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I Wasn't Very Talkative but I Was Enthralled
MDA & Cannabis
by Fawn
Citation:   Fawn. "I Wasn't Very Talkative but I Was Enthralled: An Experience with MDA & Cannabis (exp114218)". Apr 30, 2020.

100 mg buccal MDA
    smoked Cannabis


I had bought MDA and planned to take it with a group of friends at one of their houses (10+ people). I also bought Alpha Lipoic Acid with the intent to decrease neurotoxicity. I took one pill of ALA an hour before as well as with the MDA. I rubbed the point on my gums and waited for the effects to arrive.

I felt very close with the people I was around and it was less of a party than a "get together" where we shared pot and company. I felt very cold and even though I had thick pants, a beanie, and hoodie on (inside the house) the coldness persisted. As I came up I found I was clenching my jaw, which didn't bother me at the time but now I worry I looked odd. I felt euphoria like I had never before and I saw blue and green mandala-like visuals on the walls. I wasn't very talkative but I was enthralled in my friend's rolling of a big blunt. I was amused by everything and very glad that everyone was hanging out with each other even though looking back on it, the get together was pretty awkward. I usually get anxiety and paranoia from cannabis but I took quite a few hits of the blunt. I remember the smoke being uncharacteristically smooth, inhaling felt like it was only air. The weed just made me feel more warm, intensifying the MDA instead of having its usual effects on me.
The weed just made me feel more warm, intensifying the MDA instead of having its usual effects on me.

In about 3 hours I felt okay to leave and I took another pill of ALA. The next day I had no effects of a comedown and felt more connected with myself and my motivations.

Exp Year: 2020ExpID: 114218
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 16 
Published: Apr 30, 2020Views: 387
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MDA (34) : Combinations (3), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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