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Dangerous Bliss - New Found Heaven
Heroin (China White) & Cannabis
by Twiggy
Citation:   Twiggy. "Dangerous Bliss - New Found Heaven: An Experience with Heroin (China White) & Cannabis (exp114049)". Aug 18, 2020.

T+ 0:00
2 lines insufflated Heroin
  T+ 0:30   smoked Heroin
  T+ 1:45 6 lines insufflated Heroin
  T+ 4:00 2 lines insufflated Heroin
  T+ 0:00   repeated smoked Cannabis
  T+ 0:00   repeated smoked Tobacco
  T+ 24:00 50 mg oral Pharms - Temazepam
  T+ 24:00 240 mg oral Codeine
  T+ 24:00 4 g oral Acetaminophen


[Erowid Note: The dose described in this report is very high, potentially beyond Erowid's 'heavy' range, and could pose serious health risks or result in unwanted, extreme effects. Sometimes extremely high doses reported are errors rather than actual doses used.]

I've been dabbling with many drugs since the age of 15 when I was introduced to weed by my first girlfriend. After all the things I've done, I never thought that I'd try heroin. Let alone love it so much. I guess my interest started when I had a taste of liquid Morphine and OxyNorms when I was about 18.

I'm now 23, and I'll take you to last Wednesday. It was payday, I thought a pay day like any other. I'm a massive weed addict/abuser so I knew I'd be getting my half ounce and having the trouble of trekking to get it on public transport.

I'm travelling to the location and I'm talking with others about other shit around (other than weed). Never offered to me before, a dealer I know has two points of China White left. I'm highly interested, and he could meet me at the train station only 20 mins up, I think screw it, it's not that far and I haven't had this opportunity, I might not again... little do I know.

So I've scored my weed and arranged to pick up the heroin. This guy normally has benzodiazepines as well, I used to be prescribed them and really acquired a taste for them, and it had been a while since I've had them. He has a few loose clonazepam which I will happily take, and we agree to exchange a bit of my bud for the clonaz as well as $100 for the 0.2 (I realize I could well been ripped off here but I did a bit of research as well as being around drug sales & communities for quite a while and not seeing it).

I'm waiting in the stinking heat for what seems like forever, eventually the dude arrives and I quickly jump in his car. He immediately hands me a small bag with a whitish-grey, gooey but powderish substance & suggests we go for a quick cruise before he drops me back at the station. We talk for a few mins while we drive, talk a little business and he asks if this is my first time doing smack (probably because I didn't inspect the bag much as I really didn't know what I was looking for lol). I'm not gonna bullshit him, so I tell him yeah, and asks how I'm gonna do the drug. I tell him I was probably going to smoke it as this is what a friend of mine an I had discussed. My dealer suggests I snort it. He say our thanks and byes and he lets me out at the station.

I'm ecstatic, I'm nervous, I'm only about 60 minutes from home, I'm about to do heroin for the first time.

I can't help myself, whilst waiting for the train I call my friend whom I mentioned earlier about discussing smoking the H. We've done a lot of pharmaceuticals together previously and is basically the only person I can talk to this stuff about. I tell him what I've done. He sounds almost more excited than I am, we talk for a few minutes and my train is due to come. We end our conversation and I get on the train. I'm still so excited, but also a little fearful, I know how I've been with benzos in the past and I know how I am with weed. I decide to do a bit more research on heroin before I get home and try it.

Fast forward to me walking in the front door of my place. I live with my Uncle and he was already home sitting up the back of the garden, which we've been working on. I think to myself, I really hope he doesn't want garden work to be done this afternoon.

I go up the back and talk to my Uncle a bit, general catch up over the day, but all I can think about is trying this shit. I tell him I'm going down to unpack my bags and mix up some weed. So, I go down and do just that, and a little bit more. After chopping and spinning my weed with tobacco and having my bag completely unpacked, I began prepping the dope. This is the first time I'd properly inspected it. I out the small snaplock bag and look at the compound further, I'd never seen anything like it, it was almost like a powdery clay, except that whitish grey; I open it and give it a smell, it has a strong vinegary sort of smell.

I had to get this clunky clay chopped up, then I can snort it; I don't have a razor blade, so I guess my drivers license will have to do. I chop the smack up as fine as I can inside the baggie and then tip about 1/4 or 1/5 of the bag onto the screen on my tablet I'd laid out on my bed. I further chop it, it's not completely powdered but it was pretty fine, so I separate it into two reasonable sized lines (I obviously had no idea how big or small a dose I was about to take) lick the card and get that foul metallic vinegar taste, eh, it's not the worst thing I've tasted but it's pretty bad... I roll up a 50 dollar note, and calm myself a little before getting ready to inhale deep through my nostrils.

I kneel down in front of my bed where the lines of heroin are racked nicely on my tablet screen. I breathe out slow, put the rolled note to my left nostril and inhale deep, I feel the sting, I taste the metallic even more, but I quickly switch nostrils and inhale the other line.

Wow, it wasn't actually that bad, I walked out of my room into the kitchen and grabbed my bong loaded with a little weed and then took it to my room, sprinkled a little bit of heroin on top and then topped more weed over that. By this stage, the smack was kicking in quite a bit. I could feel a heaviness coming over my eyes, it was only light at this stage, but by the time I carried my bong and weed up the back and sat down next to my Uncle I was getting well and truly stoned. I'm normally pumping 1 million bongs a minute, but I sat up in the garden with my sunglasses on letting the feeling of bliss roll over me, I think I'd taken a pretty decent dose as it just kept growing, I was a little anxious about my Uncle picking something different about me, but it was fine. After a bit he carried on with some shit, I really didnt know or care what he was doing at that time. I felt my body get warmer and warmer, I realised I was starting to care less and care more at the same time, it may not make sense, but I detached a little but also got a little emotional and started singing, it was pretty nice. I was fighting back a little bit of nausea too, but after about 30 mins I was ready to pull my bong, laced with heroin.

I pulled it like any other, but as I was already so numb it went down so clean, it was almost just like inhaling air, whereas normally there is a harshness to it. I felt the hit of the smack, it was quicker but definitely not as potent, I wasn't going to smoke it again.

Time seemed to roll on for eons, as I sat up the bag sinking into my chair, pumping the occasional bong, and drinking a shit tonne of water and juice, damn was I thirsty. It would've been about 5:45pm by the time I was feeling like my next hit. (First hit at about 4pm) so I go down to my room and this time I'm feeling a little game, I empty out what is quite a large amount onto my tablet and this time rack it out into 6 nice lines. The taste in the back of my throat was gone, my eyes were heavy, and I knew I liked this drug, I've been suicidal lately anyway, so I don't even care if I did die.

I snort up 3 lines in my left and then 3 lines in my right. Fuck, this is good shit... fuck, this is bad shit. I go back up the back where my bong and Uncle are and begin to roll into another great stone, and I couldnt taste the smack from my nose this time, is on the same level as OxyNorms I thought, just cheaper and more accessible.

Sitting enjoying my body feel like a waterbed, I stretched and cracked parts of my body I never had before, this felt good, what I could feel at least.
Sitting enjoying my body feel like a waterbed, I stretched and cracked parts of my body I never had before, this felt good, what I could feel at least.
Time had flown, it was nearly 8pm and my Uncle had prepared a chicken on the BBQ as well as mashed potatoes and veggies, we love this sort of meal. I sat at my plate and munch down much slower than I normally would, my Uncle commented on this, I also couldn't finish my meal which is extremely unusual. I made up some excuse but I knew why... After clearing up dinner, I wanted to finish the bag, this is always how I am with a drug I enjoy, I tried ketamine recently and it was the same, I can't not finish it off, if i can handle it.
I thought I could, and I guess I could...

I emptied the rest of the bag onto my tablet screen and repeated the ritual I had set in motion. With two big inhaled both my nostrils were filled with the last of the heroin. I try to recall as much as possible, but after that point I think I was near ODing and that is a feeling I generally love, I push the limits with a lot of drugs and for some reason love that best OD, even ODing feeling... I know I sat back up the back until it was well into the evening until I had to run down to throw up. Never have I been able to hold back when needing to throw up so badly, I ran down to the toilet and power chucked, and so easily I did it, the puke just flew out of my stomach with ease. It felt good, it brought me back to life, I felt I was fading a bit.

I smoked a bit more weed throughout the night until I eventually rolled to bed at approx 10pm. I woke up at around 2am, fuck, I hate that, I was still in a bit of an afterglow, or even still high from the smack, I went out the back punched a bong and my guts turned. I had to puke straight away, I saw a nearby bucket, it will do. Once again, it all came up so easy, it felt good, and I don't like throwing up generally. I was sweating profusely through every pore in my body, I drank a bunch of cold water and wiped the sweat off my body with a towel. One more bong and then roll off to bed.

I wake up later Thursday morning at around 9am feeling like absolute shit. I feel sick, I feel dehydrated and my head is fucking killing me
I wake up later Thursday morning at around 9am feeling like absolute shit. I feel sick, I feel dehydrated and my head is fucking killing me
, horrible migraines, and I'm super angry at everyone. I was out of order most of Thursday, but I made a doctor's appointment and got prescribed some Temazepam and Paracetamol with Codeine.
Is this the beginning of me doctor shopping again?

I get home and pop 5 10mg Temazepam as well as 8 x 30mg Codeine with 500mg paracetamol. I get a little loose but nowhere near as good as the smack.

My dealer messages me telling me he has 0.3g left and I can take it for a decent price. I don't have any money at the moment, but that's okay, I have a beautiful guitar that I always want to, but never play. I tell him I'll take the rest.

I've just pawned my guitar and am on the way to score more heroin. Oh shit, what am I doing, oh well, at least I've found something to live for... right?

Exp Year: 2020ExpID: 114049
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 23 
Published: Aug 18, 2020Views: 961
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