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Mystical and Fascinating Journey
1P-LSD & 1cP-LSD
by doctorstrauss
Citation:   doctorstrauss. "Mystical and Fascinating Journey: An Experience with 1P-LSD & 1cP-LSD (exp114211)". Mar 31, 2020.

T+ 0:00
100 mg oral 1P-LSD (blotter / tab)
  T+ 0:00 100 mg oral 1cP-LSD (blotter / tab)
  T+ 1:00   smoked Cannabis  
  T+ 1:00   oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine  
  T+ 4:30 1 smoked Tobacco - Cigarettes  


[Erowid Note: The term "acid" has been used as a common name for d-LSD since the 1960s. Although confusion associated with newer psychoactive substances has lead some people to use the term "acid" to refer to anything LSD-like or anything psychedelic on blotter or sold in drops, we believe this represents an error and not a useful evolution in language.]

Previous experience with psychedelics: I've done LSD-25, 1P-LSD and DOB previously, total of 10 times or so. Also shrooms on a few different occasions. The largest dose I did was 5 blotters (500mg) of 1P-LSD. I've never had a bad trip, but I've had two borderline ones, which were mostly due to being in a bad setting and not planning ahead of time.

My previous 1P-LSD trips have been definitely slightly different to LSD25. Mainly the visuals have always been less warpy, but rather melty if that makes any sense. So I was excited to combine this with 1cP-LSD to see how they complement each other. 1cP-LSD is a novel RC, which had entered market recently and is yet still legal. It is hard for me to acquire original LSD25 nowadays.

T+00:00 I ingested two blotters, one 1P-LSD and 1cP-LSD blotter, which I had recently acquired. First 30 minutes, I did not notice any effects. In that time, I decided to prepare a few joints as we planned to go for a walk with my girlfriend M, who promised to be my guide.

T+00:30 I started to notice first signs of LSD: somewhat brightened colors, body high and felt funny and was easily amused by random things we noticed around us. However, I started to feel tired as we walking up the hill for a while and felt shortness of breath as we went on. So we took a small break and sat down on a bench and watched a small stream.

It was already getting dark outside and I remember I was watching the clouds and noticing how they form interesting images that reminded me of ancient statues. I noticed how the sounds already felt more compressed and I could hear the details of things going on around us better.

T+00:45 We decided to keep going and M told me we should go sit in a nearby park, which was next to a university and a lovely pond. At this time, I started to notice more tiny glitches in visual perception. Especially when I looked the city lights further away. Although it was not raining, there was some distant lightning, which made the sky lit up every now and then. That was unusually cool.

T+01:00 We arrived in the park and sat down. We opened a beer and lit up a joint. We were cracking some jokes while we started to hear sounds from the pond. At first, these sounded like cats purring, but after an stealth operation by M we realized these were frogs. I still felt a pleasant body high, but I started to notice that my thoughts started to wander around a little bit more. Random things around us caught my attention and I just observed them.

T+01:20 We decided to move on to a next park, which had a small lake and some awesome stairs. I definitely felt the acid working on that point. We sat down to observe ducks. It was pretty dark already and the light reflecting from the duck's peak made it look like a shadow-dancer illusionist, whatever that is. Also the reeds were insanely beautiful and wobbly. Nearby there were some youngsters listening to some wierd beat and they were laughing in Swiss German, which I did not understand. However, it was crazy funny to just listen to their voices. I could not stop giggling about it as they sounded hilarious. By that time we had already drank a second beer and decided to move on.

T+01:40 Our final destination was a tiny hilltop with a great view to the city. However, there were quite a few people and we just sat down into grass nearby (later we discovered we got quite muddy, though). It was really interesting just to observe the huge empty view we had on front of us.

T+02:00 Finally, we got back home from the walk and I wanted to listen to some music. M decided to make some guacamole and surf the web meantime. I got one of those disco-lightbulbs recently for the occasion and set up everything. I listened to some minimalist electro-ambient stuff made by a friend, which was freaking awesome.

As I was lying on my back, eyes closed and the disco-ball lights casting light through my eyelids, I entered the world of sound. The flangery sounds of the music tickled my mind and curved the space-time in ways I can't really describe with words. I was surfing high on the sounds, which felt like blissful eternity.

T+03:30 I was still tripping on the music and I think the acid started to peak here. I could not really sense my own existence too well anymore at this point. When I opened my eyes, the room was dancing to a particularly groovy ambienty beat at that point. It was super colorful and fantastic. On top of that I saw magnificent visuals, which had orthogonal geometry and were shooting light rays in different directions. I felt I had 360 degree vision at this point, where I was somewhere floating in the middle of colorful and groovy soundspace. It is very difficult to describe it exactly, but it was great. I did not really experience a complete ego-death, I think. Partly, because I was a little afraid to let go entirely.

T+04:30 I started to feel my back aching as I've been lying on the floor on my back for a few hours now, so I decided to come out from the mindtrip for a moment, go smoke a cigarette and decide what to do next.

While I was smoking on the balcony, the quiet city ambient sounds turned into a echo-y warping sounds. The tree next to my balcony formed a ancient creature with eyes resembling ostrich feathers. Another tree just looked like a gigantic warping sea creature. There were many small details I noticed that were happening, which I don't really know how to describe.

T+04:45 We listed to some more music, this time jazz, which was very pretty.

T+05:00 We decided to watch anime after this, particularly Princess Mononoke. The story was captivating and the very well done animations caught my full attention for the entirety of the movie.

T+07:00: I was pretty tired at this point and just listened to some more music. I smoked another joint. On the balcony, I was wondering how much psychedelics have contributed to evolution, especially self-awareness. Maybe at some point some apes ate some shrooms and it clicked from there? Maybe not, but it was an interesting random idea to think about anyways.

T+09:00 (2:30am) Few beers and cigarettes later I was still awake, I was feeling the comedown, but could not get sleep.

T+10:00 I went to bed, trying to catch some sleep. I think it took an hour at least and the sleep was very shallow as acid was still working my mind.

Summary: Combining 1cP-LSD and 1P-LSD yielded visuals I've never experienced before. It was a great journey. I did not feel once I was losing control over the trip. M told me that I looked very normal the entire time, except I was easily amused by random stuff. I checked my pupils from the mirror a few times and they were slightly dilated, but it was hardly noticeable.

Disclaimer: For anyone planning to try out these substances, especially if they don't have much experience with psychedelics, I want to share some of my tips to avoid bad trips and maximizing the experience, which I know work for me:
- I read through a bunch of experiences before doing it myself, making sure to also read the ones with bad trips, so I know what to expect in the worst case.
- have a clock with me and remember when I ingested, check it from time to time, so I would not be surprised when I start to notice wierd things. With acid, roughly after 1h: minor effects, 2h: acid starts to kick in, I won't be able to carry complex conversations soon, 3h: I start to space out, I make sure I am in a safe environment by then, 4h: peak, 6-7: the acid still works, but I am back to my normal self more.
- even if I plan to explore outside and do crazy stuff, I make sure I have set up a cozy safehouse, where I could go when I think I might lose control or if things get overwhelming. I experience my peak mindtripping in my safehouse. with lighting to enhance the visuals. I prepare my music playlists, making sure to include something that has a lot of echo, flanger and filters (wah-wah)
- I do it with people I feel very comfortable around.
- if bad shit hits the fan, I just try to calm down and get out of the situation that triggered the effects, and go to my safe place asap!!
- if I am having a difficult period in my life, I DON'T do acid! This is individual though, I've heard some people can actually benefit, but negative thoughts can induce very nasty and bad trips too.

Exp Year: 2020ExpID: 114211
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 33 
Published: Mar 31, 2020Views: 1,973
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1P-LSD (682), 1cP-LSD (906) : Combinations (3), Public Space (Museum, Park, etc) (53)

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