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Iridescent Ripples
by nervewing
Citation:   nervewing. "Iridescent Ripples: An Experience with 4-HO-DiPT (exp114019)". Jan 24, 2020.

27 mg oral 4-HO-DiPT (capsule)
    repeated smoked Cannabis (plant material)


T0:00- Dose administered

T0:22- Not feeling much beyond the typical psychedelic onset, a sense of anxiety and nausea and tension climbing my limbs.

T0:24- A distinct chill has set in and my limbs are being rocked by a steady wave of tremors, which is fairly typical of every psychedelic comeup for me. Itís like my muscles are being pulled taut and are quivering under the stress.

T0:49- This bears a mighty stimulant edge- I am so nauseous and anxious, so much energy is coursing through me, I am shaking so much that it is difficult to type. It feels like the trip is building but constantly eluding my grasp- I feel like I am desperately anticipating something but it keeps eluding me and postponing itself.
I feel like I am desperately anticipating something but it keeps eluding me and postponing itself.
I donít know if what I am anticipating is some perceived leveled off peak or perhaps something deeper and more powerful. For now it simply evades my grasp. Visuals have begun to manifest, though they are slight and escape notice unless specifically focused on- concentric auras around everything, particularly in areas of high contrast, they are radiant and ever so slightly iridescent but they tend to fade into the mess of things. With my eyes closed, I donít Ďseeí visuals but I can perceive the motion and energy of great, all encompassing images around me. Itís like the drug is challenging me to understand and utilize my senses in creative synesthetic ways. The world is doused in ripples and barely conceivable shifts in perception that I must explore and discover through comparative rigor.
The world is doused in ripples and barely conceivable shifts in perception that I must explore and discover through comparative rigor.
Itís not particularly rewarding but itís still interesting and makes me seriously consider the interplay of my senses.

T0:53- I am shaking so much, moreso than with other psychedelics. It is highly uncomfortable. It continues to build up in intensity, not feeling like its leveling off at any point. I keep feeling like its going to crash over but it never does, itís like music that just builds and builds without a drop or resolution. I smoke some weed to try and subdue the nausea. The smoke feels like it rises through my body like heatwaves.

T1:07- I keep fading out and falling into loops now, just spacing out and creeping through the same jagged landscape of parallel lines and concentric shapes as it vibrates and sears an aimless nothing with hardly discernible colors into my brain. I snap out of it and fall back in again. It is glittery and fun and euphoric now, with a distinct flash and fire and sparkle bursting over various things in my field of view as my eyes dart around the room. The visuals present more markedly now, still mostly concentric shapes, with colors radiating through them. No auditory effects to note. It feels like Iíve attained what I had been anticipating, a distinct peak of the experience, with sufficient force that I could get lost wandering the vast fields of forms and colors in my head.

T1:27- I am deeply uncomfortable and persistently nauseous. The rest of it is pleasant though. My head is baking in its own warm vibrations and I can feel myself falling into fits of dissociation within the vortex of its radiating energy. Open and closed eyed visuals are still faint and unintrusive. My brain feels like itís working overtime, my thoughts and words are salient and articulate.
My brain feels like itís working overtime, my thoughts and words are salient and articulate.
I feel smarter and able to retain information better, but it is at the price of a deep, twisting, bodily discomfort. I just want to fade into the pulses of the drug and think about things forever, pick them apart and analyze them from every angle like Iím holding a beautiful stepped hopper crystal and turning it over in my hands. This isnít demanding or forceful however, the thoughts drift by like clouds overhead, and I can watch them pass and pick them apart at my leisure, each contact sending a wave of iridescent ripples through the world.

T2:17- The comedown has been steady and nondescript, just a lazy drift back to baseline. I smoke more weed as I come down and it lulls me into a lazy fog. With many psychedelics, the most cognitive enhancement occurs on the comedown, however it seemed as if I had already passed that point and had drifted into a charred dullness. I was an ember coughing out its last wisps of smoke. The electricity and color has drained out of the experience, and all that remains is the dying glow of its radiant energy. The nausea and shaking still persist, but to a lesser degree.

T4:00- Totally back to baseline. Go to sleep 2 hours later without issue.

Conclusion: This substance was a fairly standard tryptamine experience, with the relative strength of the various sensory effects adjusted. While the cognitive effects were notable and heavy, the visual effects were light, manifesting mostly as colorful ripples. The entire trip was marked by ripples, with a distinct warm mental dissociation where I would find myself being pulled into the radiation of ripples within my mind. No auditory effects were noted, and the short duration was also distinctive. Nonetheless, this substance carried a hefty bodyload, with strong nausea and uncomfortable chills and tremors. The experience was overall fairly neutral and matter of fact, this is a no nonsense drug that appears and disappears with decisive speed and listless intention, leaving ripples in its wake.

Exp Year: 2020ExpID: 114019
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: 24 
Published: Jan 24, 2020Views: 2,421
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4-HO-DiPT (281) : General (1), First Times (2), Alone (16)

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