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Labyrinths of Mind, Escher Spaces
by zeo
Citation:   zeo. "Labyrinths of Mind, Escher Spaces: An Experience with Changa (exp113760)". Nov 21, 2019.

1 hit smoked Changa
I went to the forest determined to have a deep experience. It was a warm summer day. I was about to smoke changa, containing around 30mg of DMT and harmine (extracted by myself).

All it took was one deep toke. Within seconds, a shiver goes through my body, and I break into another reality. It definitely feels like going though a door, or a membrane of sorts. The golden flow of intricate arabesques is starting to fill my whole field of vision. Seconds later, I am bending with time and space, together with multi-dimensional tapestries. My body now is curved and I sway along these curves, as if dancing. Golden, red and green stained-glass cobwebs appear. They twist and bend, never straight, always rounded, ever-shifting, receding into eternity, paradoxical, topological labyrinths Esher could only dream about.

What is this place? It feels so familiar, like I've just been here, then went on playing a human character in some other dimension. Is this my real home? Why does it feel so familiar?
Why does it feel so familiar?
“WE GOT YOU NOW!” - I am being greeted by multiple invisible entities, I can feel their presence and I can hear them chattering. Are they simply my thoughts, or are they actual beings from another dimension? It doesn't matter at this point, because all of my normal thinking facilities don't operate well in this space. Here I am just a point of awareness, floating, flying through multi-dimensional tapestries, castles, cathedrals, ceilings crafted by celestial masters.

But why am I seeing this architecture? Is this what my brain looks like from within? There's this electronic, buzzing sound, penetrating my reality. Everything is crisp, crackling, electrical, loaded with energy. I want to grab onto normal reality, I open my eyes but nothing makes sense anymore – there is only patterns, elements that constitute reality, but they've become one flow of imagery, one great soup of elements. I know that I am in the forest, but golden cobwebs invaded everything, and there's nothing to grab on to. Time is fractal, nothing is straight anymore. Vaguely I am seeing smoke coming out of my mouth still. Holy smokes, has it only been seconds of real time?! I can swear it's been at least an hour or even longer.

I close my eyes and recline onto a tree. My heart is racing, but it's not uncomfortable, and I don't feel any panic, even though I used to suffer from panic attacks in the past. There's the infinite architecture again, and entities sitting on each block of the receding, iridescent tapestry. They laugh, they taunt, they make fun, but most of all, they care about me. “We got you now!” they shout, and I am not sure whether they mean that I am safe, or that I am completely under their mischievous control. It's probably both, but I have no fear, only curiosity. I dig their humor! With my eyes closed I see only endless labyrinths, and entities sitting on top of golden pyramids trying to touch me, calm me, and play. And this smell... smell of DMT is penetrating my whole being. I will never forget this smell.

I can feel myself slowly returning to my home planet. “Jesus fucking Christ...” I proclaim, holding my face in my palms. Sparkling, magical, ineffable reality is receding fast, leaving me with indescribable feelings of joy and euphoria.
Sparkling, magical, ineffable reality is receding fast, leaving me with indescribable feelings of joy and euphoria.
“Wonderful, wonderful!” I babble like a fool. It was a time-machine. I went back to my previous life, when I wasn't wearing this human suit. Otherwise how can I explain the overwhelming deja-vu feeling of being “back”? DMT doesn't work with your imagination, your personal issues, and your expectations. It's way, way beyond all of that. It's not concerned about your personal load. In DMT world you can't grab onto your old self. You can try, but it's pointless. You've bought a ticket to an inter-dimensional ride, so you better sit down and look... And enjoy, if you're able to!

Sunshine is penetrating me, giving warmth and energy. Euphoria is unreal. I am back, but still feel like I'm tripping on a lot of acid. But I am not inside the castle of eternal entities anymore. Life is great and mysterious. This is healing, this gives me hope that no matter how hard our lives are, there is something beyond. Was it only inside my head? Maybe, who knows. Does it matter though? Who can tell?

All in all, this experience was amazing. It lasted around 10 minutes in total, but it felt much, much longer. The only physical effect I could feel was increased heart rate and sweating, but I was sitting in the hot sun, so that may explain it. Respect DMT, it's incredible.

Exp Year: 2018ExpID: 113760
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 39
Published: Nov 21, 2019Views: 1,249
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Changa (816) : Alone (16), Entities / Beings (37), Glowing Experiences (4), Combinations (3)

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