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Very Calming. Higher Dose Caused Visuals
Citation:   nineXape. "Very Calming. Higher Dose Caused Visuals: An Experience with Tizanidine (exp114146)". Apr 7, 2020.

8 mg oral Tizanidine
Consumption: 2 pills on empty stomach. At other times ingested just before a meal.
Times used the aforementioned ways: 4 to 6 times.

Suggested dosage is one pill [prescribed for female weighing 155 pounds]. I take 2 pills (4mg each) to see what feeling I get.

T+0.0- Average day. Average body feelings. Slightly tired.

T+.30min- Mild calmness.

T+.45-60min- Seems to switch from mild calm to very calm and relaxed.

T+60min- Throat felt slightly numb. Lips tingled a little. Not hard to swallow, but seem to need to focus on doing so. Body is thoroughly relaxed. Standing feels off balance, like I'm slightly drunk.

T+75min- Will begin to fall asleep.

T+90min- (This occurred twice) Once I headed to bed, which at this point I've usually nodded off and woke back up, I began to have intense closed eye visuals of green, red, blue dots. My heart began to race.
I began to have intense closed eye visuals of green, red, blue dots. My heart began to race.
This scared me, because it seemed to come on suddenly and was not expected. I thought I was having a heart condition of some kind and nearly woke my wife up to tell her to ready the phone to call an ambulance. This occurred once while still awake and once while asleep. The time I was asleep I woke right up seeing the green, red, blue dots and my heat was racing--likely racing due to the unexpected visuals. The dots may have been a side effect of blood pressure lowering-- I have not confirmed this.

I have experienced psilocybin and the closed eye visuals of the dots reminded me of a mild 1.5gram visual, closed eye trip.

T+95min- I calmed myself down once I realized I was not dying from an overdose or heart condition. Eventually fell back to sleep.

Exp Year: 2019ExpID: 114146
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 40
Published: Apr 7, 2020Views: 13,124
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Tizanidine (726) : General (1), Alone (16)

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