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Things Kicked Up in Terms of Intensity
LSD, Nitrous Oxide & Cannabis
Citation:   Eltee1990. "Things Kicked Up in Terms of Intensity: An Experience with LSD, Nitrous Oxide & Cannabis (exp113782)". Erowid.org. Oct 28, 2021. erowid.org/exp/113782

1 hit oral LSD
    repeated smoked Cannabis
    repeated inhaled Nitrous Oxide
A Trip Through the Nitrous Oxide Realm

Location: Sydney, Australia.

I am going to go into as much detail as possible for this report but some segments may be lost as I had not originally intended to report my experience, however I feel I need to due to the nature of some of the points throughout the trip and my desire to recall this experience in future.

To set the scene; myself, my girlfriend and a group of friends decided to drop acid on a Friday evening at home, we had done this a few weeks earlier at home and had a good time, though not as intense as this time. Our friend J was doing acid properly for the first time and me, my girlfriend (Jz), S and K all had some prior experience with psychedelics such as LSD and Mushrooms.


We had all been chilling on the back porch around a large table chatting, drinking and smoking some joints while listening to music, the time is around 8pm. The table is lit from above with pulsing coloured LED lights, the music plays through the living room system which is just through the double doors out to the back porch creating a good feel for a trip. The sun had set and after some time we all decided now was the time to drop the acid. Me, J, S and Jz all took one tab each while K did two as we were told this was “weaker acid”. We then set about playing a board game “codenames” which had everyone laughing and having a good time.


About twenty minutes after we initially dropped, still playing the boardgames whilst smoking and having some nitrous, K started to mention he was feeling like the acid was kicking in. I felt something similar in my body but dismissed that it was kicking in as we were only twenty minutes in. Over the next ten to fifteen minutes my body high was growing more intense which did make me question whether the acid was actually starting, at this point I felt some anxiety about the stated strength of the acid, and also for how K may be feeling.


At this point some other friends showed up at our place who were not tripping, this is when I really started to notice the onset; K, S, Jz and J were all feeling it too, we were all having a hard time trying to play the board game and also interact with our sober friends but not in a bad way, the difference in energy was just more noticeable because of the acid. We smoked some joints and continued having nitrous whippets in balloons, this was elevating the onset of the acid and visuals were beginning to become more and more vivid. We were all laughing non stop at each other and were all generally having a really good time enjoying the come up.


The onset of the acid was very quick, possibly because of the nitrous combination but we all noted how it had affected us quicker than the last time we tripped together on a stronger dose. We had previously set the living room up with coloured lights, neon signs etc which gave us another area to explore. The surround sound in the living room sounded amazing, I could feel the vibrations of the music going in time with the vibrations of my body, I felt connected to the music through the artwork on the screen. Around now our sober friends left and we moved into the living room taking turns doing nitrous in a bean bag in the middle of the room. This with the music loud provides an intense experience with heavy visuals and a sense of leaving reality for a period of time that feels longer than it is. We were all tripping pretty hard at this point, all noting heavy light hallucinations and feelings of time repeating itself after a balloon. The balloons were running out so we decided it would be fun to walk to the shops about ten minutes away.


We left the house after around another half an hour due to the confusion and distractions of the visuals. During the walk the visuals were increasingly strong at times, with trees and building looking warped and coloured. The trees were shimmering with purples and blues in the dark streets with the buildings looking out of place and as if they were made of plastic or some other material that was smooth and shiny with a “softness” to it. This is very enjoyable and I’d say we were all having a similar experience. Cars were very alien and the noises were crisp and seemed to echo, as we reached a cross roads Jz mentioned how it looked like we were In Tokyo, and we all agreed and stood to enjoy the shared experience while waiting to cross. The shop where the nitrous is sold is on a busy main street with bars, cafes and restaurants which is full of lights and signs. This was very enjoyable for us while tripping, the lights were vivid and bright with trails coming off in different colours. I felt very content with how I was feeling at this point, I tend to enjoy being outside moving through different environments when tripping.

We made it to the shop in a relatively quick time considering our state. K, who had taken the highest dosage was actually acting as group leader, he was the only one who managed to bring money and also was the one to go into the shop to make the purchase, this was surprising to me considering in my state I was in no way capable of remembering anything when leaving the house. On the way home, we stopped at the 7eleven to buy snacks and some drinks. We all bought ice creams and walked the rest of the way having the most blissful joint experience of the ice cream, which tasted amazing while tripping and the coldness of the mouthfuls was soothing my dry mouth from nitrous and smoking joints.


At this point I feel like things kicked up in terms of intensity, both the visuals and body high.

We arrived home and went back out onto the back deck, we decided we all should do a balloon at the same time. We proceeded to load up five balloons for all of us, we chose not to have any music on but instead listen to the sounds of the crickets in the night which I was heightened to and felt very comforted by the sound. We all started huffing the balloons at the same time, about thirty seconds in I lost awareness of everyone around me and everything fell silent, the area seemed to be a light blueish colour and time felt like it was standing still. As I took the balloon down from my mouth, I noticed that all sounds that I could hear sounded like they were in slow motion.
As I took the balloon down from my mouth, I noticed that all sounds that I could hear sounded like they were in slow motion.
I lost awareness of my body and felt like I had gone too far, I looked around the room and could see that everyone was in this altered reality with me. We all came to and were confused but excited about what had just happened and started trying to make sense of it which felt impossible at the time, and looking back I still cannot work out if we all left our bodies for a brief time and were in this altered place through the nitrous combining with the LSD. After this first experience we continued to do nitrous but did not have the same profound joint experience. This combo definitely ramps up the effects of the LSD, I thought I was peaking when we were walking to the shops but now my high was a lot heavier and my body felt like I was constantly slightly under the effects of nitrous, things were more and more confusing and I was finding that I needed to change my seat or move between rooms to bring some clarity to my mind.


After about another hour of chatting, listening to music and taking nitrous oxide I was really feeling deep into my trip. The whole of my vision was becoming distorted, patterns were appearing on all surfaces and even merging from object to object creating one continuous pulse of geometric patterns. The walls were distorted and pulsing and light seemed to sway through the spectrum depending on the music and the conversation. There were points where I was becoming internally panicked that this was a much stronger dose than advertised, but these unpleasant feelings would usually subside after moving location or starting conversation. I find that my girlfriend Jz is the best person for any unpleasant feelings, even just being next to her makes me feel very grounded and no matter how hard we've been tripping I feel we are always on the same level and are connected in a way that we are always on the same energy level, she is my rock when tripping and feel very grateful for this.


The trip is still at a very high intensity, we are now all doing our own thing. J, K and Jz were on the back deck whilst me and S were in the living room enjoying the music. I was sat on the sofa while S was dancing close to the speaker she mentioned how she was dancing with the music, feeling the music within her being. I was sat on the sofa having some intense visuals which were messing with my perspective, I was struggling to focus on anything for longer than a few seconds. I remember at this point I was surprised the acid was still so strong due to the low dose, but then felt very content again and went outside onto the deck to roll a joint with Jz.


After another hour, the strength was coming and going in waves and we chatted and chilled on the deck while I rolled a joint. I finally got it rolled and we were feeling really good about smoking it, by this point another wave came over me and things were getting intense again. As I lit the joint I felt amazing, the body high was euphoric and the light trails were spinning around and twirling through the smoke of the joint. This felt amazing and with each toke I could feel myself slipping a bit deeper into the trip. Visual distortion became stronger and feelings of confusion were beginning to creep in again. I think this was generally to do with the surprise of how strongly we were all tripping, I spoke about this with Jz and she was feeling the same which made me feel a lot more comfortable.


We saw J and K in the hallway looking at the various bits of artwork whilst doing a balloon. Myself, S and Jz went in with them and began to admire the spiralling colours and melting textures that filled the frame of a Jimi Hendrix painting. It was really amazing looking at this and watching it come alive. At this point my perspective was completely off, the hallway was ballooned out and the corners were rounded and soft, almost as if the corners didn't exist and the hall was just one straight line. Everyone was at different heights in my field of vision even thought some are taller and others are similar in height, this was beginning to make me feel uncomfortable so I went back outside onto the back deck to try and gather my thoughts.

The strength of the trip at this time was still pretty intense, visuals were still very colourful and full of patterns with the addition of the distorted perspective which seemed to have a very late onset. The table was at an angle and nothing on it was easily visible, and the distances between myself and others around the table was very warped and distorted. We were all feeling pretty physically exhausted at this point and were chilling in the back. S was on her own in the bathroom enjoying her reflection and the visuals she was still having. After about thirty minutes she went to bed, while the rest of us stayed out the back taking hits on K’s weed vape which was really nice change to the joints we’d been smoking all evening. I could sense that the acid was finally wearing off and I was feeling very peaceful and relaxed about the whole experience so far.


Jz went to bed while me, K and J stayed out smoking and chatting about the night, trying to make sense of some of the things we’d seen and experienced, we continued to smoke the vape which was not intensifying any of the trip but was more bringing us down and getting us ready for bed. After about fifteen minutes, I decided to go to bed and cuddle up with Jz and get cosy as I was feeling very tired. I was still having some mild visuals at this time but once my eyes were closed and I was lying down it didn't take long for me to fall asleep. I had a very deep and enjoyable sleep but did not recall having any dreams which I was expecting to.

Exp Year: 2019ExpID: 113782
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 28
Published: Oct 28, 2021Views: 790
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LSD (2), Nitrous Oxide (40), Cannabis (1) : Combinations (3), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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