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Like Acid's Little Sister
Citation:   Greenest sea. "Like Acid's Little Sister: An Experience with AL-LAD (exp113730)". Erowid.org. Dec 8, 2019. erowid.org/exp/113730

300 ug sublingual AL-LAD (blotter / tab)
Since there’s little amount of trip reports for 300ug+ Al-LAD trip thought I would contribute my experience. Little background info on my past trips: around 10 mushroom trips ranging from 0.5g to 3g, 2 acid trips ~120ug, 1 5-meo-MIPT trip, about 6 al-lad trips ranging from 37.5ug – 300ug and countless experiences with amps, coke, ket and dxm.

Preface: Been waiting all year to undergo this experience and I spent about a week after having finished my finals preparing mentally for this trip
I spent about a week after having finished my finals preparing mentally for this trip
(first time doing 300ug, previous was 225ug).

Setting: Indoor trip, alone, laying down on the floor for the whole trip looking at the ceiling + music.

Arrived home at about 11:15am and decided to put two tabs under my tongue and wait 30 minutes before swallowing. I don’t usually look at the time while tripping but for the first hour I was pretty much baseline and meditated a bit while getting the blankets and pillow ready.

T+1:30: Ceiling starts to become slightly blurry, easy to focus if need be. Start stressing out about tripping since it’s been over a year since my last serious trip and get a tad bit of anxiety. Continue on fighting with the various kinds of anxiety as the trip gets more and more intense. Finally let go as trip kicks into high gear.

T+2:00: visuals are really ramping up, fractal grid of about 5x8 formed on the ceiling and each “tile” is flowing in sync with the music. Waves of euphoria start rushing over me as the music appreciation grows larger and larger. Thoughts included: thinking about the formation of fractals based on visual information. Thoughts about melting (really warm and humid in the house).

T+3:00: Tripping harder than I’ve ever tripped. Each tile of the grid forms an eight ball of either, green, yellow, red or cyan color. Each ball then proceeds to melt like wax which admittedly freaked me out so I closed my eyes. Feeling muscle tension in my neck and right shoulder (I usually get this on AL-LAD) so I roll around to my stomach. Music is sending waves of euphoria through my body as I experience 3D closed-eye visuals (CEV) for the first time.

CEVs / mental imagery: Image of a huge jade version of myself in the T position spinning as smaller versions of me assemble into a diamond and spin at the tip of my fingers. Bright cyan and magenta colored ribbons drifting around in a “vaporwave type” scenery in sync to the music. Ribbons suddenly invert and come to a complete stop before disappearing. Probably the most interesting visual up to date. (Included palm trees and checker like patterns)

T+3:30: Laying down on the bean bag and watching my tapestry move around and take on that “wispy” pattern. While I was laying down on the bean bag I looked down at my body and saw lines cross it. Anywhere not covered by a thick line melted down and had the mental image of my body split in transections superposed over a sunset lake scenery. At this moment I was experiencing pure bliss and thought that every human probably has that “in the zone” moment when they are so enthralled into something that interests them that they stop thinking about themselves for a moment. Wished that everyone could feel that way.

T+4:00: “Switched off” of full on psychedelia and can now reflect easily on the experience. Spend about an hour and a half thinking about neuroscience and my lab colleagues. Come to the realisation that I'm too insecure about myself and that I should have more confidence in my abilities (had this realization more than once in other trips). Feel pretty happy and content. Personally I really enjoy the comedown of the experience as the mindset is so good for engaging in deep thought and reflective thinking.
I really enjoy the comedown of the experience as the mindset is so good for engaging in deep thought and reflective thinking.

T+4:30: Significant other arrives home while I'm still experiencing slight wispiness and fractallation on objects. Stay outside and enjoy music for a bit until I’m pretty much completely sober. Whole experience lasted about 5.5 hours. Had a really great time and finally experienced CEV for the first time which was cool. I was taken aback from the strength of the trip at the beginning but feel like I was able to adjust to the intensity of the visuals.

I had this trip about 2 years ago now and finally got around to submitting . This trip was last strong trip with AL-LAD and I have, since then, proverbially “gotten the message and hung up the phone”. With over a dozen or so trips with this substance I can reliably state that my experiences have always been on the rather short side (bulk of effects within 4hours and return to 90% baseline after 6 hours). I still think this substance is a must for acid lovers and frequently comment on how AL-LAD is like acid's little sister; calm, comforting, and easy to overcome if stuck in a negative headspace (holds true up to 300ug for myself).

Exp Year: 2017ExpID: 113730
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 20
Published: Dec 8, 2019Views: 1,082
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AL-LAD (603) : General (1), Alone (16)

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