Psychedelic Influenza and Fractal Vaginas
Anadenanthera peregrina
Citation:   Moses. "Psychedelic Influenza and Fractal Vaginas: An Experience with Anadenanthera peregrina (exp113737)". Nov 6, 2019.

4.5 seeds insufflated Anadenanthera peregrina (ground / crushed)
My buddy bought some mysterious seeds (Anadenanthera Peregrina) from a local Books and Herbs shop. Four years ago. Shortly afterwards, he gave them to me. A small bag of fifty or so round, flat seeds. Dunno why he even bothered buying them, or giving them to me. He told me they were psychedelic. I had no interest in psychedelics whatsoever. I put them into my drawer and forgot about them.

Periodically, Iíd remind friends that I had these seeds that they were more than welcome to try. Itís a legal trip, and itís free! Try it please, I donít want them. I was also curious as to what theyíd do. I wanted to use my pals as lab rats. It became sort of an in-joke.

Then last month, my girlfriend convinced me to try psychedelic mushrooms. Ho-lee-shit, that was cool. This is what I was missing? This is what psychedelic drugs were like? This whole time? And I had ten free doses of a psychedelic drug, wielded by Amazonian shamans for thousands of years, sitting in my drawer? Fuck yeah, Iím about to snort some yopo.

I prepared two doses of the stuff. My girlfriend said, yeah sure, you try it first, if it goes well, Iíll try some too! Foreshadow: it did not go well.

I was in my girlfriendís room. I rolled up an old chemistry flashcard of hers from high school as a snuff tube. She produced a discount-rack lesbian romance novel that we bought a few weeks ago as a joke as a snorting surface. I laughed. I summoned four disturbingly large lines of brown seed powder from the bag. I knew I had to do it, or my curiosity would never be sated. I made time by telling her fun facts about whatever I could think of. She told me to shut the fuck up and do it.

I snorted three of the four lines until my nose was on fire. I looked around the room a bit. I looked at her. I told her that my body felt weird right off the bat. No visuals at this point. I had read that the nasal drip was what caused nausea, so I had a garbage can ready for me to spit into, so I wouldnít vomit. It didnít matter. My gut was instantly in a knot as soon as the powder hit my mucous membranes.

I chilled out for a bit, until I said, ďI think I am going to go vomit. Goodbye.Ē I stumbled into the bathroom, and dry heaved a few times. I didnít vomit, but I did see quadruple fractals of the porcelain altar whenever I closed my eyes. The bathtub looked magnificent. The dull, worn down, brown and faded, sixty year old bathroom floor pattern was absolutely enthralling. I closed my eyes, and saw a hockey goalie mask made of impossible colours staring at me. I knew at this point that I was tripping. I gallivanted back to my girlfriendís room, confident that I wouldnít vomit.

I flopped back down onto her bed. She was in the corner snuggled with her cat under a mountain of blankets. She told me about how whenever she trips, she goes through this period where looking at human faces becomes unbearable, and she asked me if that was happening to me. I looked her directly in the eye and experienced a wave of peace and tranquility. Her face became a rock of calmness in the sea of sinus pain and nausea that I was experiencing. I secured myself under some blankets, and assumed the position of a Norse warrior in a coffin: legs straight, hands folded at the stomach, as if grasping a sword.

I stared at her closet, and closed my eyes. I saw an impossibly colored (Iím using this term a lot, because thereís no other way to describe it. There just really isnít.) sixteen sided shape, made of impossible geometry, filled with the gnashing heads of lions, tigers, wolves, and other large eyed and large toothed beasts. I opened my eyes, and gazed at the framed image of a Valknut my girlfriend had on her wall. For those of you who donít know, a Valknut is a pagan symbol that looks like three interlocked triangles. I closed my eyes, and the Valknut stayed there, but split like a cell into more Valknuts, and formed an intricate weave of triangular knots.

At this point, my girlfriend started reading aloud funny memes that she was looking at on her phone. I literally did not have the patience for this, but didnít have the heart to tell her. I couldnít even pretend to laugh. I was happy that she was laughing at something. The fact that she was finding something funny made me happy but I couldnít bring myself to interact with her. I closed my eyes again.

This is where the weirdest visuals happened. It was like I was laying underneath a naked woman, her legs made of undulating blue waves, leading up to a brilliantly coloured vagina. I focused my closed eyes on the vagina, and saw warping fractals, eyes, waves, hairs. Eventually, the legs blended, and dispersed, into two separate serpents.

At this point, the trippiness was starting to wear off. I asked my girlfriend if she would scratch my back. She was comfortably lodged with her cat in a pile of blankets in the corner. I understood. I laid in her bed a while, feeling nauseous, and my sinuses were still on fire. Her cat left her lap eventually, and she crawled into bed with me, and we took a nap together. By the time she got into bed with me, I was completely back to baseline, however, I was still feeling physically ill. Later, she remarked that from her perspective, it was like I snorted the stuff and just got sick.

All in all, was it worth it? No. It was like I gave myself an illness, the symptoms of which were nausea, sinus irritation, and tripping balls. Iím typing this the same day, ten hours later, and my nose still hurts. Did I learn anything about myself like I did when I did shrooms? No. I saw some cool visuals, and made myself sick. Thatís it. When I first tried psychedelic mushrooms, I had very few visual effects, the trip was entirely introspective, and for me, that is the primary benefit of psychedelic drugs. I got none of that out of yopo. Just some sweet visuals and sickness.

Exp Year: 2019ExpID: 113737
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 22
Published: Nov 6, 2019Views: 1,172
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Anadenanthera peregrina (285) : Small Group (2-9) (17), First Times (2)

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