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Hell and Back
by Atomlewis420
Citation:   Atomlewis420. "Hell and Back: An Experience with DMT (exp113957)". Erowid.org. Jan 27, 2020. erowid.org/exp/113957

  vaporized DMT


Bought some DMT at a phish concert. Took it home. I was kinda skeptical because it was orangish brown but it smelled like the DMT I've done before and I was too excited to not try it. I went to the local headshop and bought a scale that was supposed to weigh at powder and a dab rig to smoke it out of.

When I tried to weigh it out it wasn't reading the amount properly so I decided to just eyeball it.
I decided to just eyeball it.
My wife went first because she said if she saw me going first she would probably be too scared to try (it was her first time). I knew right away that she was gone. Her eyelids were fluttering and I could just tell. When she came to she pretty much just said oh my GOD. Then I went and just like the other times it was amazing. Except much stronger because I was dabbing it this time when last time I just smoked it.

A few days later we go to my school bus at night to do it again. I really wanted to breakthrough. I wasn't sure if I had actually broken through or not before. I was seeing beings like in my peripheral or whatever but they were moving along with like this winding circus. I dont know. Anyway so I decided to eyeball out a heroic dose that I knew for sure would have to get me there.

As I inhaled it I pretty much knew right away it was too much. It burned my lungs 10 times worse than before and it was just crazy. By the time I blew it out I was gone. I had no body no nothing actually. I just saw all these crazy colors and stuff. And then I dont know how much time had passed but a being just jumped right in my face and yelled BREATHE!!! That shot me back into my body and I realized I was human and had to breathe. I started hyperventilating because I realized I hadnt been breathing the whole time
I started hyperventilating because I realized I hadnt been breathing the whole time
and that scared the shit out of me. Then I proceeded to have whatIi can only describe as a hell trip. It pretty much told me I'm going to hell. This is what the rest of eternity is going to feel like for you. It made me feel like all my bad trips times a thousand. It told me I wasn't in sync with anything. Pretty much that I was a waste. And this was looping over and over and over. Then at the end it was like but it could also be like this and showed me love and brought me back into my body. I was so fucking grateful I had tears rolling down my eyes and was just saying thank you over and over again. Thank you for not keeping me there and for showing me what you did type thing I guess. It was crazy. My wife said I was gone for at least 20 minutes!!! That's such a long time on DMT I feel like.

I guess I'm a glutton for punishment because after she took her next hit, I did it again. Only about a 10th of what I took before and it was the more enjoyable type trip. The hell trip was intense man. Would this be considered hyperslapped? I dont know. Love you all. Peace

Exp Year: 2019ExpID: 113957
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 33 
Published: Jan 27, 2020Views: 740
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DMT (18) : Overdose (29), Difficult Experiences (5), Military (48)

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