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Depression Relief
Phenethylamine & Selegiline
Citation:   NewLease. "Depression Relief: An Experience with Phenethylamine & Selegiline (exp114105)". Feb 24, 2020.

3 mg oral Pharms - Selegeline (daily)
  1.8 - 3.6 g oral Phenethylamine (daily)
[For a six-week follow-up Addendum to this report, see 'Dangers of Phenethylamine' by the same author.]

I'm writing this after reading both ends of the spectrum, (1) an experience report attesting to the powerful and reliable antidepressant effect of Selegiline plus PEA, used in moderation, and (2) a report recognizing the potential for abuse.

When combined with a Mao-B selective inhibitor such as Selegiline, my experience over the last 2 weeks is that this is a very therapeutically useful combination because of Selegilineís selectivity at doses under 10mg, and its irreversibility and therefore steady state influence on the PEA. Hordenine, a natural alternative, may be preferable (I generally dislike synthetics, the pharmaceutical industry, and the health/environmental impacts of mankind's almost universally harmful interventions), though it would certainly require more frequent and precise dosing for legitimate therapeutic benefit (not that recreation isnít just fine too:). Mao-A inhibition has no effect on PEA, so avoiding any risk of tyramine induced hypertensive crisis by ensuring abstinence from Mao-A inhibitors, unless one monitors their blood pressure regularly and observes a low tyramine diet, would be wise.

SoÖ the good stuff. Iíve now found the best relief from lifelong, severe depression (initially diagnosed as bipolar, effectively unipolar for last 15 years). The bad newsÖ one most definitely can develop a tolerance to the PEA, and moving to progressively higher doses to recreate the extraordinary blissful effect of an above maintenance dose is almost certainly unwise.

Iím currently taking 1.5 mg Selegiline two times a day, once in the morning, once at midday, for a total of 3mg daily. The dose has varied for the many years Iíve been taking it, however Iíve been on that dose for about 5 months. I started with a 600mg dose of PEA and have now gone as high as 1200 mg 3x daily, which I believe to be excessive. I monitor my blood pressure regularly (and PEA definitely produces a significant spike)
I monitor my blood pressure regularly (and PEA definitely produces a significant spike)
, because long term blood pressure elevation is certainly going to be a culprit in worsening the mood/neurological/cognitive challenges Iím trying to defeat in the first place.

The most remarkable thing about the combination is the sense of calm and clarity. Whereas caffeine (my former method for desperately trying to goad myself into action) is anxiety inducing, severely behaviorally addictive for me, and produces significant withdrawal effects, this combination makes me feel loving, social, responsible, mindful, and even cautious, despite the fact that Iím solidly stimulated. I eat a carefully composed whole food nutritional plan, and adhering to the regularly timed meals is essential, the PEA definitely suppresses appetite, definitely results in greater physical activity, and I suspect it elevates oneís basal metabolic rate as well. I never take PEA unless Iím on schedule with food sources of nutrition and metabolic energy:) Every day, Iím more effective at making progress in improving my life, a process that yields the most legitimate and sustaining anti-depressant effects. Itís also worthwhile to read Wikipediaís ďNeurobiology of ExerciseĒ page, Iíve adjusted my workout routine to include more moderate intensity exercise for the sustained release of beta-endorphin and anandamide. Again, the drive, when one is mindful, is not oriented around simply seeking more oral phenethylamine experiences. There's been a remarkable uptick in socializing, I now see friends 4-5 times a week, which is unprecedented.

If I donít take phenethylamine in the morning, I donít necessarily feel worse than I did before taking it at all, I just get up, eat, exercise, and starting going about my business, sometimes not taking any until 8 hours after awakening. That in and of itself is remarkable, because I spent a lot of time in bed until I started this. It's worth noting that Phenethylamine is known to enhance neuroplasticity, I can say it unquestionably does, and nothing could be more useful when combatting ďlearned helplessness.Ē Iím not yet sure how Iíd feel if I stopped for a day or more, though Iíll certainly try that at some point. It can interfere with sleep, so Iím starting to restrict late day dosing. I also recognize that I should de-escalate on dose, and make it a regular regimen (times and amounts) if I want to establish a reliable baseline. Admittedly, itís been such an enormous relief to not be sad, slow, and lethargic all the time (in spite of an immaculately healthy lifestyle) Iíve certainly erred on the side of chasing the blissful effect of higher doses.

The other experience report on this combination attests to a sustained effect for 6 months at a much lower dose. The sustainability seems very consistent with my limited experience, supported by my belief that endogenous production of this chemical for rewarding successful behavior may limit the tendency for oneís body to upregulate/downregulate receptors excessively. The report relating to abuse, it may be that the individual is susceptible to abuse, but the potential to build a tolerance and experience negative effects is certainly there, though Iíve not experienced any severely negative effects, just mild anxiety on overconsumption. In reading about Phenethylamine, Iíve not yet come across anything suggesting it can be neurotoxic or damaging to the CNS, but until weíve studied these things for a few thousand years, I think itís all a crapshoot:)

In summary, Iím immensely grateful for relief that motivates socially positive behavior and mitigates my otherwise crippling condition. Wish Iíd tried this 20 years ago, the world would be a somewhat better place:), and I think (looking forward to 6 months of continuous depression abatement before declaring victory) Iíd be in much better circumstances.

[For a six-week follow-up Addendum to this report, see 'Dangers of Phenethylamine' by the same author.]

Exp Year: 2020ExpID: 114105
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 40
Published: Feb 24, 2020Views: 5,237
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