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Strong Benzo, Very Long Lasting Effects
Flualprazolam & Cannabis (edible)
by Endless Sky
Citation:   Endless Sky. "Strong Benzo, Very Long Lasting Effects: An Experience with Flualprazolam & Cannabis (edible) (exp113706)". Dec 6, 2019.

T+ 0:00
0.25 tablets oral Flualprazolam  
  T+ 1:05   oral Cannabis (edible / food)
  T+ 3:58   oral Cannabis (edible / food)
  T+ 23:30 10 mg oral Pharms - Cetirizine  
  T+ 23:50 0.25 tablets oral Flualprazolam  
  T+ 0:00 1.5 - 2 mg oral Pharms - Clonazepam (daily)


In retrospect summary, this RC (Research Chemical) is NO JOKE. It is exceedingly potent and has a very long half life. I have well diagnosed GAD and PAD and have been taking between 2 to 1.5mg of klonopin a day for this condition for the last 8 months. Flualprazolam eliminated my need to take my typical dose of klonopin the day following my first dose and has reduced subsequent need for T+5 days (T=+120 hours) afterwards and counting. For one who is not mindful, a novice benzo user, or one with no tolerance, I can see a redose easily being potentially being fatal, especially given the “compulsive re dosing with no memory of having taken the first dose” which seems to be prevalently reported in the limited trip reports found elsewhere on the web (mainly Reddit). If you choose to experiment with flualprazolam, please only do so with extreme caution.

The experiment:

Time: 8:05pm Ingested .5mg (¼ pill) of Flualprazolam. I was initially told by the vendor that these pills were 2mg Xanax. However, on asking the source about their being positive it was Xanax, they smiled and said, “Well, it gets the job done.” This of course, raised a red flag. I bought 20, since in the past, pills I thought were questionable from this vendor ended up being very potent and good. I home tested a pill for Fentanyl and it came up negative, so I sent another of these questionable pills to a lab for testing. The sample I tested came back as flualprazolam. Flualprazolam is currently a designer drug or “research chemical”. Trip reports on the web are limited and mostly people reported very strong benzo experiences with it. I have a reasonably strong benzodiazepine tolerance
I have a reasonably strong benzodiazepine tolerance
and as of this writing, flualprazolam is still legal, so I figure, sweet. Unexpected RC time! By Jove and for science I shall be that guinea pig.

Recent drug history:
8:30pm last night 1mg clonazepam, .5 mg alprazolam. Last drugs taken: .5mg of alprazolam at 6am this morning when the previous dose of alprazolam wore off. 10mg oral cannabis of the hybrid variety from a lab tested source in CA, taken T= -2hr ago). My standard, prescribed medication is .5mg of clonazepam in the am and 1mg in the pm, however, I changed it out with the alprazolam for this morning and didn't take my clonazepam this evening, wanting to compensate for the strength and potentially very long half life of flualprazolam with something with a much shorter half life.

My tolerance to benzos is what I would call on the high side. I can safely take 1mg of alprazolam and 1mg of klonopin and it will be a fun night for perhaps 5 or so hours before I fall asleep and sleep well. Before situations of high stress, I can eat 2mg of alprazolam and 10m of diazepam and walk and talk just fine.

Tonight I am sticking with the Flualprazolam only due to its exceedingly long half life. If 200 hours is accurate, this is not a substance to be trifled with. I have prepared my benadryl if I have an allergic reaction, but am not anticipating one unless there's a weird filler. I am used to benzodiazepines, having taken halcion, xanax, valium, ativan, and klonopin all with good results.

On eating it, flualprazolam has the same bitter taste as most benzodiazepines, with a vague piney flavor on the end. It has a bit less “bite” than alprazolam flavor wise.
Mindset: happy, looking forward to a new experience.

(T= +15 minutes) - My mom calls. I talk to my dad afterwards. I am glad to have spoken with both my parents now. I talk to them on the daily and they instantly know if I am messed up. Now I am free to enjoy the evening. Eating nerds and chatting with a trip buddy. Noticed a bit of tingling on my tongue. I hope it's from the nerds and not an allergic reaction. I think of the 50mg benadryl at the ready just in case and am reassured.

My only concerns with this drug are the long duration, and the incidence of some users reporting black out/memory loss. I definitely experience memory loss with xanax, so I expect this will be similar. Still, I have no responsibilities for at least the next 14 hours, and can push it through tomorrow if necessary.

8:32 (T= +35mins) I ponder having a cannabis chocolate. The chocolates are good and act as a sativa, keeping me awake. I will meditate on this.

8:39 (T=+42 mins)- I feel slightly itchy, but no major allergy symptoms are presenting. Music is slightly more enjoyable, I feel a bit more relaxed, but like the feeling is still building. I have read many reports saying this stuff takes 2 hours to kick in, and I had a full stomach on ingestion, so I will wait until 10:30pm until re dosing.

8:47(T=+50mins)- Listening to Grateful Dead. I feel slightly more relaxed. Having fun texting with friends on Messenger.

9:02 (T= +65 mins)- Have a 10mg piece of sativa cannabis bar. I must limit myself to wanting to feel high to cannabis for the next few hours. Perhaps some nitrous oxide. I am in the mood to be comfortably anesthetized and hope the flualprazolam does the trick.

9:07 (T= +70mins)- Ears have slight pressure, feels like a mild allergic reaction. Nothing severe, though. I have had a similar reaction to xanax from this vendor. I have dust allergies, so the pills may have been kept in an open container in a dusty location.

11:05 (T= +3hrs) - I feel good and relaxed. Enjoying anime with my husband. I am able to walk and speak fine. Still vaguely itchy but not bad. Pondering taking another .5mg. Will wait another hour.

12:03am (T=+/- 4 hrs) - I feel very good, relaxed, can be social if desired. The benzo high has definitely crept up on me. This may be due to the fact I had a full stomach or due to the extremely long half life, perhaps both. I will experiment with taking more on an empty stomach soon. Would like to take more, but still on the fence, as the back of my throat feels vaguely itchy. I would rather not have to take benadryl so am taking it easy for now. I eat another 10mg cannabis edible instead. It normally keeps me awake and is a sativa.

After having taken ¼ of a pill of flualprazolam (.5mg) and waiting for 4 hours, I can confirm it feels like about 1mg Xanax, which is consistent with what I have seen on the web regarding subjective strength.

According to, onset for flualprazolam is 10-30 minutes. I definitely did not find this to be the case. For me, this has a very long come on, and a novice benzo user would likely be unprepared. Duration should be 6-14 hours according to that site, and after effects up to 36 hours.

I am still experiencing vague allergy symptoms, so will put my experimenting on hold for tonight but will follow up on the effects of the benzo, which are still going mellowly strong with relaxation, a soothing calm to the mind and body. I can definitely not drive at this point, although that is also likely due to the cannabis I consumed.

12:39- Am sleepy and going to bed. I will report back on quality and length of sleep.

11:00am (T=+15hrs) I woke up feeling great after 11 hours of sleep. I slept very well and had fun dreams but was still able to rouse in the night twice to use the restroom. I had no problems walking at the time.

I normally take .5mg of klonopin in the morning, but felt no anxiety this morning and therefore didn't take it.
I normally take .5mg of klonopin in the morning, but felt no anxiety this morning and therefore didn't take it.
I went through my whole day until 4pm (T= +20hrs) until feeling signs of my anxiety gently start returning in the way it normally manifests, tightness in the chest. I told myself to suck it up, Buttercup. Flualprazolam likely has a 200 hour half life, so I continued about my day without medication until now, which is 7:28pm (T+23:30hrs)

I want to updose and have taken one 10mg pill of Zyrtec in preparation in case of further allergic reaction. I will start again by taking .5mg (¼ of a bar). I am definitely not “baseline” yet by any means. I still do not have the physical manifestation of my anxiety manifesting more than casually. It is easily dismissed, which is extremely unusual for me. I have been very functional all day without my standard klonopin.

7:55pm (T=23:50) I have just taken the other quarter of the pill I had left from last night, and saw I actually took the smallest quarter last night. Tonight was a slightly larger quarter. There is still ½ an allegedly 2mg pill left. The taste tonight is slightly more bitter and almost plasticky at the end. My body says “give this one a break for a while after this, eh?” So, okay, cool, my body. I shall ride the wave and report back.

8:30pm (T=+35m 2nd dose, T=+24:20 1st dose)- I just took the dog out for a walk. Despite the fact I ate my second .5mg on a full stomach tonight, the effects seemed to take place faster. Walking was fun and relaxing. About 5 minutes ago I felt a gentle “alert” that my body gives me as it's starting to come up. I feel like listening to some music, so I put on some good house music. Very pleased to note that allergy symptoms are not present at this time.

9:15pm (T= +80 mins 2nd dose) I am feeling like I am not getting high enough, and want to redose, against my own better judgment which says I should just slow my row. I checked in with my trip buddy, who said, “Wait a bit lol that leads to the exorcist situation hahaha.” She is so right. Thank you so much, K. You are true and loyal (and level headed!) fellow sister psychonaut and friend. Being as that I wanted to feel high, I just took a cartridge of nitrous oxide, while breathing oxygen at the same time. Almost got so high I felt nauseous. Bam. That's what I was looking for. The pill can wait. I can't add very well any more, so my timing on 1st dose is no longer being recorded due to inebriation.

11:15pm (T= +200 mins 2nd dose) Current body load: 4 out of 10: I feel relaxed but very capable of movement. Headspace is good, happy and mellow/relaxed.

Post edit: I stayed awake until 1am when I fell into a very comfortable sleep and slept for 10 hours, which is longer than my usual ideal 8. I awoke feeling well rested and ready to go about my day.

As of this paragraph, it has been 5 days since my first .5mg of flualprazolam, 4 days since my 2nd .5mg, and my need for my daily klonopin is still reduced. I would normally be craving taking 1mg of klonopin at this point (it is my standard evening dose), but I will stick with .5mg.

Verdict: excellent high, but very potent with too long of a half life to not be potentially dangerous. I am really having to be careful with my subsequent benzo use. I can confirm that the flualprazolam does indeed have an exceedingly long period of effect. Please use with extreme caution, and thank you for reading my report.

Exp Year: 2019ExpID: 113706
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 40 
Published: Dec 6, 2019Views: 9,007
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