Somewhat Goofier and Easier to Socialize
Mad Honey
Citation:   ShivaKratom. "Somewhat Goofier and Easier to Socialize: An Experience with Mad Honey (exp114041)". Feb 11, 2020.

2 Tbsp oral Bee - Mad Honey (edible / food)
Mad Honey Report and Harm Reduction Note

This is my report on Mad Honey, from the Nepal cliffs. Itís a honey that contains a grayatoxin from flowers in the area. Essentially the only place that produces (the good variety of) this honey. It is important to note honey loses potency fast so fresh honey will be different.

Harm reduction- to be clear this honey is written about as a psychedelic. A trip on this would be terrible, sweating, heart pounding, nausea, dizziness, amongst inebriation. This is not how the local use it and not how itís intended, about 2tablespoons is the amount. Enough honey can kill you but there havenít been any recent deaths in the modern era. Shouldnít be mixed with SSRIs or MAOI, or MDMA. Itís been mixed with booze but with a working dose of honey I donít see the point.

2tablespoons right before the first episode of the final season of game of thrones. Taken with three others. In ok mood, not sleepy but not energetic

5 minutes- on a somewhat empty stomach I believe the warmth felt was the honey

15 minutes- defintely coming up in what feels like maybe a couple shots somewhat goofier and easier to socialize

30 minutes- effects being felt. Very easy to laugh and socialize. Feel more into the TV show, possibly more emotional as Iím more invested. Everyone else at least feels slight effects

35 minutes- notice that music is a bit nicer? Maybe colors pop more too, not totally sure. The feeling in the head is like weed (laughing maybe the music and some changes in thought) in the body (euphoria and warmth, with giddiness) like booze. Nothing strong like a couple shots plus a hit of a one hitter. I feel like I *could* drive but feel different enough I wouldnít.

1.5 hours- this effect lasted til now while I feel the comedown Iím not totally sure as the effects are there just very light. The heaviest portion was felt for about an hour, maybe 45 minutes. Getting sleepier assuming thatís the effect of the honey, as Iíd normally be up a couple more hours

2 hour- assuming some residual effects are there as mood is still is still better than normal but at this point Iíd consider myself sober. Lasted about 2hours, maybe a little shorter. Got tired and crashed, which I will attribute to the honey.

As the price goes (unless you bought garbage off eBay) itís pricey and not good for anything frequent or heavy. My amount was 60$ for about 12table spoons so maybe 6 average doses. I have experienced turkey honey and wouldnít even recommend trying it. I took 5 spoons full to literal nothing, it also smells of tortilla chips which tells me itís possible that there is an additive like corn syrup to dilute and bulk of the quantity which isnít uncommon with honey. This was also the pricest amount. In short I respect the part of these tribes culture

Exp Year: 2019ExpID: 114041
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 20
Published: Feb 11, 2020Views: 16,934
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