpeted. The deciduous trees at the edge of the yard were crystalline in appearance. I laid down on the deck briefly and returned inside after Suzy visited me. I felt somewhat self aware about being outside in the quasi-view of the public and it was cold out. Though I felt on fairly high alert, I readily smiled and felt enthusiastic about the experience.

Everyone was milling around in the kitchen and living room, remarking about the effects of the drug and laughing about things. Laughter for everyone was plentiful but natural, not compulsive, frantic or excessive as can be the case with mushrooms or acid. The headspace was fairly sober, though definitely distracted by and preoccupied with the effects of the drug.

It seemed that I came up the fastest and felt the initial effects first, despite having dosed a few minutes after everyone else, presumably because I was the only one with a very empty stomach, having fasted all day. Suzy had eaten breakfast, Stew ate just prior to arriving and Frank ate a piece of peanut butter toast just prior to taking his pellet.

We eventually all moved into the living room. I was compulsively yawning, as I believe the others were as well. I had the hint of occasional sharp pains in my abdomen, which I attributed to ambiguous gas pains; I also had potential muscle tightness throughout my body; during one of my yawns later in the trip, one of my throat muscles nearly spasmed, which was concerning but ultimately avoided by stretching my neck and rubbing it. Whew.

Frank seemed to frequently visit the restroom and I frequently got up to get water from the fridge; I was consistently thirsty and dry mouthed; Frank was experiencing some intermittent gut discomfort. Suzy stayed fairly stationary on the couch and Stew in a comfy chair. The four of us seemed to stay in or frequently return to these roles throughout the duration of the trip.

Shortly after we migrated to the living room and one or two more waves of increased intensity had come, I was ratcheted into a new, heightened stage of alert
one or two more waves of increased intensity had come, I was ratcheted into a new, heightened stage of alert
. The visuals had matured into persistent, fern-spiral fractals; holographic, rainbow impressions overlaid on everything and everything was morphing and moving fairly dramatically. Faces were uncomfortable to look at, morphing and shifting into caricature masks, discolored and unfamiliar. These visuals were correspondent with strong, shuddering and pulsing physiological sensations. A consistent, heavy weight settled on my being, requiring steady breathing and conscious, objective separation between myself and the symptoms, which the drug mercifully allowed me to do. This felt like a hint of the physicality of vaporizing 5-meo-DMT (or DMT? I'm not actually sure which it was); perhaps 1/100th or 1/1000th the intensity. Movement or talking alleviated some of this intensity. Later, Suzy confessed that she was concerned she was going to slip into a panic attack at this point. I had similar concerns but they were fleeting and manageable, as hers seemed to also be. I believe everyone there dealt with moments of tense anticipation and coping, as well as euphoria and excitement.

I had felt very cold since the beginning of the trip, an inner chill that I identified as being superficial and attributable to body temperature regulation; this sense of cold, too, increased in intensity to the extent that Suzy and I huddled together under a blanket; which only superficially helped. Stew and Frank seemed unaffected by this. Sitting on the couch, I was buffeted by waves of fractal sensations that nearly interfered with my breathing, akin to the way that audible bass does from a large subwoofer in an enclosed space, like a car. I found myself steadily breathing in and out, as I watched the coffee table in front of me dance, morph and shoot fractals at me. I regularly readjusted the way I was sitting and ran my hands through my hair in attempts to be more comfortable. I could and did still readily smile, coping with everything and ready for whatever came next. Stew asked me if I was ok around this time and I appreciated his interest; I advised I was ok.

I had a brief moment of distinct audio hallucination, when all sound in the room was muted and I felt a muffled pressure on and in my ears, as if I had activated noise cancellation on headphones; like that, times ten. Then my hearing returned to normal.

To cope with the intensity of the experience, I would pace around the kitchen and living room, eventually establishing a funny little route that I'd walk the same way each time. I found that each time I would take a lap around this route, the sensations I felt would shift and change, again like a slippery eel in my hands. Every time I would get into the fridge for water, it was like diving into a geometric world of straight lines, fluorescent lights and three dimensional shadows.

Along my route, I began noticing something or someone peeking around the corner at me from the living room. It was more of a peripheral impression, at first; but as I continued to take this route, the sensation incrementally coalesced to a definite manifestation of an entity observing me in a mischievous way. At this time, as well, the granite countertops bloomed granite appendages that reached upward in a sentient way; directly related to the being peeking around the corner. This was a distinct next-level to the trip and proved to be brief, a true peak, as it subsided upon me describing it to the others and didn't return. I eventually identified that the thermostat was what I was seeing as a mischievous entity peeking at me. I find it very interesting, now, to find that others have experienced sentient entities on this substance. One wonders if these beings are extensions of our own consciousness or truly alien; either way, the end result feels the same. Witnessing this sentience was profound and would be a key reason to repeat the experience and to consider increasing the dose.

Shortly after this, Monica got home with Turbo and Deena. Communicating with these sober people was easy; smoother and more natural perhaps than if I'd been sober myself; at least it felt this way. The drug seemed to give me an added level of perceptiveness and objectivity that didn't take away from my personality but rather clarified it in social situations. I was, however, somewhat less fluid with complex communications. Around this time, perhaps the two hour mark, I felt the come-up feelings definitively subside; my chilling cold was replaced by an almost MDMA like warmth. I felt the potential to bloom my emotional connection to the moment; I was unafraid to do so but judged it to be unfitting for the mood of the group. My palms eventually stopped sweating. The come-down process was extremely graceful and gradual, nearly imperceivably so; in stark contrast to the rapid come-up, though that also had a certain grace and manner with its suddenness.

We spent the latter half of the trip warmly socializing and enjoying one another's company. I felt comfortably connected to the group in an uplifting and casual way.

Around 9:30pm, approximately the five hour mark, Suzy and I excused ourselves and went home. At this time, we felt fairly baseline but definitely still under the influence of the drug; everything was vivid and beautiful, wonderful; no real movement but everything just looked great. Our moods were euphoric, amused and amazed.

We ended the night with bong rips and xanax.
We ended the night with bong rips and xanax.
Curiously, the xanax felt twice as powerful as it normally does for both of us. We slept well and spent the following day in a very wonderful afterglow, which felt like an excellent LSD microdose of rare quality; my mind felt genially expanded and only every-so-slightly more airy; almost no spacey-ness or memory issues for myself, though Suzy was sort of spaced out, compared to baseline, for a couple days. Much of the next day was spent marveling at the drug and enthusiastically sharing and comparing our different experiences The afterglow diminished but persisted into the following day, imparting a feeling of permanent enhancement in my consciousness.

This was a great experience.

Exp Year: 2019ExpID: 113691
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 33 
Published: Nov 13, 2019Views: 3,835
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4-HO-MET (436) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Glowing Experiences (4), First Times (2)

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