Happy From What I've Got From This
by geir
Citation:   geir. "Happy From What I've Got From This: An Experience with Changa (exp113726)". Erowid.org. Apr 24, 2020. erowid.org/exp/113726

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Changa Experimentation

After having plenty of experience with psychedelics, I decided that I wanted to try out the holy spirit molecule. I've read dozens of trip reports and safety guidelines, when finally, I got my hands on 250mg of changa. I was very excited, but also nervous, I knew what a heavy dose of shrooms could do, and from what I've heard, this would be a completely different experience.

I didn't have a weight, so I eyeballed about 1/5 of the batch I had into a bowl. I leaned my chair back, making sure I was sitting comfortably. I prepared myself mentally. I had prepared myself for this for months. Then, I sparked it up. I tried to smoke it, but had some trouble not wasting it. After I smoked all of it, I felt some slight effects. My vision was kind of zoomed in on whatever I was looking at. I felt kind of numb, and it was harder to move my body. The feeling was mostly physical.It was strange, I had never experienced such a feeling before. I was a bit dissapointed, The smoking method might not have been the best, so I decided to try it in a bong next time.

Later, I got my hands on a bong. I loaded about half of the changa I had, so roughly 100mg. Again, I prepared myself, leaned my chair back, took a couple of deep breaths, prepared my mind for blast off. I lit my lighter, filled the bong with thick smoke. It smelled weird. Then I inhaled everything, it was a bit harsh, but not too bad, I usually never cough from smoke. I held the entire hit in, after just a few seconds, I felt the effects. My vision got blurred, I felt dizzy, colors became very vibrant. I held the smoke in for a bit longer. I thought to myself to take another hit, thinking of the phrase "take the third hit". I exhaled and was on my way to light it up once more, but then my vision got filled with so many shapes and colors, it was hard to even see the bong anymore, I also felt paralyzed. This is it, I'm blasting off. My vision got filled more and more with what seemed like fractals and colors. I heard a noise become louder and louder, but not unpleasant.

It felt like the effects were coming from the outside of my body, and creeping in to me at an alarming pace. It surrounded me and my mind, and it went into my mind and somehow opened it. My body got dissolved. Everything, including me, my thoughts, my mind, and the entire world was united, as something I cannot describe.
Everything, including me, my thoughts, my mind, and the entire world was united, as something I cannot describe.
Every sense, every feeling, and everything that I could perceive was now this undescribable thing. It was strange. It was different from acid and shrooms that I had experience with. Somehow, I could still have some "self made" thoughts, but they were heavily supressed.

Whatever was going on right now, was just going on for a while. It didnt change much, it was just the same feeling, and mostly the same visuals. I saw amazing things, but they became repetetive. I started to feel a bit uncomfortable with this feeling now. It didn't change, it didn't get stronger or weaker, it just was there. The thought of the experience not lasting long, calmed me. The visuals were very colorful and nice, but after a while they got darker, and I didn't understand why. Suddenly it was over, I came back to myself and my world. It was done, I could still feel the effects a bit, I saw some "stars" in my room and weird colored lines. I felt giggly, and a bit overwhelmed.

After the trip, I saw that I had only smoked a bit more that half of what I had put in the bong, so I smoked the rest the next day, The experience was a bit weaker than the first time, I also kept my eyes more open this time. Unlike acid, objects werent breathing and wiggling. It was more alien like, kind of like lasers going around everywhere, forming around objects.

As an afterthought, it was a great experience, I'll do it again sometime in the future. No breakthrough this time, but I'm happy from what I've got from this. DMT seems like a truly special drug. What amazes me, is how I could snap into a mega trip, and then snap right out of it a few minutes later, no long comeup or comedown.

Exp Year: 2019ExpID: 113726
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Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Apr 24, 2020Views: 1,321
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