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A Less Addictive Alternative
Citation:   theAngryLittleBunny. "A Less Addictive Alternative: An Experience with Ethylcathinone (exp114047)". Erowid.org. Feb 11, 2020. erowid.org/exp/114047

50 - 100 mg   Ethylcathinone (powder / crystals)
    repeated oral Ethylcathinone (powder / crystals)
I got interested in Ethylcathinone after reading that is appearently is a pretty selective norepenephrine releasing agent, and I wanted to know what that would feel like compared to dopaminergic or serotonergic stimulants.

I have some chemistry knowledge, and Ethylcathinone is very easy to synthesise. First I brominated Propiophenone with an equimolar amount of elemental bromine and treated the resulting bromoketone with about 2 equimolar amounts of ethylamine. After cooking this for about 40 minutes I could extract the resulting Ethylcathinone with dilute HCl and evapourate the resulting solution, leaving me after several aceton washes of the residue with Ethylcathinone hydrochloride as a white powder.

I proceeded to ingest about 100mg of this and felt an intense stimulation after about 20 to 30 minutes. It really felt like an adrenaline rush, very speedy, but with rather little euphoria, but it still was very uplifting and quite enjoyable.

The duration seemed shorter then that of the other cathinones, Methcathinone and Mephedrone which I used earlier, with the experience being over in about 3 to 4 hours. It also was significantly less euphoric then either of these, and the urge to redose was there, but not very strong. After a few redoses it would turn into a restless and uncomfortable stimulation accompanied by heart palpitations and I would usually stop redosing about 5 to 6 hours and sleep pretty soon after the last dose.

I tried different dosages, 50mg would give me a decent stimulation, but I would always redose another 50mg for a total of around 100mg. This amount would give me an intense stimulation, more intense then 100mg Methcathinone or Mephedrone, I never dosed more then 150mg Ethylcathinone. The most euphoria was at the beginning, when the effects came on I would feel very awake and motivated, like with most amphetamines. But pretty quickly, often after maybe a bit more then 2 or 3 hours the euphoria would dissapear leaving me with an annoying stimulation.

I also tried snorting it several times, usually 50 to 100mg lines, and this would make it quite a bit more euphoric and shorter lasting, but the intense burn in the nose and the horrible bitter drip doesn't make it worth it for me. This drug would also give me significant anxiety, probably more then any other stimulant I've tried besides maybe racemic Methamphetamine. It would often even make me less social due to anxiety, sometimes I even struggled texting with people when on it because I was so on edge. It's a huge contrast to the other stimulants I used, Methcathinone would just give me an euphoric stimulation without much anxiety and Mephedrone felt extremely euphoric and would even make me somewhat calm and relaxed.

Like any other amphetamine, Ethylcathinone increases my libido a lot and is on the same level as Mephedrone and Methcathinone in that regard, and this is probably the most addictive effect of it for me.

The comeup was sometimes very uncomfortable, after taking 100mg I often started to shake intensly within 10 to 20 minutes, like I was freezing. My limbs would get quite cold and I would feel uncomfortable. But after 30 to 40 minutes this would stop and with small 30mg redoses every hour or so it would give me a quite enjoyable and mild stimulation. I would feel like making long posts on reddit or some forums, replying to people, researching stuff. It doesn't come anywhere close to Methamphetamine, Methcathinone or even Mephedrone in terms of intensity though.

The comedown of Ethylcathinone is usually very mild compared to the other stimulants I mentioned, which were all capable of giving me a horrible comedown where the depression was so bad that if caused slight nausea, making me feel completely hopeless and hate everything. I would usually just feel a little demotivated and tired, sometimes I didn't even notice a comedown at all. However one time after redosing for a night I had a very noticable comedown from it, making me somewhat depressed, but it still was nothing compared to the other stimulants I used. During the Ethylcathinone comedown I'm also weirdly more relaxed then normally and not so on guard as usual. I wouldn't really care if I seemed somewhat weird to other people in public. My mind would be quite slow and I wouldn't notice immediatly when I would do something weird, but wouldn't care when I noticed it. I would also struggle talking and take quite long to come up with something to say in conversations, causing me to talk much slower then normally.

Kratom would pretty much completely mask the depression feeling during the comedown, making me feel almost normal, until I would try to talk, since I would still struggle with that. The comedown from using it a night would usually last the whole next day.

In conclusion, I think Ethylcathinone definitely has its place. The comparably mild euphoria makes it less addictive and abusable then most other amphetamines, it won't keep me up all night and the comedown is very managable.

Exp Year: 2019-2020ExpID: 114047
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 22
Published: Feb 11, 2020Views: 2,245
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