Cigarettes Made Out of Pebbles
DXM & Cigarettes
Citation:   pretzelpete. "Cigarettes Made Out of Pebbles: An Experience with DXM & Cigarettes (exp113886)". Nov 22, 2023.

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240 ml oral DXM
  T+ 1:00 1 cig. smoked Tobacco - Cigarettes
  T+ 2:00 1 cig. smoked Tobacco - Cigarettes
240ml DXM dry cough forte (equal to 11.8mg per kg)

I dosed at 7:30pm, knowing it would be dark in an hour so as the peak would be in darkness. I chose to trip at home and as usual with no lightning and would be navigating around the house by feeling the walls once things kicked in. So I did 240ml of Dry cough forte in a set of 12 20ml "shots" back to back and was ready to roll. I would then spend the come up period preparing the main trip room for complete blackout. Its a square room with my computer in it on a standing desk, speakers, a shag rug in the center and a pillow. So as I was coming up I was draping towels over the computer lights and keyboard etc and had a Robitussen brand blanket which is a black and white zig zag pattern. This was 30 minutes in and the pattern was beginning to vibrate as I put it over the monitor. I had the music all set up which was a bunch of Mr Black mixes from soundcloud and was kind of feeling it.

The nausea begins to kick in in my stomach a bit. A slight increase in body temperature occurs so I change into lighter clothing. I was dancing to the tunes as the rush was kicking and made a last minute change as I wasn't quite vibing with the mixes. So I loaded up 8 different Kiritsu mixes and as the first one begun, the transition from coming up to what I would describe as peak effects begin. I had to lay down on my back with the pillow and the dissociation begins as a dark grin covers my face. The distance of the music source began to push further and further away, while simultaneously becoming more encompassing. The bass is especially pronounced, and lying on the floor makes every vibration felt. My arms were by my side with palms facing up and their location and sensation too begin to push and stretch further and further away to which felt like kilometers, while the sensation of the rest of my body remained stationary. I close my eyes and a beautiful vision of a dark underwater scene is present with these floral like clusters of corals which resemble mushrooms with their overall shape jellyfish like. They were lilac and white with a dim shimmering luminescence and were utterly gorgeous, and began to ascend to the surface of the water. This vision then subsided and I open my eyes again.

The incredible sensations of profoundness hit me to a degree where I was on the verge of orgasm. This was a sustained sensation and very enjoyable. This was where it felt as if I contacted spiritual beings and beings representing mother nature and began to see the interconnectedness of the collective unconscious. I was being guided by these spiritual beings and was seeing people in their spiritual form, which sort of resembled red tadpoles and were multiplying and disappearing in a display of life and death, all connecting like neural connections in the brain. I got a grander sense and realization that the differences in race and culture doesn't matter and that we are all connected as one spiritually in a way that is not visible, the way objects and events are connected in the real world. It was overall a profound experience, like I was accepted with open arms into the spiritual world. I cried slightly with happiness.

Then the image of a previous workplace I worked at came up, and I worked with very toxic and a truly narcissistic bunch of people that caused a lot of damage to me. The spiritual being wanted me to live out the painful memories again, in order to heal. So I did so, with a heightened sense of anguish and as the scene finished it then felt almost like I was surrounded with white light and saw myself levitate upwards from the third person, and the past damaged seemed healed in an instant.
The spiritual being wanted me to live out the painful memories again, in order to heal. So I did so, with a heightened sense of anguish and as the scene finished it then felt almost like I was surrounded with white light and saw myself levitate upwards from the third person, and the past damaged seemed healed in an instant.

This was an hour in, as the first kiritsu mix had finished, and I was still in the peak of the trip. I decided to have a cigarette. I had given up for 2 years and unfortunately started again recently, and I was also planning to use this trip to quit. I had 2 Ciggis left set aside for the trip which were on the kitchen counter. I crawled like a toddler through the long hallway leading to the kitchen and navigated to the cigarette on the counter. There is a skylight in the kitchen so it was not completely dark like the rest of the house, as moonlight was casting a subtle blue light through the kitchen. I lay on my back and again the thought occurred to me that I would be dancing with the Dragon that is nicotine. I light up the cigarette and inhale and instantly my brain lights up and as I look at the ceiling, instantaneously a wash of black and white square based detailed geometry covers the ceiling. I exhale and the geometry disappears. I inhale again and a new set of reddish geometry engulfs the ceiling, and the presence of a dragon like being floating through the air is felt, and the feeling of the spiritual being saying "your dancing with the dragons, I hope you enjoy it, this consumption will only be for ritualized purposes now."

I finish the cigarette and navigate back to the main trip room. I sit kneeling, upright on the rug with my eyes open. I fell into what I would definitely call a hole or a void. The space of the void was cubic in size, with spherical edges, and completely black with slight areas of illuminated light to present form. I look down and see dully lit however illuminate geometry which is dark green, indented with clean holes into a larger geometrical Taurus like shape, but had a slight resemblance of trypophobia (minus the revulsion) then I start to loose orientation of my body. I am looking down at my body from the third person, severely dissociated at this point and I am wearing this shiny black suit with neon white spotted patterns that then extend downwards to infinity. The scene pans up and now my body is upside down on the roof and I say to myself "but wait, I'm up here now" simultaneously the direction of gravity rotates to a 45 degree angle, then 180 to align with my body on the roof, and also at the same time the source of the music is moving to different spaces on the cubic room, being heard on the left wall, then roof, then right.

I loose all sensation and presence and sight of my body completely, except for my hands, which are grabbing onto the rug kind of like a cat scratching on carpet. I can only feel my hands, no idea where I am, which way is up, where the music is coming from and what orientation gravity is. It was utterly confusing and disorientating. The void all of a sudden centers itself back into black and I am re-orientated correctly, and a silver swath of a trim sheet (in video games a trim sheet is basically a sheet with different textures and panels/details/beveled edges used for texturing) starts to move towards me out of the blackness, almost in an ominous fashion, then receding back again. I see a small cluster of green video game assets that I had made, sitting motionless in the corner. Neon lights appear and disappear and the general headspace of the void is very arcade and video game like, as the gravity changes sort of felt like pong. This part lasted about an hour and I decided to finish the last cigarette.

I start to navigate down the hallway to the kitchen, eyes still open, walking this time and running my hands along the wall for guidance. All the while the hallway turns into an art deco city scene, like the hallway floor was a road and the walls where the buildings. I make it to the kitchen and approach the counter where the last cigarette is. The kitchen counter is made out of some sort of decorative stone similar to marble. As I go to grab the cigarette the whole kitchen counter, its cupboard doors, the wall behind it and the cigarette itself gets covered in tiny white pebbles the size of sesame seeds. It was full on! Then I look down towards my hands and my arms start to get covered with these sesame sized pebbles. I look around the kitchen and instantaneously an overlay of cobblestone, which was highly disorganized and damaged covers the whole floor and counter in a sporadic like way.

I immediately sit down on the floor, as this was getting pretty damn full on, and look at my hands and arms again. The sensation was exactly like looking down at my hands while playing a game in VR. The smaller sesame seed pebbles appear and disappear and then the veins and muscles on my arms start to morph and breath in and out, like it was expanding and contracting. I look away, all the while kitchen is still covered in this disorganized cobblestone, which now started to look like blood splatters, but like from a retro fps. It engulfs more space across the kitchen. I look back down at my hands and now realistic wounds start appearing on my fingers and palms and then disappear. Then splits and incisions in my fingers morph in and out and breath. The same thing occurs on my other hand at the same time. I was looking down at the wounds on my hands appearing and was kind of like "wow that's kind of freaky and cool."

I lie on my back again. The pebbles had disappeared from the cigarette, but now it felt really thick in my hand, like I was holding a flair. I wasn't too sure which way it was, so I flicked the lighter, which has the feeling of immediately sucking me out of the dextro universe, but giving the whole room this unusual pale yellow hue. I turn the ciggy the correct way and light it and lie on my back. A repeat of events from the first cigarette occur as I smoke this one.

I return to the trip room, but as I passed the toilet and bathroom, they appeared quite royal with art deco stylings. The toilet walls in particular was made up of these lush green jade tiles. As I look into the bathroom it felt as if my neck stretched right up and I was surveying the newly stylized bathroom from an areal view. It then felt like my neck receded back to its correct length.

I enter the trip room and lie on my side and start to see a metal strip of decorative architecture, again in an art deco style, which starts to "run" repetitiously, as if looking top down at a conveyor belt in motion. The sensation of my body then starts to expand and expand, to the point where it felt like it was the size of a planet, however my arms did not expand and come along for the ride and remained their standard size.

Things did get a bit choppy after here, there was a moment where I left the trip room and lost complete orientation as the hallway was being blocked by newly formed architecture, and the gravity orientation was fucking with me at times too. My cat which is black and white appeared at one point and was instead all silver. I patted my newly silverized cat confusingly.

Things appeared to subside in intensity so I decided to go to bed. This was around 2am, but I began reflecting on the trip, got up at one point and realized I am still very much tripping and decided to play around with some glow sticks and danced away in the main trip room, but ultimately was exhausted by it all after an hour.

I then went back to bed around 3am feeling drained, mentally depleted and ended up falling asleep around 9am. It was somewhat grueling by that time. I am always impressed by how gentle DXM transitions me back downwards. In comparison I've had MDMA that have dropped me from a total euphoria to complete shit in an instant, like getting kicked out of a moving car. Overall, this was the farthest out there I had been on DXM. A highly enjoyable, profound, sometimes painful and at times utterly confusing trip with the video games motifs throughout the day playing a major role in the feel of the trip. I am glad I went through the experience.

Exp Year: 2019ExpID: 113886
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 30
Published: Nov 22, 2023Views: 18
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