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Swiss Army Knife of Dissociative Anesthetics
Citation:   Naught a Psycho. "Swiss Army Knife of Dissociative Anesthetics: An Experience with Deschloroketamine (exp113745)". Nov 23, 2019.

15 - 50 mg   Deschloroketamine  
    repeated vaporized Nicotine (daily)
  1 smoked Tobacco - Cigarettes (daily)
I have found Deschloroketamine to be one of the most versatile substances that I have worked with to date. And it works in a way that many other things do not, simply put, it works very well. As we are all aware, every person will undoubtedly have a different experience with this molecule. Below are my experiences, which are interpreted through my mind and my lived experience. I also pride myself for having the ability to see things differently than others. Please remember, this is my story, not all of it will apply to yourself. I am only sharing with you my experience, from my perspective. All that follows could be particular to myself, but it's good to note. Your Milage May Vary.

On its own DCK, lends itself well to calm and reflection.
On its own DCK, lends itself well to calm and reflection.
I have found that it is a wonderful adjunct to meditation and introspection. It energizes without being pushy, while it calms without sedating. At low doses, I find that it always brightens my mood, and the same holds true for the higher doses, however confusion can, and occasionally does set it at the higher doses. For myself, I notice that I have enough of my wits about me to know that I am confused, but often not enough to figure out a solution to my current issue. But since my mood is so good, I am usually quite happy to shrug it off and continue on my merry way.

I have found that mixing DCK with other substances to be of great utility, and can be a wonderful solution to a bumpy comeup. Since DCK acts quickly 20-40 min. it will often kick in before the second substance. This brings bodily comfort, a mood boost, and a settled mind. In terms of a chemically induced set and setting, it's a win. I also find that when I preload with DCK, the following substance(s) does not really surge into effect rather, it will creep in a little slower than usual. And then last a little longer than normal.

Alternately, when coming down from MDMA, DCK can be a godsend. When I use MDMA I take my first dose, then supplement every couple hours throughout the evening. Since finding DCK, I simply make my last supplement dose, 15-20mg DCK. The two molecules seem to link their fingers, hold me in their hands, and lower me back to a very comfortable baseline in about four hours.

With some substances, I have noticed DCK to be a potentiator. So far, this has been the case for: MDMA, 2C-b, AL-LAD, 4-aco-DMT, 1P-LSD, and 3MMC (others may be included, but this is the extent of my experience). The increase seems to apply to both molecules, and at times I can feel the distinct effect of each working together. I have never felt the 'competition' like with some combinations. However, my doses tend to be moderate, higher doses may conflict more than others.

A clear overview of the DCK experience would be remiss without including the effects of tobacco. Depending on what you are going for, this may be read as a caution or a highlight of the experience. In my experience, there has been intense synergy with this combination, both during the experience, and for some hours afterwards. To set the stage, please note that I vape regularly throughout the day, and end every day with a walk, and a single cigarette. Vaping does not seem to have the same reaction as tobacco, I'm thinking entourage effect?

At doses over 20mg, I find that my evening cigarette will cause my experience to go significantly deeper, and this new mind state will last approximately 20 minutes. Having discovered this, I now plan my evening walk accordingly and look forward to the experience. I have noticed this effect to extend long past my return to baseline as well. On more than one occasion, I have smoked a cigarette the morning after a 50mg+ experience (just to see...) and I was immediately thrown back into the frey, so lovely...

I do not seem to experience much in the way of tolerance with DCK. I do not take it daily, or regularly, however on days where I am taking it two days in a row, I can use the same dose with seemingly full effect.
I do not take it daily, or regularly, however on days where I am taking it two days in a row, I can use the same dose with seemingly full effect.

My personal dosing guide is as follows.

Good for comeup/comedown mitigation. 2C-B, MDMA, 4-aco-DMT, LSD. This dose can also be a wonderful augment while meditating or doing self work.

Good standalone. Lightheadedness, psychedelic mindset, improved mood/sociability/music appreciation.

Getting into trippy territory here. Good for bumbling around with friends, and better than drunk; but be mindful, there may be times where reality ruffles it's feathers a little, and coming back to a room where everyone else is 'normal' may be a little daunting.

Most doses over 40mg, are good for staying away from the public. Staying in with friends, relaxing with music, and deep conversations can be very nice though.

Exp Year: 2019ExpID: 113745
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 46
Published: Nov 23, 2019Views: 4,051
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