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The One With the Deafening Potato Chips
O-Desmethyltramadol, Alcohol & Cannabis
Citation:   Anatoli Smorin. "The One With the Deafening Potato Chips: An Experience with O-Desmethyltramadol, Alcohol & Cannabis (exp113952)". Erowid.org. Jan 10, 2020. erowid.org/exp/113952

T+ 0:00
130 mg oral O-Desmethyltramadol (powder / crystals)
  T+ 0:17 12 oz oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine (liquid)
  T+ 1:01 1.5 oz oral Alcohol - Hard (liquid)
  T+ 1:07 1 hit vaporized Cannabis (extract)
  T+ 1:22 6 hits vaporized Cannabis (extract)
  T+ 2:25 40 mg oral O-Desmethyltramadol (powder / crystals)
  T+ 2:25 9 hits vaporized Cannabis (extract)
  T+ 2:36 1.5 oz oral Alcohol - Hard (liquid)
  T+ 3:32 2 oz oral Alcohol - Hard (liquid)
  T+ 5:22 5 mg oral Pharms - Zolpidem (pill / tablet)
Background Information:
I am generally experienced with substance usage. For slightly over a decade I have been experimenting extensively with dissociatives, stimulants, tryptamines, phenethylamines, benzodiazepines, opioids, and opiates.

I take 5000 IU of vitamin D3 daily along with 2400 mg of mesalamine for a lifelong stomach condition. I do not consider either of these to be a contributor factor in this experience.

All of the dosages in this report were prepared on a freshly calibrated .000 mg scale. The materials were sourced from a vetted chemist and tested using several reagents. I am confident the substance consumed was indeed O-Desmethyltramadol. Due to paranoia, I did test the batch with fentanyl test strips as well (results negative). Please note that I will refer to the O-Desmethyltramadol as O-DSMT for the remainder of this report.

I very much so enjoy the set of effects provided by pain relief materials. I do not have a built in preference for strength of experience when using these substances. Depending on set and setting I sometimes aim directly for a “nod out” experience, while other times I do not enjoy venturing past a light buzz. On the evening of the experience detailed below, I was aiming for a higher intensity experience.

I began my experimentation with O-DSMT with an allergy test and then slowly titrated doses from 10 mg to 92 mg.
I began my experimentation with O-DSMT with an allergy test and then slowly titrated doses from 10 mg to 92 mg.
All of my experiences (perhaps fifteen in total) were spread out in such a manner that my tolerance returned to zero before the next trial. I have only used the substance orally. In the later trials, I began to play around with multiple dosing events with the goal of beginning to explore the deeper waters the substance might provide as well as understand the tolerance curve. Tolerance was a non factor in the experience detailed below. I do consume alcohol on a regular basis (typically at least 4-6 drinks per day), so there is some tolerance present with this substance.

My plan was to take my single highest dosage for my primary dose (still significantly less than my previous total “in one night” ingestion). Once this settles, I want to take a strong booster dose to see about nodding out on the substance or at least getting up into that realm of intensity.

T + 00:00 [8:03 PM]
I’m very full from the dinner I ate about twenty minutes ago. I did not eat breakfast or lunch today, so the large meal turned extreme hunger to an overly replete stomach; I am mildly concerned about my pants button busting.

A minor headache, dull but distracting, has manifested in the past few hours. I blame lack of water consumption for this. I carefully transfer 130 mg of the light cream / beige powder (very fine texture) onto a single ply piece of toilet paper. I wrap the substance up and swallow it inside the small bit of paper.

T + 00:17 [8:20 PM]
Absolutely no effects yet. I attribute this slow onset to the food consumption directly prior to the O-DSMT being eaten. Typically this substance gets going much faster than this even at low doses. I’m intrigued and surprised by the drastic contrast with previous experiences and today’s.

A slight awareness develops of a sensitivity in the area where my teeth connect to my gums. The nerve pathways produce an energy that I can’t ignore. I address the constant, slightly irritating effect with antsy mandible movements. I’m not jawing or grinding, but the center of my lower set of teeth ache annoyingly. I get myself some chewing gum to distract from this.

While in the kitchen retrieving the gum I fill a glass of water which I consume immediately. Also I open a light beer [4.2% ABV] to sip slowly as the O-DSMT comes on.

T + 00:35 [8:38 PM]
I sit awaiting the true experience to begin. In preparation of laziness later I decide to start a fire in the living room fireplace. There is no difficulty in starting the fire as the come-up continues to be exceedingly elongated. Some minor mental relaxation and a natural lack of caring are slowly creeping into my mind. I also note a lack of desire to consume alcohol, which at this point in the day I would normally feel. I’m at a ± level on the Shulgin Rating Scale.

T + 00:38 [8:41 PM]
Things just hit. Hit hard. Slammed. Fifteen seconds ago, I was questioning a ± but now I’m an undeniable +. My eyeballs are the grand marshal of the effects parade. They have gained weight, become obese in their sockets; feeling twice their normal weight. An intense pressure rushes through them, it feels similar to if I was sober and shutting and squeezing my eyes with all my might.

My mind is dropping some of the lingering concerns that always accompany a high dosage experience. The slow onset has kept things mellow and this is totally fine for me. Although my intention is to end up in an intense experience; not being immediately overwhelmed is always comforting.

T + 00:38 [8:51 PM]
Overweight eyes, are the only physical sensation detectable at this time. My legs, torso, arms, legs, and feet all feel completely normal. Walking to the bathroom is as uneventful as one might expect a thirty foot walk to be. I find urination easy.

I have been seated on the couch for the majority of the experience up until my bathroom break. As I stride back to the couch I begin to feel a tingly heat radiate in the shape of a “V” that crests my shoulders. The two end points of the crescent shape are directly on my collarbones. The singular point of the shape lands on my spine, about ten inches below the bottom of the nape of my neck. A physical heat is easily registered in this clear formation. The effect is strongest directly over my trapezius muscles, just to the side of where my neck extends vertically off my shoulders.

This is completely new for me on O-DSMT. I take particular note of the sensation given that this is perhaps a unique effect only present at certain dosage thresholds.

A minor drafting issue with the fireplace requires my attention, forcing me to once again leave the comfort of the couch. Mischievous smoke has begun to roll back into the room, curling backwards and upwards over the mantel.

The first step to remedy the problem is opening a window immediately beside the hearth. I then hastily ascend the stairs to the loft where I open several smaller windows and turn on the ceiling fan. While this only takes a few minutes, and is not much more than a minor inconvenience, my mind grinds with irritation. Expelling the feelings of vexation with deep breathes proves futile as I rapidly descend into anger.

The anger boils deep within in me and is as sharp as a dagger's edge. This is well beyond a blunted and general frustration that I would expect from this scenario if I was sober.
This is well beyond a blunted and general frustration that I would expect from this scenario if I was sober.

As the problem persists, I adjust my strategy and rearrange the fire itself. Using high temperature welding mitts, I move the logs deeper in the fireplace, so they are touching the stone in the back. I take a few logs and stand them vertically. I hope that this new positioning will reduce the physical space smoke has to reach the grated doors of the fireplace, and thusly its ability to enter the room. This awkward log and coal structure will also allow the fire to burn out much quicker if the winds outside continue to blow against me. The movement seems to have a positive effect almost immediately.

T + 01:01 [9:04 PM]
I finish the beer I have had open. The negative mood is already draining away quickly. I decide to leave the windows open for a while and continue to monitor the smoke. Looking over my shoulder at the fire, I make my way to the kitchen and mix myself a whiskey and diet coke [1.5 fl oz. 40% ABV].

Back upon the couch, I get under a blanket, finding my feet to be a bit cold. The internal glowing hear that was wrapped around my shoulders has disappeared, and never resurfaces again.

The squeezing / pressure eye sensation is slowly settling in. Still present but not as intense currently.

T + 01:07 [9:10 PM]
I take one small hit from my cannabis oil vaporizing pen. As intended, swift intensification of effects are felt. My eyesight goes momentarily blurry. Focus returns, but only so long as I do not move the eyes left, right, up, or down. Any movement results in a fuzzy visual field until my focal point stops in a given direction for a half second or so. Once still, everything appears normal, perhaps the colors are slightly more saturated, but no more visual effect than that. Pressure in my eyeballs themselves coils and pulsates. This is the most prominent physical effect still, but even after the cannabis, it is less intense than earlier.

I evaluate myself to be at a + not yet close to a ++ on the Shulgin Rating Scale. With my goal being a heavy experience: I am thinking about the proper time and amount for another dosage.

The revived fire, along with my blanket cocoon, have finally provided results. I’m a comfortable temperature in the majority of my body and my feet begin to lightly perspire inside my wool socks.

I am a little dull minded. Not sure what to think about and not particularly interested in anything: I’m content with re-runs of a simplistic comedy and sitting by the fire. This is a far cry from the “nodding out with the fire as my only required entertainment” evening that I had intended.

T + 01:12 [9:15 PM]
The pressure inside my eyes has smoothed out – it is now more steady in its presence; less peaks and valleys of intensity. This regulated potency is pleasant. It is by no means euphoric or explicitly enjoyable, but it lends a more comforting and positive feel. A quick re-positioning finds me lying on my back, neatly tucked into the soft blanket.

T + 01:17 [9:20 PM]
My mind feels good but I cannot quite let go and just enjoy the effects of the O-DSMT. It is not euphoric enough or strong enough to allow a full escape from everyday thoughts. Something about it just seems incapable of achieving the intensity of forcing me to abandon my normal thought topics and patterns.

T + 01:22 [9:25 PM]
Restless and yearning serenity, I take six medium hits from my oil cannabis vaporizer. By the time I am exhaling the final hit, my eyes seem to be physically buzzing. My head droops a little and a weight pulls down on my brain. It is not the wave of euphoria one might associate with heroin, oxycodone, or other more common opioids or opiates, but it is a pleasurable, and an increase in intensity without a doubt.

T + 01:32 [9:35 PM]
As the physical sensations in my eyes lessens, I complete a scan of the rest of my physical self. There is almost nothing of interest to report. I catch myself lightly clenching, but not grinding, my teeth.

Writing notes in my journal provides evidence that my fine motor skills are slowly deteriorating but far from point of being frustrating or bothersome.

It’s time to prepare a second dose; it has been for some time. My scale and bag of O-DSMT are only about fifteen feet away from me but I’m exceedingly lazy. The torpidity is entirely mental. Physical sedation is entirely absent, but motivating myself to move is onerous.

I can tell things are still progressing for several reasons. I begin to develop the munchies, despite my full stomach, and spots of itchiness are spreading randomly around my back. Soon the need to itch spreads from my back to my arms, neck, and face. Boy this feels good! As soon as one itch is satiated, two more materialize.

T + 01:37 [9:40 PM]
With my mind too active to enjoy viewing the fire as its only stimulus, I throw the movie “The Matrix” on my laptop. The backdraft smoke issue seems to be remedied for the time being so I force myself from my seated position to close the nearest window. While up and moving about I add two logs to the fire. Despite my hatred for draft issues, my desire for the comfort of soft lighting, smell of burning wood, and warmth outweigh the potential re-emergence of the problem.

The itching persists. I am almost entirely content to just chase the prickling sensation with my fingertips.

Walking is not difficult. I can tell I’m not sober, but general navigation through the house, as well as more minute movements such as shutting windows and pouring a few snacks onto a plate are not particularly challenging. I do clink my teeth accidentally against my glass as I take a sip of water. While on the return trip from retrieving firewood from the basement, I turn the corner into the staircase too soon, bumping my shoulders into the doorframe. I suppose I am a little stumbly, but not nearly as severe as when I’m drinking alcohol heavily. I run while carrying the wood, I had a spooky, uncomfortable feeling from being in the new space. This very minor burst of physical activity leaves me more winded than it should. My heart rate after the jaunt across the basement, up the stairs, and to the fireplace is 121 BPM.

Returning to the couch, I am taken aback by a sudden chill. The combination of being out from underneath the blanket and being near the open window (it is seven degrees Fahrenheit outside currently) have brought cold inside my bones. I realize I have probably been cold for some time, particularly my bare feet. O-DSMT has a way of making me not realize I’m cold until I’m just about freezing.
O-DSMT has a way of making me not realize I’m cold until I’m just about freezing.
In a similar fashion, it can blind me to the fact that my extremities are sweating at times.

T + 02:10 [10:13 PM]
As I begin to weigh out more O-DMST I feel it is not a bad idea to double check for negative interactions with LSD, which I plan on consuming tomorrow morning. Initially the internet proposes potential ill-effects from this combination. I dig through forums and harm reduction websites using my best judgment on the legitimacy of the information I find. Being that reducing my indecisiveness is one of my favorite parts of O-DSMT experiences, this quandary, that is delaying my re-dosing is slightly frustrating. My mental capacity is clear enough to navigate this online advice. I’m also able to connect via messaging applications with knowledgable friends to discuss and analyze the possibilities. Frustrating or not, I decide the decision is worth due diligence to decide now whether or not I will potentially need to change tomorrow’s plans or adjust this evenings dosages. The mental effort, especially given the topic, is sobering me up.

I don’t feel that my judgement is severely impaired. My logic is that I can revisit the decision about LSD and O-DSMT overlapping tomorrow and if desired; I can easily abort the tryptamine plans. It makes sense to enjoy the full experience this evening rather than potentially spoil both tonight and tomorrow by cutting the O-DSMT short. I believe I have dedicated an appropriate amount of time the decision; not over thinking it or under thinking it.

Gah! I can’t shake the indecisiveness! I’m still pondering . . . any risk is not worth it; but is there any legitimate risk?

T + 02:25 [10:28 PM]
I weigh out 40 mg and don’t bother with a parachute or capsule this time around. I cleaned the scale’s weighing tray before using it tonight, so I am comfy licking the powder directly from it.

The taste is definitely one of chemical nature; slightly acidic and bitter but not particularly unenjoyable. The taste profile is unique. I have spent a fair amount of time trying to think of another food or chemical that shares most or even some of the flavors of O-DSMT. There is no topical anesthetic effect to holding it in my mouth. The taste grows as the saliva builds but never becomes any more unpleasant. After three minutes of not swallowing, the saliva is approaching maximum capacity, so I gulp it down. Taste returns to normal within a minute or so.

With the substance swallowed and the decision committed to, the effects of the O-DSMT begin coming back on stronger. While researching and contacting friends about the decision, I had felt myself coming back towards baseline drastically. This reminds me of how I feel when I am outside in the cold on a psychoactive substance and upon returning indoors and warming up, the effects intensify rapidly.

Excited to be diving back into the fun part of my evening, I pull nine large hits of cannabis oil from the vaporizer.

T + 02:36 [10:39PM]
I finish my mixed drink and pour another with 1.5 fl oz of whiskey [40% ABV].

I Can’t get my eyeglasses comfortable on my face. They feel like they are always in the wrong spot and constantly slipping down my nose. I go to switch them out for another pair. The change is effective and the issue is gone.

Serene perfection washes over me as I walk past Kai and Gee who are both asleep in bed.

I reflect upon my tremendous amount of love for them both. I ponder life without Kai. I cannot imagine any meaningful or enjoyable life scenarios without Kai. I write in my notebook that she is “the one” alongside a note to figure out a non-cliche way to communicate this idea. The term makes more sense now perhaps than ever before.

T + 02:47 [10:50 PM]
I’m really beginning to feel lovely; physically and mentally. My shoulder joints radiate a bit of warmth, nothing extreme, but a light pleasant glow. Accompanying this heat is a gritty sense of rotational movement. The ball and socket of my shoulders are more tangible than normal. Even while sitting still, it feels as though my humeral heads (the ball part of the shoulder assembly), are made of wood and someone is gently applying sandpaper to it in soothing circular motions.

Thoughts are simplifying. I concentrate only on my eyes, I'm teetering on the edge of nodding out. A pattern emerges:

1. I think to myself: “open your eyes”

2. With tremendous effort I get my eyelids to open a sliver

3. My eyelids drag open, making them buzz with euphoric pressure

4. My focal point shifts upwards as it comes into existence; a super slow motion version of what happens when one opens their eyes after awakening from sleep - things are still blurry

5. My eyelids automatically droop shut once again – lightly grinding with pleasure as they fall

After this cycle repeats numerous times I begin to try and stay alert. Every few seconds my focus fails. My eyes shift their gaze in a new direction without my instructing them to do so. When this rogue activity happens, my muscles behind my eyes feel stretched; as though I am straining to look as far as possible to the right or left, even if this is not the case. Shutting my eyes for a moment is the only way to regain proper control of my focal point. Sometimes this is required as often as two or three times per minute. It borders on annoying.

Slowly the need to fight for control of my vision lessens. Normalcy still evades my ocular performance. Although I can direct my view to a target area of the room, it seems as though my eyes overshoot the spot chosen by my brain. The sensation is physical; not necessarily lethargic or like a “nod”, more like my eyeballs are too heavy for their supporting muscular structure that normally shifts their direction with ease.

A unique type of fiendishness infiltrates my psyche. It differs from typical purely hedonistic moreish desires like I might get from “fun button substances” (ex. mephedrone, cocaine, or nitrous oxide). Instead, these desires seem rooted in my desire to have an intense experience tonight. My rational mind disagrees, thinking it easiest and perhaps wisest to retry again in the future with a higher dosage and less food in my stomach. I’m feeling underwhelmed, but there is not compulsive desire to correct this. Rationally I would place myself at a ++ on the Shulgin Rating Scale, but it isn’t necessarily intense in the way I desire.

T + 02:59 [11:02 PM]
Idly munching a few potato chips, it feels like someone has cranked the volume all the way up inside my head. crunch CRUNCH



This is unbelievable! Everything is thunderous. Is Zeus using godly thunderbolts to smash apart these chips inside my mouth?! Externally sourced high pitched noises are more increased in volume than other tones. The movie is hard to hear on the laptop (at full volume) located right in front of me, but the crackling from the fire overpowers the voices and sounds of the film. Even the fire is nothing compared to the internal audio amplification. This is, as best my memory serves, the single most extreme experience of this specific auditory effect.

Exploring the auricular world: I speak aloud to myself. I sounds foreign, like hearing myself on an audio recording. I also feel like I’m talking too loudly, although I know my volume is appropriate.

T + 03:10 [11:13 PM]
Emotions are nicely boosting now. The dullness from earlier is gone. I am not sleepy – there is almost a touch of energy from the substance.

My skin tingles from the inside out. Immeasurably small points are felt making a network of connections between my bones and the surface of my skin. Each of these connectors is shaped like two circular objects connected by a straight line. The sphere that contacts the surface of my skin, rather than the bone, is far more detectable.

T + 03:16 [11:19 PM]
I sit up to weigh out what I intend to be my final, peak inducing, dose for the night. My mind feels reasonably sober but my coordination is very poor. Like really poor. Like opening the bag of substances is proving difficult. Once I prove victorious over the small crease of plastic; I face the greater opponent of actually tipping powder into the scale’s tray. With all my might I attempt to hold the tray flat during the weighing process, I still almost dump it. Almost? Oops, I do spill some powder with my hands erratic shaking. Even with my “mentally clear” state of mind, I absolutely cannot command my hands to do simple tasks.

I make several serious attempts at holding the tray level; not possible. This is a huge red flag. I’m a little shaken up by how severe my motor skill impairment is. It is an easy decision to put the bag away and call it a night with the O-DSMT.

It is a truly bizarre feeling to be so mentally aware and present while at the same time posses this extreme degree of physical inebriation. I’m bizarrely too deep while at the same time underwhelmed. I am in control of my mental capacities, but frighteningly uncoordinated physically.
I am in control of my mental capacities, but frighteningly uncoordinated physically.

I take a resting pulse reading and the results are comforting [57 BPM]. Deep breaths feel normal enough, no shallow or haggard breathing.

With the decision made to not redose I am quickly re-immersing into other thoughts and allowing myself to take in my surroundings.

The hearing sensitivity is making me a little jumpy. I have the familiar feeling one can get when of being spooked when home alone late at night in the dark. The house creaks intermittently and my limbs jolt each time. I can’t help but look trepidatiously in the direction of the noises. This is a far cry from the opiate/opioid effects I generally enjoy; unwavering positivity – as far from skittish and spooked as one can possibly get.

T + 03:32 [11:35 PM]
A few glances at the clock provide the insight that time is passing slower than my interpretation of it. Each minute seems to last five or more. Besides this dilation of time, my mind is clear, clean, and darn similar to sober. Being so level headed while so physically intoxicated is truly idiosyncratic.

I finish my second drink and pour another [2 fl. oz. 40% ABV]

My eyes do not lag when I change focal point anymore. Instead there is pressure and an oscillating glow of warmth behind the eye sockets.

Hmm. I pick up my notebook and pen but before I connect the two, I realize I have forgotten what it was I found noteworthy.

I don’t want to go to bed but will soon anyway. There are things to be done tomorrow and since I’m not taking more O-DSMT, I am most certainly feeling a mixture of underwhelmed / discontentedness and my responsible mind is telling me that continued drinking will probably not turn around the evening in any significant positive manner. My movie has also ended and starting a new show or activity seems unattractive.

T + 05:22 [1:25 AM + 1]
I’m always a bit paranoid about mixing (even safe dosages) of CNS depressants when there is no need to, I elect to use 5 mg (orally) of zolpidem to assist in falling asleep. I would have preferred a benzodiazepine, but this will work just fine.

As I climb into bed next to Kai and our dog Gee my resting hear rate is a slightly elevated 76 BPM. It is strong; easy to find and measure. Other times with this substance I have generally found finding my pulse a little difficult. I don’t feel energetic so I can only attribute the increase in beats per minute to the O-DSMT and the light physical exertion of moving into the bedroom.

I am not able to stay awake long enough to warrant a time check in bed. Sleep takes me quickly. Discerning between sleep states is difficult. It feels as though I enter hypnagogia almost as soon as my head hits the pillow. I don’t have awareness between the next stages of dreaming until I can tell I’m in REM.

I process my dreams as two entities. One is the “me” that is interacting (not lucidly, but with awareness) in the dream world. The other is a mental capacity more grounded in reality. It is constantly thinking. This second perspective is not in a completely awake state. It is not functioning as acutely as I would during the day but it carries on an independent internal conversation. I have no issues processing both of the existences at the same time. The one more grounded in logical thinking takes a definite front seat. The dream world is in the background to such an extent that I can’t fully acknowledge its existence until I rouse and make my way to the bathroom.

T + 09:07 [5:10 AM +1]
As I pee, I am reeling mentally; trying to dissect and make sense of what my mind has been doing for the past three and a half hours. I start with the facts. I’m tired, not particularly rested. I can recall the dreams I was having in a hazy, hidden behind a veil sort of way that dreams often are remembered. I did have the obvious feeling of “waking up”, so I was without a doubt truly asleep. Prior to waking up, the majority of my “non-dream” thoughts were stuck within the conversation topic of “why am I not able to fall asleep?”. The collision of my two mental entities is a very curious sensation.

I return to bed; both partitions of thought resume just as they were before.

T + 13:09 [9:12 AM +1]
At some point during the night I fall into a deeper sleep that completely dominates any remainder of the “waking thought” portion of my conscious.

Sweet, friendly, and seraphic warmth surrounds me from above as the mattress supports me like a cloud from below. An uncomfortable position is not possible to find. No matter the mixture of blankets, sheets, pillows, and body; I’m unbelievably comfortable. My eyes lift, without hurry, and I find the soothing glow is from the tender rays of sunlight that splay beautifully into the room through the large windows on the southeast wall. This is perfection. The best part of the experience by a long shot. I’m a solid +, but in a much more pleasant way than last night.

Additional Details:
Nearly all of the topics included in this commentary section are related directly to the experience described in detail above. A handful draw from the other experiences I have had with this substance.

Throughout the more intoxicated portions of the experience I had issues with executing the translation of thoughts into speech. The ideas were intricate, succinct, and useful when inside my head. Creativity and thoughtfulness were internally enhanced but I had trouble translating into words. Other times, even inside my head, the chain of thoughts became choppy and I had difficulty thinking more than one step ahead of the current thought when verbalizing.

All of the effects from the O-DSMT were of constant intensity. There are no large waves up and down. The intensity curve of the substance seems to be very simplistic: come up, plateau, come down.
The intensity curve of the substance seems to be very simplistic: come up, plateau, come down.

Emotions were easy to access; sadness, empathy, and happiness, all seemed closer to the surface than normal. As an example: my eyes filled with tears during cheesy moments of comedy shows. This was an unusual yet pleasant and notable effect.

No appetite suppression is noticed while under the influence of O-DSMT. The opposite is true. Only minor taste enhancement is experienced but I have a classic case of the bottomless stomach, similar to when I am on a high dose of cannabis.

The ultimate intensity (the highest achievable high), has not always been impressive or predictable for me with O-DSMT. The duration however has never been a letdown. I usually feel the effects, often at a + intensity well into the day following ingestion. The lingering effects are welcomed and sometimes my favorite part of an experience. I generally feel numbed, slightly simple minded or fuzzy within my mind. Physically I’m the tiniest bit uncoordinated, like walking through a dream. This characteristic is especially enjoyable when I have nothing to do the day following the experience. When at work, these persisting effects can be pleasant and manageable, or uncomfortable and anxiety inducing.

The general nature of O-DSMT is not the most euphoric, not the least euphoric. The substance is enjoyable but it would not be one of my top 3, or even 5 picks if cost was no option. It can provide reprieve from everyday life: make anxieties and worries feel miles away. This is smooth and genuine in its nature, but the material always lacks a “wow I feel good” sensation.

When using O-DSMT I found the onset with an empty stomach to go from baseline to ± in roughly 20 minutes. A total of 35-40 mins is required to reach a + level. The classic opioid itching comes on in about an hour. Past this, effects vary greatly depending on set, setting, and stomach contents. A full stomach seems to drastically alter both the onset and overall intensity of O-DSMT.

Immediate tolerance does not seem to be an issue. I can redose within 3+ hours of an initial dosage and it will boost duration and intensity, not just duration. Any third or thereafter dosages need to increase in size and with less time between them in order to increase effects, otherwise they just extend duration.

I have only combined O-DSMT with a handful of other substances. Cannabis paired nicely with it. Cannabis usually acts as an intensifying agent when I layer it onto other substances and this is especially true with O-DSMT. Within seconds of smoking, nearly every time, the physical effects of O-DSMT would be exponentially stronger (this potentiation usually lasted between thirty seconds to ten minutes). Typical cannabis effects were generally not felt.

Alcohol did not offer as significant of a boost to effects when used in tandem with O-DSMT. The two substances intensified each other in a general sense but the most notable synergy between them was the fact that O-DSMT masked the level of intoxication, both to myself and to others, that was present from drinking. I did find myself sometimes staying up later than I should have on work nights while drinking and eating O-DSMT.

Nitrous felt largely the same in unison with O-DSMT as it does when I am sober. The duration was slightly elongated, but not to a drastic degree.

I used varying dosages of O-DSMT on the tail end of esketamine, ketamine, and 2-Fl-2'-Oxo-PCM experiences. This made the transition out of the dissociative state easy, but I prefer benzodiazepines for this role. The O-DSMT usually kept me awake longer than I cared to be. The only times it was enjoyable with dissociatives was if I underdosed and wanted to rally the evening a bit without the mental aspect of tripping. Due to the intentional timing of ingestion, the O-DSMT come-up usually eclipsed the comedown of the other chemicals.

In this experience, and others with O-DSMT, I did not suffer from any nausea. I don’t usually with opioids and opiates, as much as some other folks, but I did not have even a hint of stomach discomfort.

A common sensation I experience, and perhaps one of my favorites from O-DSMT, is the substances ability to make the past, even events that happened earlier in the same day feel like a distant memory. My ability to live in the moment and liberate myself from overthinking and over planning is genuinely enjoyable. A form of escapism is truly achievable with this substance. While this sounds great on paper, the escape provided by O-DSMT feels more like being distracted than genuine liberation from my issues.

Along these same lines, I experience a more typical type of distraction. While cooking on this substance, I require alarms on my phone or Kai to keep an eye on the clock for me. Otherwise: things burn.

Other than cooking, I have found low doses of O-DSMT to be helpful at making mundane tasks seem less of a chore. Laundry, washing dishes, or cleaning the house, all can become more enjoyable. Dosage and timing is key for this though, because at some point, laziness usually takes over the experience and I am rendered relatively unproductive.

The pain killing ability seems medium at best. I have successfully eradicated muscle soreness from extensive workouts in days prior. I have not used the substance to treat more serious injury or discomfort. I don’t get the feeling that it possesses the ability to completely erase pain. It has provided relief from alcohol hangovers but not as well as benzodiazepines.

I don’t ever experience giggles when on O-DSMT. Smiles are slightly easier to come by than when I am sober. This is about the extent of the standard O-DSMT mood elevation I have learned to expect.

The auditory effects usually begin about an hour after oral ingestion. They generally remain at full capacity for around twenty minutes before entering a slow decline.

Dosing this substance can be a bit finicky.
Dosing this substance can be a bit finicky.
Even with all my trials and tests, I cannot always achieve the desired level of intoxication. An empty stomach (or not) seems to be the largest controllable variable that affects onset and intensity. On a day that I had not eaten beyond a light breakfast, I was able to nod out at a dosage of less than 100mg (oral).

I have enjoyed O-DSMT as a tool used to add a layer of intoxication on an evening when I don’t want to consume more alcohol. It also is fine on its own, but usually I find myself taking it to satiate the desire to alter my mind and body in a different way than alcohol, cannabis, or benzodiazepines, which are my three most common “weekday” materials.

My general opinion of O-DSMT is that it is a bit dull, but for the price it’s a treat. Given unlimited options, I would prefer a fair number of other opioid/opiate substances over O-DSMT. That being said, I find this material favorable to a number of less enjoyable and effective substances in these drug classes.

Exp Year: 2019ExpID: 113952
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 29
Published: Jan 10, 2020Views: 8,045
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O-Desmethyltramadol (835) : Alone (16), Hangover / Days After (46), Retrospective / Summary (11), Combinations (3), General (1)

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