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Overwhelming Sense of Being Watched
Citation:   theangrylittlebunny. "Overwhelming Sense of Being Watched: An Experience with 4-HO-MiPT (exp113879)". Dec 27, 2019.

5 - 37 mg   4-HO-MiPT (powder / crystals)
I was quite interested in trying shrooms, so I decided to grow them myself. First with a grow Kit I bought, and then using spores and a self Made Substrate, and both attempts failed and I gave up.

Some time later I saw that the online shop I bought Eth-LAD from also has 4-HO-MiPT. The Psilocin in shrooms is 4-HO-DMT, so I figured that's close enough and bought one gram. I also asked them what salt it is and they told me it should be oxalate.

I got a bag with exactly 1g of a light gray powder and experimented with doses ranging from 5 to 15mg. Even at low doses like 5mg I quickly noticed this isn't a social drug, I felt somewhat stressed and overwhelmed in it in public. At first I kept the doses low and mostly took it with LSD
At first I kept the doses low and mostly took it with LSD
since I didn't have very high expectations in it.

However, one day I decided to give it a proper try, so one evening after taking a break from everything for about two weeks I weighed out 25mg. I was a bit scared so I first only snorted 15mg. I started feeling something 30 minutes in and decided to swallow the other 10mg about 40 minutes in, and then IT really got going. I got a mix of anxiety and excitement which got stronger and stronger over the next 20 minutes after which I was füll into it. I listened to some calm music and I had a quite intense feeling which was a bit like as if I was under water, it was quite nice actually. This was accompanied with intense Body sensations, mostly annoying muscle tension and I really just didn't wanna move around.

The visuals also set in pretty quickly. Mostly the things I saw made a lasting blue or red outline which then produced colourful spiraling patterns. I also saw mostly blue, but also red, purple and green zig zag lines moving over objects which looked like electricity. The visuals were more intense then those of LSD but still much less then those of Eth-LAD. The mental effects are just like with any psychedelic pretty much impossible to convey, but it has a lot of similarities with LSD, surprisingly more then Eth-LAD in my opinion, but it is not as deep as LSD.

The effects drastically decreased after the one hour long peak but still persisted quite a long time. About 3 Hours in I dosed another 10mg, which I think did nothing. Most persistent was the muscle tension and a very uncomfortable sense of being watched. I absolutely wouldn't wanna be in public in this state, I felt tense and didn't wanna move around at all. I could finally fall asleep about 10 hours after dosing.

The next time I swallowed 37mg at noon, I had to turn off my thoughts for a minute because I was quite scared of ingesting that amount. The next 40 minutes up to the onset I had thoughts along the lines of "oh god, what If I panic and call the ambulance, this dose is way too high for me". But it wasn't too high for me and the comeup started with a very pleasurable sensation in my entire body, pushing my arms against my body felt really nice, a complete contrast to the first proper experience. From there on it again went up like in a Rollercoaster for the next 40 minutes and got super intense. What I always noticed with this tryptamine was that my tinnitus got quite intense, it felt like an electric buzzing in my brain. It would get so intense that it got kinda scary and I just listened to music to blend it out.

The effects however dropped as rapidly as they came this time, I think this might have been because of the 200ug Eth-LAD I took a week prior. Only weak effects and slight visuals remained for the next few hours.

The last experience was quite odd. That day I experimented with small doses of 5-MeO-DMT, for which I didn't eat the whole day, however in the evening I ate something, which I usually never do before taking any psychedelic drug. But I weighed out 37mg of the 4-HO-MiPT anyway because I wanted to see If it still works after using 5-MeO-DMT. I snorted 20mg, and 40 minutes later....nothing, I swallowed the rest and waited for another 30 minutes, still barely anything. At that point I have up in it and went in doing something else.

Maybe 40 minutes later I suddenly noticed I was füll into it, strong visuals, mentally I had füll in effects and this just creeped up in me, it didn't suddenly start. I think it came on much slower because I ate before, but I'm not sure. After the main effect I again had the uncomfortable feeling of being watched, but this time extreme.
I again had the uncomfortable feeling of being watched, but this time extreme.
I couldn't even do or watch certain things because I really felt like someone was seeing everything I so.

This time I also noticed the slight depressed feeling I would have the next day, I always had that after 4-HO-MiPT but never connected it to the drug.

Overall, 4-HO-MiPT is really interesting and absolutely worth it, at least in my opinion. I would consider it a rather light psychedelic drug, I really never got scared in it in any way.

Exp Year: 2019ExpID: 113879
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 22
Published: Dec 27, 2019Views: 1,715
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