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So Intense I Can Barely See Past the 'Noise' in My Head
Syrian Rue
Citation:   Carlster. "So Intense I Can Barely See Past the 'Noise' in My Head: An Experience with Syrian Rue (exp114159)". Erowid.org. Mar 25, 2020. erowid.org/exp/114159

T+ 0:00
12 g oral Syrian Rue (tea)
  T+ 3:15   smoked Cannabis  
12 Grams of Syrian Rue at Once (Just the Rue)

I've been brewing 12 grams of grinded syrian rue seeds for about an hour now with about 750 ml of water with 2 Vitamin C pills in the water to add acidity (lemon and vinegar makes it taste extremely bad). This is the biggest dose I've ever taken. I am going to strain it and drink it, this is on a 100% empty stomach.

0:00 : Just gulped down the liquid (about a cup) tasted horrible, I'm gonna chill with my cat

0:45 : Unsure if it's placebo but I'm starting to feel light headed (in a pleasant weird way) very similar to my previous trials with Syrian rue, however it seems a lot more distinct now... It seems as if my vision is late, for example when I turn from my computer screen to face something else it takes a second before I can actually see and comprehend the object, it makes me slightly dizzy to look at a different object, definitely hitting harder with this dose though I do no recommend it.

1:10 : My head feels as if I filled it with Helium, it feels light and my vision feels slow and relaxed, my body is relaxed almost to the point of being numb, I'm having slight nausea however sitting without looking around stops the nausea, I might smoke some weed to help with the nausea if it gets that bad. I also feel a lump of extreme happiness and excitement in my chest as it sends pleasant shivers down my spine...

2:37 : The trip has begun I suppose. My head isn't on my shoulders, instead it floated away through hundreds of clouds to where it is now, a paradise of beauty and euphoria. The nausea seems pretty bad but once I realize I'm perfectly conscious enough to will my body to detach from the feeling of nausea and instead make it a booster sending me closer to my ultimate goal, euphoria. <-- I just felt like writing that, I am having an extremely good time, smoked some weed to help with the nausea and it feels great
I am having an extremely good time, smoked some weed to help with the nausea and it feels great
, CEVs are so realistic that I often try to close my eyes when my eyes are closed thinking that my eyes were open, I get flickers of light out of nowhere, I am seeing patterns everywhere, I overall feel like I am no longer limited by my body and that instead I am flowy and fluid like, some pretty amazing euphoria, Just 'giddy'.

3:15 : The CEVs are getting better and better... The tracers are starting to arrive along with some more nausea, weed time! The trip is extremely intense like the visual and auditory hallucinations are so intense to the point I can barely see past the "noise" in my head (my thoughts he tells me) the euphoria is getting pretty strong, I feel extremely energized I find myself jumping up and dancing out of nowhere just because I feel like it, I am overall extremely happy!

4:15 : I can't tell if it's calming down or just getting louder, my head feels as if the outside of my head is being invaded by so many thoughts but the outer layer keeps the thoughts out, so I can feel "thoughts" trying to push into my brain but they can't get through leaving my brain crystal clear and protected. I feel extremely connected to my cat as if he's a whole personality and everything not just a cat, I love you all!

7:20 : I fell asleep next to my cat, it was a pleasant nap I feel completely energized and in a very good mindset, the "noise" has mostly subsided, after the last update "4:15" the bud was making me hungry so I just stuffed my face with delightful food, however I paid for this later (seemingly the only form of payment Syrian rue takes is puke) the tracers are very prominent now, so are the trails, they're hiding from me, being sneaking, every time in my peripheral I see extremely clear and noticable/realistic trails (with my eyes open) and when I try to look at the trails they disappear, it's kind of got me annoyed (pleasantly) I smoked some more bud for the nausea (sativa) and it seems to be helping with the visuals

10:15 : Almost all effects have subsided except the tracers, I don't feel hung over or anything such but just feel as if I took a shower, clean and renewed in many ways, in this trip I focused on my self image and while there was no ego-death I am feeling a lot more confident and proud in a way

I feel the need to express some things and concerns I have about tripping on Syrian rue, I believe it can be a pleasant experience as noted above however some precautions I took:

Fasted at least 8 hours before-hand.

Kept a positive mindset throughout the whole thing despite the nausea.

Had some bud on stand by for the nausea.

Started with a 2-3-4 gram dose to feel it out, everyone reacts differently to doses and your batch of Syrian rue might be a lot more potent so if you start with a large dose without feeling it out, it won't end well.

Finally, after I puked on my trip I forgot about the nausea and was able to enjoy the rest of the trip.

Have a sitter, I know this seems like over-kill since we're talking about a kitchen spice, but the "noise" of a Syrian rue trip can get very overwhelming so make sure you have at least someone who knows you're tripping.

With my experiences with eating about 6 grams raw I noted nausea 2x worse the 12 gram trip (which I brewed in a tea).

Have music set up before-hand as it really helps with the nausea.

Exp Year: 2020ExpID: 114159
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 23
Published: Mar 25, 2020Views: 1,026
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Syrian Rue (45) : Alone (16), Glowing Experiences (4), General (1)

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