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Mongy and Lacking in Body High
Citation:   fatsquirrel. "Mongy and Lacking in Body High: An Experience with 5-APB (exp113924)". Jan 11, 2020.

T+ 0:00
85 mg oral 5-APB  
  T+ 0:00   oral Vitamins / Supplements  
  T+ 1:35   inhaled Nitrous Oxide  
  T+ 2:00   oral Caffeine (liquid)
  T+ 11:15 1 mg oral Pharms - Alprazolam  
I became very interested in MDMA-like substances in the past year and explored several analogs in search of that perfect empathogen experience. The APB series caught my eye because there was widespread consensus that they are subjectively very similar to MDMA, and critically had the advantage of being very long-lasting. There are many trip reports of 6-APB (or a combination of 5/6-APB) online, however there aren't that many that cover 5-APB on its own. This trip report will hopefully add another data point to that sparse sample set.

I took this alone on a Saturday that I knew to be free from any unwanted distractions. From past experience, empathogens tend to make me feel drained the following day so I planned for Sunday to also be program-free
empathogens tend to make me feel drained the following day so I planned for Sunday to also be program-free
in case I needed the time off to rest. In preparation for the trip, I slept a solid 8 hours and was thus well-rested by the time I started in the morning. Here is the timeline of my experience:

1045: parachuted 85mg of 5-APB Hcl (this was tested and I'm also sure it's the Hcl salt). I also took Na-alpha lipoic acid, grape seed extract and Acetyl-L-carnitine as they are the recommended neuroprotectants for empathogenic substances in general.

1055: went about my day while waiting for the come up. I felt a distinctive heartburn from the 5-APB parachute, which I believe opened up while going down my throat. Next time I will use a capsule.

1115: took a couple of tums (calcium carbonate) to help with the heartburn. In theory, its chemically basic nature should also help improve the uptake of the 5-APB Hcl.

1130: feeling a bit of a come up now. Audio sounds slightly different and my Fitbit tells me that my resting heart rate is measurably higher. There's a slight hint of the MDMA rolling sensation at this point, in the form of decreased lucidity. My eyesight seems slightly changed, like it's harder to focus. There's that typical empathogen urge to reach out and talk to people, so I act on it. I'm introverted by nature and generally don't make the first move to talk to friends, but now I text a couple of them and talking feels good. I've also lost all appetite and I'm not hungry even though I did not have breakfast and my last meal was more than 16 hours ago.

1135: pupils are definitely dilated now. I feel a slight urge to use the bathroom throne, and I decide that I want that out of the way so I can properly enjoy the 5-APB experience later.

1140: getting more rolly sensations. My mood is clearly elevated now and I find myself smiling for no reason at all. There's a slight "mongy" quality to the experience, like I've suddenly become sleepy again (for comparison, I did not feel this way at all on MDMA or 6-APB). Getting up from the bathroom throne felt weird, like my body wanted to continue sitting on it.

1145: simple in-and-out breathing feels good now. I feel some jaw clenching coming on, so I take some magnesium glycinate.

1200: I start to feel cold in my room even with the air conditioning set to 78F, which is uncharacteristic for me. Jaw clenching is significant at this point. A bit of giddiness sets in, which I do not get on other empathogens. While I feel some mental characteristics of an MDMA roll, physically I feel that it's completely lacking. There are no tingles or pleasurable body sensations. My eyelids also felt very heavy, and coupled with the increasing mental fog, I understand why this substance is associated with couch lock.

1220: remembering what I read from another person's 5-APB experience, I thought to also jumpstart the body high using nitrous. I break out a couple of whippets and do them in quick succession. This definitely helped and the bodily euphoria lingered for a while, but it did not reach the heights of nitrous while on MDMA or 6-APB. On the latter two substances, the body high was substantially better and stayed much longer.

1230: there's definitely a sleepy quality to 5-APB. It's hard to describe -- I don't think I could sleep because of the stimulation, however it definitely has me feeling like I'm mentally impaired and sleep deprived
it definitely has me feeling like I'm mentally impaired and sleep deprived
. This is surprising to me because I had a full and good night's sleep beforehand. My hand-eye coordination is poor at this point and I do not feel confident executing complex tasks. Closing my eyes and not moving feels like what my body wants me to do, but I don't actually feel good from it. Body temperature is slightly elevated at this point, measured by my thermometer to be 99.6F.

1245: I try to stave off the sleepy feeling by taking a can of Red Bull. I feel some eye wobbles at this point. My plan is to wait for the caffeine to kick in, excrete all the excess fluid I took since the morning, and then go for a massage nearby (massages always feel heavenly to me on MDMA and I want a comparison with 5-APB).

1300: I feel a little less sleepy. There are some very slight tingles now. I get a little horny at this point, so I fire up the browser for a tease (with the release planned for after my massage when I'm all fired up by the therapist's touch).

1430: went for the highly anticipated massage. It felt good, definitely much better than when not on any substance at all, but not as good as on MDMA. The massage therapist was a young and cute asian girl who definitely teased and flirted with me. I felt myself getting hard, which usually doesn't happen on MDMA. Eventually, I allowed her to massage my sensitive bits and that felt super good, but her technique was weird and I didn't climax. That's alright, I actually prefer to go home and finish up on my own as planned.

1630: after all that teasing from the therapist and more self-pleasuring at home, I finally finished. It was not difficult at all as compared to being on MDMA or 6-APB; in fact it felt as easy as when sober. I did not need any Cialis or Viagra either. OMG. It was crazy, I kept shooting and shooting that I thought it would never end. My eyes rolled to the back of their sockets in pleasure. Sex-wise, this definitely compares well to other empathogens. After climaxing, I had no further motivation to continue so I went to lie down in bed to listen to music and watch TV.

1800: still 'rolling' hard, minus the bodily sensations. As mentioned earlier, this substance is mostly mental and mongy. I took a couple more nitrous hits to chase the fleeting bodily high, but eventually gave up as I got a headache.

1830: feeling cold under the sheets. I measure my body temperature and it is 101F. Alternating between playing video games on my phone, listening to music and watching television. None seem particularly compelling and I can't seem to focus because of the mental fog and tendency to close my eyes. I really, really wished there was a body high with 5-APB, it would have made the experience so much more enjoyable.

2200: I can't believe I'm about to say this, but this foggy mental experience has gone on for too long
this foggy mental experience has gone on for too long
and I want it to end now. Without the body high, I didn't really enjoy it. The stimulation also made it impossible to sleep despite the desire to keep my eyes closed, so I took 1mg Xanax as an escape hatch. I fell asleep sometime around 2330, and was out like a light until 1200 the next day.

I had the usual runs for most of the next day, as serotonin releasers tend to do to me. I also experienced a significant amount of lethargy, although I do not feel depressed. Uncharacteristically, I also had a headache that would not go away until Tuesday morning.

In summary, I did not enjoy 5-APB by itself. It gave me some mood elevation, sociability and libido but there was no mental stimulation whatsoever and the body high was completely lacking. I'll stick with 6-APB or MDMA in the future.

Exp Year: 2019ExpID: 113924
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 38
Published: Jan 11, 2020Views: 3,015
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