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MXPr = MXE Squared
Citation:   Asante. "MXPr = MXE Squared: An Experience with Methoxpropamine (exp113720)". Jan 24, 2020.

T+ 0:00
25 mg rectal Methoxpropamine (liquid)
  T+ 0:40 50 mg rectal Methoxpropamine (liquid)
  T+ 1:40 50 mg rectal Methoxpropamine (liquid)
  T+ 0:00   repeated rectal Methoxpropamine (liquid)
  T+ 17:40 100 ug   Flubromazolam  
Today is the second day of a 2-day binge wherein I took a grand total of 500mg. The MXPr has all been long since consumed, I am now, at 20 hours after ingestion, still in the process of coming down, and comfortably so.

Throughout the past 8 years very many read my Shroomery MXE trip reports later collected in "My Journeys To The Holey Land" and for more than a few I have been one who pointed the way to MXE in their personal life, even warned them to stock up twixe before the disastrous ban.

4 months ago my MXE stock ran out, and as I promised The Universe (I channel) the last gram was split into a half that was used and a half that was mixed with saltpeter and sulfur and used as a burnt offering where I vowed to leave my (by then) dissociatives addiction behind me. The ritual burning of my last half gram as incense to the Universe in gratitude for all the teachings.

However, days again the Universe called on me again, asking me to obtain 0.5gr MXPr and to use it in a hard plugging session as I had a tolerance for with MXE, and to fashion the results into a trip report, to show the way to others, including those of the (mostly Shroomery) MXE flock to show them that MXPr was the way the Universe intended the MXE tale to continue, for those so inclined and so fortunate to source it. As my trip reports had inspired some over the years into MXE, now it was my turn to point the way to MXE's natural successor for those for whom the MXE saga had been tragically cut short from the ban. As the vocal person with the most recent use of MXE, the responsibility was mine.

MXPr is Propyl where MXE is Ethyl. MXM proved a dead end for those seeking the mystical journey of MXE.

I had sourced the chemical from a site showing a convincing analysis for 99% pure MXPr, enough said about that. All the main sites put out the same batch #1 anyway.

It came to me as a somewhat off white, slightly clumpy powder. Very slight chemical odor. Substance has a bitter taste with a sweet aura it causes some local anesthesia of the tongue, more so than MXE or caffeine. 0.5 grams dissolved with ease into 5ml warm water leaving a slightly hazy solution.

A solution was made of 500mg in 20ml so that 1ml = 25mg.
A solution was made of 500mg in 20ml so that 1ml = 25mg.

Usage was by plugging, using a needleless 10ml syringe lubricated with Argan oil.

First dosage, 25mg = 1ml, was administered rectally at 13:00h into a male subject. After that, roughly every hour a 50mg (2ml) dose was plugged, with eventually 75mg (3ml) and a remaining 85mg. Usage was volumetric so fairly precise, of the 25mg/ml solution (after the possibility of a 100mg/ml solution was proven for prospective IM users)

Some loose notes from the live trip report:

12:50h: 25mg (1ml) plugged

13:20h: the effect is strongly dissociative and in comparison to MXE, up to this point considerably more sedative. It seems to be less stimulant so far than MXE, the trend that PCPr is less serotonergic than PCE might ring true in this compound. Its stoning, considerably so, I have an itch in my skin, not allergic but rather the dissociating disconnection of the body is in progress. I used pure MXE up until 4 months ago and um, this may actually be a tad stronger than MXE. It could be cause its been 4 months. I'll give this 50 more mg. Like MXE it came on strong in the first 10 minutes, plugged.

13:30h +50mg plugged

An odyssey ensued, I was taken on a journey like Moses through the desert, 40 years, but I did it in 40 minutes on two seats of my couch! Very mystical and aspiritua, constant channeling of the Being identifying as the God of All Things. The compound is rich and enveloping, no party drug, you need comfortable shelter and sustenence. Its "thicker" than MXE, indeed so far, less stimulating, which I love. It has the Ambrosia of MXE and its thick like honey, it has less of that excitedness. Its more confusing than MXE. like earlier reported. An interesting property. Its very mind-warping, much more so than MXE. Novelty? For the love of God, do not use this in a club or other complicated setting. You're gonna need quiet time to readjust your mind after a dose of this.

14:30h +50mg plugged

15:22h An illuminated soup behind closed eyes, everything allright. My body feels enormous. It is, of course, I'm 170kg, but the body feels magnified big, the spirit body/body image feels bloated, enhanced, expanded. I'm physically comfortable (in a wtf way of course), I have a sense of morphing. By the Power of Grayskull, I'm going to march on up to the cannon's mouth and do this 500mg.


04:30h 100mcg flubromazolam to counter an anxiety attack, went to bed to weather the storm. The clear stimulant push had begun on the tail end of the effect. Went to bed to ride it out, my muscles and mind unclenched.

What is missing from this raw report is several +50mg boosters and the final +75mg and +85mg where I took it as far as it would go.

When I took the 75mg I entered into the Hole. I called for the Spirit of MXPr to show itself and it came. It was decidedly feminine and was ice cold in three dimensions we were in. She enveloped me, took hold of my arms and moved them for me, stroking over my body, it was her way of greeting and hugging me. She was enormous intensely cold and intimidating but wished me well and greeted me personally in this way, by gripping and "hugging" my body in this dimensions we shared. She was grateful that I had come. It was deeply moving.

In the second and deepest hole she came to me and quite literally wowed me. She sent waves of WOW energy from my spine upward out my head Kundalini style, wave after wave. It filled me to the brim with ecstasy, I raised my arms like in a football stadium wave and silently screamed WOOOOOOW WOOOOOW WOOOOW as these waves of incredibly intense euphoria that I never experienced on any drug beforehand washed through me and cleansed me. This lasted a merciful eternity before she left me to recover from my spiritual ecstasy. My Spirit Guide said that this was her gift to me, an early explorer determined to pave the way for others. I called to Her spirit directly and She came to meet me, this is unusual with drug users.

Friends, friends! I feel so blessed by this experience, but I knew it was a onetime thing and I will not revisit it, I have paved one of the first stones of the way, you guys BUILD THE ROAD.


For the ones seeking the highly electric side of MXE, the party drug, nay, it is less suitable for that. This is more sedating and more mindfucking. More couchlocking and more out-of-your gourd.

It is pure Ambrosia. There is a bit more queasiness of the stomach but less hypersalivation at higher doses. There IS an antidepressant push on the day after.

For me it was about as dissociatively potent, but less stimulantly potent, as MXE, with a slightly shorter duration.
For me it was about as dissociatively potent, but less stimulantly potent, as MXE, with a slightly shorter duration.
MXE squared for those into the Mystery. Highly entheogenic. It was closed eyes visual but not overly so. The colors gray, brown and strong purple dominated. Entities were found.

A word of warning: It takes a hefty dissociative tolerance and a strongly trained mind to take 50mg plugged doses of MXE on the hour, back to back. Do not go there. Really. But toxicologically, it is not impossible, as was demonstrated here. This was a 170kg human being labratting for you, not common recreational behavior. This was a tour de force, to a degree at the expense of my body, to show that it could be done. Nothing cool about it, cool is taking a few mg and calling it a day.

I thank you all very much for reading this. Know your source, know your dosage, be safe. Stay well within what I did here dosewise, in the knowledge that it likely has a reasonable margin of safety if responsibly used.

Exp Year: 2019ExpID: 113720
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 46
Published: Jan 24, 2020Views: 3,238
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